A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 12th

The TWC serves up one more week of fun

The weather looked good and there was some yet still ansty legs out there so the ride continues for one more (last?) week. There was about 16 or 17 guys out for the ride.

Eric M, hot off a solid 5th place in Jamestown yesterday, was doing a lot of work tonight. The Rivet racing dude was up there early on. Joe K, Hunter P and Gregg F for Cheshire Cycling. MaHoney along with BenGe etc etc.

Chris C joined up midway thru Mountain Rd wearing a nuclear shade of neon yellow, sure to be visible to a blind person at midnight, and went straight to work, continuing his late season form.

Stefano attacked on Moss Farms, East Johnson Ave, and on Peck lane. Hunter P chased him down each time.

Chris C attacked on the hill to Marion with Antonio D from CCR and then when on to hold the a gap over the ho hum chasers up to the industrial park.

Joe K was forced to lead out Little T for the Rienhard sprint and didnt really have a chance in the end. Little T would also take the Stop n Shop sprint over Hunter P and Eric M.

See ya'll next year.

Tuesday the 5th

Rained out......

Though there were reports of the 2 Richard Sachs dudes riding... If so, good on em.

Tuesday the 28th

Screw work! Let's ride at 5:30!

One of the last weeks for the ride was made pretty mellow by all-day rains. But that didnt stop a hearty crew of about 12 or so from rolling out. Mike McG, Rondo, Robyn, MoMoney Mahoney, Gregg F, Dillon P, Peter Kenny, Koski, Hunter P, Eric M, a new guy on a cross bike who would get left behind halfway thru, Stefano from Italy with the Paris Sports jersey, Richard Sachs Chris, and a couple of others.

The early pace was MoHoney and Dillon P. Then Eric M came up and would put in a long pulls with some help from Mike McG. Soon everyone was getting involved and it was pretty smooth to Route 68. A couple of guys would get left behind as as the pace picked up at the end of Mountain rd and as everyone hustled thru the green light. Eric M continued to do a lions share at the front, but the Paris Sports Stefano was chipping in more and more. At the top of the Chicane, Hunter P used some traffic to make a jump off the front that lasted into the industrial park.

Heading up West Johnson Ave, Stefano would roll off the front with Eric M right on his wheel. None of the Zane's would chase him down so the 2 hit the corner for Reinhard with a pretty substantial gap. The gap would keep going up as it was Hunter P and Mahoney left to lead the rest. Mahoney would jump cleanly into no-mans-land early on Reinhard as Eric M and Stafano were working well togetrher by avoiding a full out sprint. Hunter P jumped at the base of the sprint hill to try to cover the huge 200 meter gap. Mike McG jumped a little after that and would mark Hunter P all the way up. Despite the gap being all but erased, Mike McG would hold off on coming over the top and Eric M would get to sail thru the corner first.

On the backside, the 4 would team up and go to work right away into the headwind on Peck ln and that was more then enough to keep the gap over the remaining 5 or 6 riders that were behind. Hunter P took the Stop n Shop sprint uncontested. On the way back into Hamden, all four worked well. Mike McG was the last one to hit the front for the finale.

All in all a decent ride despite the rain. Thanks to those who braved the weather.

Tuesday the 21st

Double the Rage tonight... Double the fun...

Good to see Robyn back on the ride after her crash last week. Here we go! Hunter P and Dillon P put in two monster pulls and had everyone on the rivet!!!! Oh thats right were in the real world this week I forgot. The ride started out low key, rt10 was taken at 20mph or so. As we turned off onto the back roads Eric , LT and Crowell were doing most of the work. With a strong tailwind the speed was high and nothing was going up the rode. It was good to see Brain Spiotti out he was on the front for a spell. At rt42 Eric , Koski and Crowell got a gap but Guido brought it back before the turn onto the climb. The pace was high on the road to the light at the rt68. Going toward the chicane the work on the front was pretty much stats quo with MCG and Petey thrown in the mix now. The ride was all strung out as we hit the hill after the chicane at the top a CCR rider attacked (Joe K?) but MCG brought him back and took a long pull into the industrial park.

Once into the park the pace was a steady 30+ all the way! Gotta love that tailwind. When we got out of the park the pace settled in with the crosswind from the right. As the ride approached the first sprint of the day. Eric and MCG set up LT for a easy win at the top. The next guy was 100 meters behind! Eric got tailed off from his long pull so I sat off the back to help him back. Thats when I saw group of 5 OTB with Bengay leading the charge back up, they didn't make it. Round 12 to Mahoney I guess its a TKO. The false flat after the green house was taken at tempo due to the dug up road. When the ride hit rt10 the pace was tame with the wind dead in the face.

At the S&S sprint Guido took the title of king of the hill. Down 10 we got every light so the ride was pretty uneventful until the finish. Guido showing some late season form took the prize once again. It was almost dark at the finish so I think this was the last 6:00 pm ride so 5:30 next week.

Tuesday the 14th

Crap! Crash casts a shadow on an otherwise exciting ride.

There was a big group out tonight to watch the main event... Chris “the Terror of the Tri's” Mahoney in one corner looking to knock boots with Ben “Hard Life” George.

Sure enough, the front row was the spot to be to watch this one as the 2 took right off outta the parking lot.... Even too soon some would say and once onto Route10 there was a group of 6 ( Tri Guy Scott with Knee highs, also riding like he had an axe to grind, Eric M, Mahoney, BenGe, French Casey, and the Seven Rider ) riding off with little regard to any no fire zone. Hunter P jumped across just before the group turned off route 10 but ended up being an anchor in order to reset the ride and give the peloton a chance to regroup. Despite Eric M, MaHoney and BenGe drilling it thru the early streets,it came back together as everyone turned onto Mount Sanford Rd. Round one goes to BenGe. Once it all came back together Larry M, looking to get some good cyclocross training in, attacked hard, taking Hunter P with him. Those two had a gap for the way to North Brooksvale. Joe K was riding hard out of the pack and caught the 2 and continued on for a little bit. He motivated a few guys to get it in gear, Peter P ( on his TT rig ) Todd H, Steve Gray, Jacinto, etc... Joe K rode for a few hundred meters by himself before getting corralled. Peter P then strung it out while down in his aero bars.

It was a hard opening few miles to the ride this week . Turning onto Mountain rd, Steve Grey, Todd H, Hunter P and a new rider in a French Jersey hit the front, with most of the guys who had been front still there. Hunter P was on the front when a huge bang\pop could be heard from the back. Mike McG barked out the stop command and it was game paused. Unfortunately there was a touch of wheels mid pack. Details are sketchy, but Robyn went down hardest. Also hitting the deck was French Casey. Robyn was slow to get up, as she banged her knee and head. Everyone was concerned but with traffic now squeezing thru half a lane and 50 bike riders doing little more than making the popular side street more colorful, it was decided to ride on. Rondo was on his way, Mike McG and Peter P stayed behind, and there were no doubt others who assisted and helped on scene. Hopefully we can get an update on how Robyn is doing very soon. No need to point fingers at who is at fault, but there was some strangely sheepish looks on a few faces.

It didnt take long for things to get back to pressure cooker level 9. Eric M, Mahoney and Chris C making sure of that, riding off the front on the next incline. Again, Hunter P, jumped the gap to make it 4 up the road. That lasted for kilo or 2 but then it was gruppo compacto for the rest of Mountain Rd except for a surge by Larry M, looking to jump the light.

Once onto Moss Farms, a couple of new faces moved up to the front, Little T ( great to see him back on the bike and pushing the tempo ) Hacker, Ciocci, and LaFlamme. It was Team Zanes leading everyone into the Chicane, with Little T drilling it on the uphill and thru the corner with Larry M, Hunter P and Hacker right there. It was enough to spring the group of 4 off the front and for a little bit, it looked like this one had the right legs. But the rest werent too far behind. Chris C, Mahoney, Ciocci etc. bringing the gap back. Round 2 – Mahoney...

It was nice and quick in thru the industrial park thanks to Little T, Steve Grey and Chris C. On the inclines on East Johnson Ave, Rob from Bikers Edge, being a TWC rookie and thusly unaware of the intense nature of the next sections of road, took off, forming up a little group right off the front with Steve Grey and Chris C. That would keep the speed nice and crisp for the rest of the way and the turn onto Rienhard where it was Eric M and Todd H up front. Lot's of guys jostling about for position the road turned up again for the sprint. Steve Grey jumped first, from the front, with Hacker in his wake. Also jumping late was Larry M, who took up Hunter P and Jacinto. It was a true drag race, with lots of bodies at speed up there to follow thru the usually decisive opening 200 meters. Hacker looked to be in a good spot, then Jacinto, but all were trumped by Joe K, who dashed up the left side at the right moment and powered thru everyone, hitting the corner first with Jacinto and Hunter P close behind. Well done....

I'm sure all will hear soon enough which one of our main event 2 non-sprinter combatants had the upper hand on this one. No one was up to attacking the pack on the downhill after that horse race, so it was all toggethre moving onto Peck Lane and up to Schoolhouse. Everyone motored right thru the uphill section on Peck ln, thanks to Eric M, Joe K, Thompson, and of course.... Mahoney and BenGe. MaHoney looked to be in a spot of bother at the top.... Round 3, BenGe. From there Hunter P, Todd H, Crazt Chris, Steve Grey and Thompson took over at the front.

The speed shot up as everyone turned attention to the Stop n Shop sprint, Julio L, Koski, Todd H and Little T up front. Lurking close by were Hacker, Chris C and Mahoney..... Round 4 to Mahoney? Koski was burying himself, with Hacker on his wheel. When he was done pulling Hacker chose to jump, being left with a whole hell of a long 400 meters to the sprint point. Chris C jumped after him, having to close a solid gap and with Hunter P with him. Hacker couldnt sprint the whole way, burning out halfway up the hill. Hunter P had a long drag sprint as well but was able to come up and over with plenty of time to get to the light first. Julio L rounded out the podium.

Riding back into Hamden was an interesting affair, as a dude on an electric recumbant, who had been shadowing the whole ride, decided to give the guys up front a little motorpacing. Once all the red lights were dispatched, it was game on, with Eric M taking the initiative to stay stuck on his wheel. The speed hovered around 33 mph the whole way back as lots of guys were getting popped.... In 2's and 3's they would drop as soon as a gap opened up, no way to close it going that fast. Credit Eric M for staying right on him as the low rider couldnt have been an ideal draft. Behind him, Ciocci, Hacker, LaFlamme, Peter P, Hunter P, Little T, BenGe and a couple of others were the direct beneficiaries of the high speed train. Round Five to BenGe? When Eric M would finally give up the ghost, it was a mad dash to reconnect with the battery powered thing. Peter P and Little T made it, and with Peter P in the aero bars and perhaps pushing a 55t chain ring, was able to stay in front of Little T for the Finale.

Tuesday the 7th

The Short Loop strikes back!

Hey, it's the short loop again...

There was a good group out tonight for the ride. Notably missing was Eric M, Rondo, JoshyG and Little T as well, who is recovering from hernia surgery. We all wish him a speedy recovery. Feel better T, the ride is not the same without you macho'ing it up in the sprints.

Things started out pretty quickly when Chris C moved up to the front and took an early flyer, inviting any who wished to try for the long break. Team Gaul and Dillon P obliged and there was a quick trio up the road with Thomaas B chasing. The break would get caught pretty soon with Hunter P bringing the pack up. It was all together thru the cobbles as Mahoney, Team Gaul and Dennis from GHCC set a good tempo. Some traffic in the subsequent corners brought the good pace to a halt. It going a bit again
as Hacker brought the group up to Mountain Road. Mahoney and a Team Thule rider got it going on Mountain Rd. After the risers, there was some fragmenting going on at the front. CVC ( Peter P and BenGe ) moved up and got the front proper again with CCR ( Chris B and Hutner P ) coming thru after that. The rest of the way down Mountain was normal with a group of 12 of so rotating thru nicely.

Once on Moss Farms, CCR dropped the hammer with Gregg F, Joe “the beast” K and Chris B moved off the front quickly. Along for the ride was Jacinto. A chase group formed up with Peter P, LaFlamme, and the rider from San Fran. Hacker jumped from way back to bridge the gap, taking Hunter P and Team Gaul along with him. Hunter P doing his best Shleck impersonation dropped his chain but was able to get it back on and jumped back up to Hacker's wheel, who was by this point, overhauling the 4 leaders. More guys would follow and soon it was all back together. Team Gaul and Stage 1 led everyone up onto Marion and everyone got ready to dive into the industrial park. LaFlamme, Team Gaul, MaHoney, Joe K and a couple of others led it thru the park and everyone was down right giddy when the ride turned onto the new pavement of West Johnson ave.

It was back to the good ol days for the run-in to the sprint, with everyone trying to walk the line betweeen conservative and aggressive for the climb up to to Rienhard. Peter P and Thomaas B were leaning more toward aggressive, and moved off the front slightly with Hacker and Hunter P were right behind. Chris B pedaled thru them all and quickly got a respectable gap with 150 meters to go before the turn. Hacker took off and joined up with Chris and a late jumping BenGe also made the jump, but was quick to get disconnected once on Reinhard. Chris B and Hacker had a solid 70 meter gap at the base of the sprint hill. Thomaas B and Team Gaul were heading up the pack as the climb started. Hunter P jumped from a couple of wheels back and got a gap. Jacinto also jumped up and came by Hunter P. The 2 were close the whole way up. Meanwhile, Hacker was leading out Chris B in a half-speed sprint and with impeccable timing, moved off the front. Hunter P was able to come around Jacinto and settled between Butler and Hacker, but this one goes to Hacker.

On the backside Hacker kept his gap up for a little while but would be caught soon on Peck lane as Chris C, Joe K and others came up quickly to resume full speed ahead. A car got in between the front group on Peck and the rest of the peloton. Everyone was fortunate the driver seemed cool about it. It slowed the front group down and by the old train tracks, it was all together again. It took some balls to voluntarily hit the front of the ride once back onto Route 10, as there was a pretty stiff headwind. Peter P, Thomaas B, LaFlamme, Team Gaul and a couple of others were up to the task. Heading into the Stop n Shop sprint, a healthy group of guys rode off the front ( Chris C, Dillon P, BenGe, Seven Rider, Peter K, a couple of Bethel riders, Bill Thompson, Team Gaul, Mahoney, Hacker and LaFlamme ) . Mike McG jumped from the front of the second group, taking along Hunter P. Those 2 quickly rode thru the front group but Chris C was up the rode. Chris was the only one that took advantage of being in the front group, and started his sprint at the bast of the hill. Hunter P lost contact with Mike halfway to the sprint and then it was just the Irishman chasing the ??? ( Greek? Polish aborigine? ). Depending on who you talk to and where the imaginary line is drawn, Chris C may have stayed out in front long enough. It was very close. The judges ruled in Mike's favor though and the ride continued into the headwind, back into Hamden. The final section of the ride was pretty sedate. Chris Butler rolled off the front with a kilo to go, taking Dillon P and Peter P with him. Jacinto tried to gun them all down but was put out in front way too early. Mike McG overhauled the front with 350 meters to go, taking along Team Gaul and Hacker. No one was able to come around McGinley though.

A good ride.... Everyone made up for the lost miles with more intensity.

Tuesday the 31st

The long loop goes out with a whimper?

It was a different kind of night, with plenty of action off the front but nothing that was really leg breaking. The Shaver ( Team Gaul, The New Zealander, The Hail Mary, Pulthruandsitup, whatever.... ) got things going soon after turning off Route 10. Mike McG came up fast and was pedaling good to get thru the rough section first. Then Chris C jumped up and it was a trio. They sped through some late comers and looked like the early break might have a chacne to get some breathing room. Behind, Hunter P and French Casey led the bunch thru the cobbles with Robyn and Builder Pete setting good tempo. Traffic thru the corners, plus no one putting the hammer down would bring the trio back. The ride then soft pedaled for a spell. Coming up over the initial riser on South Brooksvale, things got going when Hacker hit the front hard along with Guido and quickly there was a gap of about 30 yards to a group of 7 or 8 ( Dillon P, Mahoney, The Shaver, Chris C, Jacob, Guido, BenGe, The only guy on a Seven ). Not waiting around for the bunch to get in the game, Ciocci jumped across taking Hunter P with him. Those two rode thru a few of the guys coming off the back and by the first step-ups on Mountain rd, Ciocci had ridden across to Guido, Hacker, and Chris C. There was no one to really drill it up the hill and so the peloton had a chance to come back.

The ride down Mountain was uneventful at first, but then another group rode off the front when Steve Grey came up to the front and turned it on. ( Guido, BenGe, Chris C, Steve Grey, Shaver, Gregg F, Mahoney, Ciocci ) Chris B and Hunter P jumped across this time, but that got everyone proper and started the re-connection. Joe K and Chris B took the opportunity to ride off the front before the light, no doubt looking for a little green light action. No dice though and it was all together moving onto Moss Farms.

It didnt take long for another group to fight its way off the front. This time Joe K was punching it along with Rattatatat. Also present was Mahoney, Jacinto, Shaver, Hacker, Mike McG. Chris B and Hunter P again provided the get-up and go to glue it all back together again, though that group would stay at the front and drive things along thru the Chicane and up to Marion. Team Gaul duked it out with Joe K on the runup to the corner, with Joe K bringing the field thru. Ciocci, Chris C and a CCBer right there. That quickly led to another small gap forming with the CCBer driving the pace, Hacker and Hunter P along for the ride. Again, no one to really crack kneecaps and it was all together by the short loop turnaround. Mike McG took over the front and kept things legit all the way to the light on Route 322.

Once things got going on Mount Vernon Rd, Steve Grey came up to the front and strung everyone out behind him. That kept it fast till the false flat where there was some more gaps opening up but nothing sticking. Guido, Mahoney, Jacinto, Hunter P, CCB, and Team Gaul driving it up. CCB stayed up there for a while again, hammering out a tempo that any former Cold War Eastern European athlete would respect.

Heading up to the turnaround and the sprint, more action off the front as Chris C, Steve Grey, Guido, BenGe and Rattatatat found some breathing room and took advantage. Things sped up behind quickly though as most of the CCR team came up, looking to support the Joe K or Hunter P. Chris C slid back into the fold and it was Joe K, Tri Doug and Todd H setting tempo on Welch Road after The Shaver successfully bridged the gap. By 100 meters to the corner it was apparent that the front group was coming back quickly, proving again just how hard a long attack to the sprint point is. Going thru the corner, even though Guido was first, Joe K had a good jump and was ready to go through him. The real heavy hitters were right there in the front 10 bikes, negating any chance to power away for this one. Traffic and a red light, however, tragically put a kybosh on any sprinting.

Even without a sprint, the field was content to rest up and enjoy some new asphalt on the back side. There was no real activity off the front for the ride back over route 322. The ride actually was sedate for a while. CCB, Guido, Steve Grey, BenGe and a couple of others doing a good chunk of work at the front. The run-in to the Stop n Shop sprint was interrupted by a red light. Once the pushing and shoving started, Koski was doing his best to make up for the absence of Rondo and Little T, setting tempo at the front for Mike McG. The usual guys were queuing up. Rattatatat, Steve Grey, and Jacinto were close to the front and got the first jump with Hacker, Mike McG and Hunter P second wave. It turned into Mike McG trying to cover the ground to Jacinto but coming up short, as Jacinto was able to stay out in front.

Speeding back thru Cheshire, a few guys ( a suggested name is: “Douchebags” ) decided to blow a red light, forcing all but 8 or so guys to stop. That disrupted the ride back as some guys were moving up and some were moving back. In the end, there was 5 or 6 strong guys at the front, but seemingly with one mind, simply soft pedalled in and did not sprint......... Sit........... Sit-sprint.... whatever.

All in all solid ride. Last time for the long loop? Last year the powers that be ( The Fantano Family ) led us halfway up Mount Vernon road before turning right. Thoughts?

Tuesday the 24th

Ride or hide day at the TWC........

30 or so guys rolled up for the ride giving no notice to the rain... Good to see Craig Luekens back out on the ride.

The pace got going when the the “Team Gaul\War Child” in black rider ( name??? ) moved up to the front and punched it. Ciocci and Eric M were quick to police the front together as the ride moved thru the backroads of Cheshire. Early on there were a couple of times when gaps would form to small groups usually containing Eric M, Ciocci, Team Gaul, or VQ Rob. Chris C and Hunter P were punchy over the first risers of Mountain rd, but mostly it was group compact to stacked up traffic at the light by Route 68. Eric M, VQ Rob, and then JoshyG were the ones that got it going on Moss Farms, but for the most part everyone was nice and polite letting everyone have a chance to settle in after dealing with the traffic. Once past the chicane, Team Gaul started the surge up to Marion with Chris C and Hunter P punching it past the corner. Hunter P had a gap for a ways, but no one went with him and it rolled back together near the short loop turn off. Aidan Charles, looking glowing from a successful wedding and honeymoon was trying to get back into race shape for a couple of key remaining events, hit the front and got everyone’s attention as the ride came up to Route 322. Gregg F, Mike McG, and Hunter were up there too.

Once onto Mount Vernon Rd, the battles for who was gonna drive the pace started up nicely. Peter P was present with the Zane's crew and VQ Rob. Craig Luekens hit the front about a mile in and really strung things out. Pretty good for someone with only a few tens of miles in this summer. JoshyG followed up his effort with a real gut buster. Leaving the pack into the deep end of the pain pool. This left the sharp end of the peleton in turbo mode for the start of those dang false flats. Rondo and Hutner P again driving the pace up them. There wasn’t much of a chance for a separation at the top as most of the strong guys were pretty gassed. It rolled back together and took a little while but things got going again with Eric M, Mahoney, Team Gaul, and Peter P up front. Then it was time to start thinking about the turnaround. Team Gaul and Thomaas B were looking like they were wanting to sneak off before the corner onto Welch Rd. Eric M, VQ Rob, and Ciocci kept it all together. It was pretty much those five leading the way on Welch up to the corner. Luekens moved up the right hand side which pushed everyone along. Chris C jumped up the left hitting the corner first and taking Hunter P with him. Chris C led the whole way from the corner to where the spring would be starting. Hunter P sat quietly behind as Chris C did all the work of building up a gap of about 30 yards or so before Mike McG would start to eat into it. Hunter P jumped past Chris with about 250 meters to go, but Mike McG had already gotten all the momentum he needed. He was dragging Jacinto the whole way and Jacinto did put up good numbers right to the end, but Mike was able to stay out in front.

It seemed for a second that the two would have a good chance at keeping up their gap, but there were plenty of guys to push it on the descent and thru the traffic lights over 84. There was a tailwind and the peleton got all green lights, which was a nice chance. The ride ripped thru the rest of West Street and during the corner by the 84 exit Gregg F slipped off the front with Team Gaul, Rondo and VQ Rob. Rondo peeled off soon after and left the trio to work the gap. The speed was nice and crisp due to the tailwind. Mike McG, Aiden C, and a new guy in a Tosck (?) kit. The leading trio would get caught on the hill by the overpass and it was all together to the light with Chris C leading the way. Team Gaul was back at the front once past the light leading to a pretty good clip heading up Peck lane. Once over the old train tracks, Guido, who missed most of the ride cause he was late and backtracked to West St to join up, and Aiden hit the front with a purpose. Hunter P jumped on and the 3 were off. They hit the corner onto route 10 with a small negligible gap, with Peter P just off the wheels. Guido kept on the throttle in the way that only he can, drinvg the pace up the hill by Cheshire Park ( site of CheshireCross 2010, November 20th, mark your calendars! ) Aidan and Hunter P chipped in a bit, and Peter P was able to latch on, leaving a foursome to head into the Stop n Shop hill. The lead group caught a light that would slow the bunch behind and that would be all that was needed. Hunter P was able to jump off the front and get the sprint there with Aiden giving chase. The group would come back together soon after but get slowed by a light in the center of town. Behind, any springing that the pack would have was negated due to a red light at the top of the hill. Credit Dillon P for jumping up and getting thru the light in ever so somewhat fair fashion ( it was yellow! ). Dillon put his head down and closed the gap to the leading four by the highschool in Cheshire. Getting some revenge for the flat he was hit with early on during last weeks ride.

Guido was driving tent pegs with his legs the whole way back, making sure he made up for his abbreviated workout. The others would help when called on, but it was pretty much a one donkey show. Aidan C was the first to call it a day, waving the rest away 2 kilo's away.. Dillon P was next to pop. The remaining trio soft pedaled into the end.

We will wait to see what everyone has to say about it, but its pretty good guess that says that it will be the shorter loop next week.

Tuesday the 17th

Just a few weeks left, gotta make em count.

The ride was slow to get going this week. Seems everyone was still recovering from Chappy's party or maybe the end of the summer is closer that we think.

Eric M was the first to up the ante and Mike McG was quick to follow. Soon after that Hunter P jumped across the gap and the 3 went to work. There was little chance of a trio like that being let go, especially when Guido jumped up tho the group ready to go to work. Sure enough, it was being chased back in earnest thru the cobbled section and it was all together by the turn onto South Brooksvale. Rondo then had go, taking along French Casey and Todd H. That was short lived though and it was all together heading onto Mountain road. Chris C took a dig at the front after the initial riser sections but that was brought back pretty quickly as well.

The pace was smooth for the rest for the way to Route 68. Once onto Moss Farms, Rondo and crew were setting the majority of tempo at first. No one was challenging that, and there were plenty of guys to chip in at the front. Eric M led all into the Chicane and it was controlled heading up to Marion Ave with Chris C and Steve Grey setting the pace up front. Brian the other Brian from Stage 1 took the lead in pushing a small group off the front on Marion, follwed up by Special Ed but both surges were covered and it was all together up to the lihgt on 322.

Once past the light everyone played nice and there was little drama on Mount Vernon road. The false flat section took its toll once again, leaving Jacinto, MaHoney, Hunter P and Rondo to take the initiate up it. Once it settled down from that effort, it seemed guys started to set up for the turn around. Steve Grey and Special Ed, neither huge sprinters, were moving up, no doubt looking to explode the ride on the climbs. Special Ed, took a flyer with Kilo to go on Mount Vernon, leaving Eric M and Steve G to chase it back. Once onto Welch, the jostling began. Special Ed took another flyer, which got everyone's attention. It was kept together by the likes of Eric M, MaHoney, Todd H, Larry M and Guido. Julio rolled thru the corner first with plenty of firepower right behind him. He kept on the gas and was quickly joined by Chris B. They had a gap for a couple of seconds before Hunter P jumped across the gap, dragging the handful of guys who were left. Chris B was at the front for the next 400 meters, settling into a solid pace that let no one sprint past. Hunter P was the first to jump but did so too soon as Mike McG and Jacinto had little problem sailing past with 100 meters to go. Mike's turn of speed was good enough to keep him out front and he got this one with Jacinto close behind.

Heading back into Cheshire was the usual with no one attacked and the pace was steady. It did speed up as the ride was coming back up to Route 322. Chris B, Chappy, and The Other Brian were doing a good job making everyone work. The light on 322 took forever and a day to change and once it did, Chris C took the opportunity to practice his cyclocross starts, jumping off the line and getting a gap till peck ln. That got things going decently again on Peck.

Heading into the Stop n Shop sprint, the Zane's guys took the initiative to drive the pace. Eric M doing good work. A couple of stage 1 guys were up there too. Mike McG jumped first past Rondo, taking Hunter P right with him. On the left side Julio L came up fast, blocking Hunter P from coming around. From there, it was a dog fight right to the very end between Julio and Mike with Julio hanging on. Jacinto made a last second sprint but was well short of the 2. It was an solid and proper sprint from Julio, who apparently was out to silence the critics...

From there was no surprises heading back to Hamden. For the finale, after the Zane's guys were done pushing the pace, Chris B looked good sneaking off with 750 meters to go. Guido jumped on with Hunter P in tow. Hunter P was able to get around Guido and hold him off for the ending.

Tuesday the 10th

Good ride....
Joe K or JoshyG gets most aggressive rider of the night???

OK first off, Hunter, Dillon, Matt, Gregg, Chris.... Whoever is usually responsible for bringing you the drivel you are used to reading are taking a week off and they have let me fill in.....

Who am I??? Just call me Anon the A-Hole...... I usually am at the ride, usually near the front, and usually pretty tired of the crap the so-called "strong guys" fling around and pass off for impressive riding..... Usually mind you, not always.

So instead of writing this like a bunch of menstruating teenage cheerleaders are reading it, i'm gonna re cap the ride like a real man would. Sorry if it pisses you off.... At least the recapping of noteworthy, actually strong riding wont take much of your precious time.

The ride started pretty slow, which was fine. It cant be gang banging from the gun every week.

Ciocci and some Stage one guys got things going without sweating too much. Guido also was going the same old hard one speed as he usually does. But mostly the ride wasn’t that fast. There was a couple Tri guys at the front even on Mountain Rd ( !? )

From there the only thing recounting is the 3 or 4 attacks put in by Joe K. That dude knows how to punish himself.... Mike Mcg would chase down one, I'm pretty sure Chris C would chase down another ( his only semi-remarkable feat this week ). Basically Joe K was the only one trying to do anything until Joshy G came up and started hammering. If Joe K knows how to punish himself, Josh knows how to rape himself. He drove the pace just for the sake of making the pace hard, most of night. He got things going on Moss Farms, on Mount Vernon rd, Peck ln, etc...

The most interesting section of the night of course came at the turnaround sprint, which mind you is pretty freakin hard to be a part of. Yea yea Little T this Little T that poop poop brain surgeon that he is is always the favorite coming into this section. This week was cool cause he had nothing on the guys who made this sprint a contest.

First off, on Welch, Joe K attacked when everyone else was looking to recover and follow wheels. A+ !!! He was followed by a couple of guys who were feeling like they were worth it. Hacker, Thomas B I think and a couple of others. It seemed like he turned it off when he knew he would just be dragging all the sissys up. That's when Joshy took over, attacking like a man possessed by Nero himself. Josh took a group of 4 or 5 up the road, 400 meters before the corner to West St. Props to those who went with him, but don't get your panties in a bunch over your big balls.... Josh still worked us all over good like when he dropped the rest with a surge after the corner. The rest off the peleton was closing in and collected all the guys that were off the front with Josh. Mike McG and Chris B did a ok job of dragging it together but no one was catching Josh, not even Little T who maybe was counting on the early attack to all come back. Despite the usual attempts to keep any gaps on the downhills that followed the sprint, it was all together cause of that damn light by the Hardford insurance company... No worries, cause everyone ( even I ) was reaching back for some aspirin after the sprint tore things apart. ( Zing!.... a drug reference! I crossed the one line I shouldnt have! )

The ride when back to boring as it often does for the ride back into Cheshire.

For the Stop n Shop sprint, everyone was looking to Little T to get revenge. Josh G wouldnt go down without a fight and for this, he gets most aggressive of the night. He attacked off the front again with about 750 meters to the sprint and nearly got it. Little T was paying more attention this time and was able to pass Josh before the top of the hill with Hacker and Hunter P getting first losers behind Little T.

In my mind that's where the ride ends, cause of all the newbs and the silly sprinting rules that usually come along with the final 3 miles of the ride.

Random props:
That guy in the dark kit from New Zealand - He was near the front a lot tonight, seemingly riding hard for the sake of riding hard and not to score some dumb sprint points.

The CCB guys - These guys seem to turn on\off the 11tooth like it's a spigot. All the while never saying a word or enjoying any friends out there. Don't worry guys, I didnt get invited to Crazy Chris' dumb party either :(

Check to see if they still have a pulse please:
Julio L ( didnt he win the national championships of Guyana or something a while back? )

Rondo too!

Editor's note:

One of the CCBer's took the final prize on the night, out riding a small group of the usual guys who are left by the fast run into Hamden.

Good ride! Thanks for everyone being a good sport with Anon's write-up. One or maybe 2 more weeks of the long loop?

Tuesday the 3rd

There was nothing too exciting about this weeks ride. Just a bunch of ol bikers tryin to puttn on the hurt on each other.

Things started a bit weird with Chris B soft pedaling slightly off the front on Route 10. He was joined by French Casey, Hunter P, Guido and Hacker. That group turned off of route 10 with the peloton less then 15 yards behind. Once off of route 10 though it was game on, with Chris B and Guido sprinting and TT'ing for the first mile or so. Casey got involved and then Hacker and then Hunter P. The group rolled thru some late comers and picked up young Brian Suto from Bethel Cycle. Soon enough though, French Casey and Suto would get left behind, leaving the 4 to work together and extend their gap. They did and by the time the group got onto Mount Vernon Rd past 322, it was pretty evident that they would stay away at least till the turnaround. All four were working with Hacker taking the lead in making sure things stayed together and Guido of course mashing on the pedals and encouraging the most efficient pace\pull time\wind direction ratio's. Behind the chase was not very smooth, ranging from fast to unfriendly to downright amateurish. The usual strong guys ( Zanes, CVC, Chris C & Stage One ) were the ones making the pace high.

Upfront, the leading group hit the turnaround together with Hacker hitting the corner hard, making Hunter P chase and Guido getting slightly gapped. The 3 slowed once onto West St letting Guido claw back on. Chris B then rode a solid pace, letting Hunter P time a good jump and hold off Hacker for the sprint. The group stayed together for the backside. Behind, traffic messed things up for the main bunch and killed a good contest to the line for the Peloton.

There was a brutal head wind for the way home and that would def eat into the lead group's advantage. By the time the 4 crossed route 322 again the pack was in sight and right behind, although caught at the red light. That got things moving a little more efficiently upfront and the leading 4 were able to make it onto Route 10 still out of sight of the chasers. The leaders picked up some stragglers and got a little help in driving up the hill by Cheshire Park. But heading into the Stop n Shop sprint, they were all alone again and Hacker was able to get this one after a solid lead out by Hunter P failed to give Chris B the springboard he needed. Behind in the bunch, Eric M and Mike McG were going hard and puttin blood in everyone's spit.

The headwind continued to wreck the front, as Hacker rolled off after the sprint and put his head down to get back to homebase alone. Guido was having none of that and whipped everyone in shape, driving a brutal pace after all the lights in Cheshire to reconnect and close down the 500 meter gap. Guido got rewarded for the efforts ( Correction- Hacker gets it )

Behind, in the disorganized pack, Little T rolled thru the finish first.

Tuesday the 27th

Guns and Body Armor everyone.... Guns and body armor....

Good ride tonight.... The usual healthy family of riders out to enjoy the nice weather. Let the 3rd half of the season commence!
The ride started with Fire and Brimstone as Ciocci, Rondo and Eric M hit the front and set a good tempo. LaFlamme joined up and all that orange and black up front kept everyone on high alert for most of the first 5 miles of the ride. Guido, Builder Pete, Hunter P, John Gregory was up there as well. Soon Chris C, LaFlamme and VQ Rob rolled up and that was enough to keep it going good. No one attacked though. Chris C punched it a bit onto South Brooksvale but it was all together ( albeit stretched out ) to Route 68. Credit always-at-the-front VQ Rob with bonus wattage points and Hacker with closing down a couple of gaps on Mountain rd.

Moving on to the uphill section up to Marion rd, Hacker led it with an assist from Steve Grey. The ride then settled down for a while past Route 322. The false flat section shook things in familiar fashion, this time letting Rondo, VQ, Gordan D, Ciocci, Joe K, and a couple of others get some breathing room. That didnt last long though. Props to Joe K for stinking it out at the front and keeping the hammer down after the deck was reshuffled. After a kilo or 2, everyone settled down and got ready for the turn south. This week's sprint would be a good one.

Heading up before Welch Rd, VQ Rob powered off the front, followed by Hunter P. That led to a strong CCR trio ( Matt Sack, Chris B and Joe J ) getting some space off the front. That wassnt going any where though as Hacker, Rondo, Eric M and a couple of others kept it tight thru the turn onto Welch. The CCR guys dropped back as the law offices of McG Little T and Guido opened shop. It was pretty much as full out to the corner as we've seen it this year with at least 7 guys following Chris C's initial jump. McG and Little T, Hacker, Steve Grey, Matt Sack, Chris C, Hunter P, Ciocci, and Chris B most noteworthy.... once onto West St, Scott Glenney from Berlin bike spat something impressive out and attacked off that front group that was closed to being gassed. Strong move.... Glenney had a good look at the finish, although it was a long way off still. Steve Grey, Hacker and Little T regrouped and dragged back those 30 meters in time for a showdown to the line. Little T got to the front and stayed there, continuing his season long dominance of the sprint.

Everyone got to stop at a couple of the next lights and catch their breath. That calmed the ride down all the way back to Peck Ln in Cheshire. The ride should be interesting the remaining weeks after Peck Lane is repaired as it will no doubt let the strong guys think less about the road surface and more about hitting the hill there with intent to kill.

The Stop n Shop sprint was a little less dramatic... Mike McG jumped earliest with Little T getting onto his wheel late, Scott Glenney was again there along with a new guy on a white Cervelo. Little T took this one as well.

Going back into Hamden was nice and swift, despite some moronic riding up front thru a stopped car and a bus. Once it got going again it was a group effort to the end, and with a lot of bodies up at the front Guido was able to ride the wave past the Zane's train and hold off Chris B, Scott Glenney, and a CCBer to get to the end first

Tuesday the 20th

Next week, Gogu and Scott Kaplan report on the TWC!

Today's ride started off in a mellow way, and it took longer than normal to get up to speed. French Casey and Gregg F finally got things rolling along with Guido and Thomaas B. From there it was a steady tempo thru the cobbles and onto Mount Sanford. The ride went from “summer BBQ” to training ride as Hacker, Little T, and Mike McG moved up. Good to see Peter P also up, there semi retarded ( tho getting better ) and all. There was a small split heading up onto South Brooksvale but that was pretty quickly sewed up. VQ Rob and Eric M with other Zane's rides led the field onto Mountain Rd, looking antsy the whole time. Turning onto Mountain was quick as Hunter P, Eric M, JoshyG and Ciocci pegged it on the early parts. JoshyG kept it up, dragging Chris C and one other up the road for a brief bit. That was corralled pretty quickly and JoshyG stayed up front along VQ and a couple of others. Soon enough the front started rotating pretty well and it was steady all the way to Routye 68.

Eric M, W Thompson, Ciocci, Hunter P and JoshyG got things going on Moss Farms. JoshyG fiercely pulled thru a couple of times with no one willing to immediately able to back him up. The young Zane guys where there for the most part. Gordon “Lightfoot” also was present as the ride turned into the Chicane. Eric M and mostly Ciocci led it up to Marion with Hunter P making a late surge that no one followed so it was all together heading to Route 322. Everyone got thru the light without stopping which was a nice bonus. From there Chris B hit the front and would not relinquish his spot till the ski hill. The ride was uneventful moving on from there. The usual guys were up front keeping it steady. Things started to get interesting on the false flat section with VQ Rob and Rondo duking it out. Chris B, Chris C, Eric M and hunter P were there to follow up. It went single file for a solid 3\4 mile.

Heading to the Welch Rd there was a small group very slightly off the front... .Little T, a CCBer, VQ Rob and one other.... Gregg F pulled it back together as guys started to think about who to watch to the corner. Hacker just then timed a strong attack well, with Guido in tow. It caught enough guys by surprise so that no one immediately followed. Eric M and then Thomaas B dug deep and jumped to close down the gap. Up front, Guido was helping Hacker to the corner first. Behind, Mike McG and Little T were squaring up with MaHoney, Crowle, and Silent Steve getting in the way as well. Sure enough, the gap was coming down as Thomaas B and Eric M had shut down the engines. Hacker made it thru the corner cleanly and left Guido for dead. Chris C jumped hard from the pack taking Little T with him. T quickly dumped that ride, making made up the difference and joining Hacker by 100 meters after the corner. Ciocci jumped latest of all but was 3rd wheel squaring up for the run in to the sprint, although well behind Hacker and Little T. Hacker had sat up and wasnt going to tow Little T up the road, giving Ciocci a chance to make the catch, all the while dragging Hunter P. Just as the four were coming together, JoshyG shot up the right side, having gained speed all the way from the corner. His jump was strong enough to not let anyone follow him. Chris B came up and tried to get him a couple of seconds after, and then Peter P followed suit, etc and so on.... So with 8 guys all of a sudden together, it gave Mike McG and Little T a second chance at the sprint. SO with 150 meters to go Mike jumped and took Little T with him. T was able to catch JoshyG, but Joshy had to pause ever so slightly for the last light before the top of the hill. So then it was a 2 horse race to the line ( the black mailbox on the right). It was a close call with Little t probably getting over the top of Joshy. This one officially goes to JoshyG though on account of him slowing that little bit for the light. ( at least he didnt get a traffic ticket this time )

The next noteworthy part of the ride was the descent down West St, which was milled into a haphazrd stretch grooves and ridges. There were probably 5 or 6 flats thru the 1\5 mile section. Eric M the first to go, shredding his sidewalls as he came to a slow stop. Dillon P also flatted. Mike McG used to opportunity to try to use the harmonic properties of carbon fiber to speedwobble open a wormhole in the universe. Remarkably, Rondo “smooth as butter” Fantano made it thru with VQ Rob. Rondo turned back to aid his teammates, and quite a few guys stopped. The group of 20 that rode on had to detour when it seemed that some driver had decided to takeout a telephone pole right before route 322. When all was said and done the earnest riding didnt get going again till Peck Ln. It was slightly slower from there on out, as the the front group had lost a lot of horsies. But it still remained competitive, as Ciocci was continuing to ride strong as well as Attorney Gordon and Chris B. The Stop n Shop sprint was easily won by Hunter P with Gregg F and John Gregory coming in after. For the finale, Central Wheel Dennis, Eldest Foley, the new young guy in the red jersey (?) and Hunter P all squared up. Chris B rode off in familiar fashion, but took the new guy from San Fran area ( Sothby's kit ) with him. Sothby's took it, easily coming around Chris B. Back in the B ( for broken ) group, Eric M, LaFlamme, Rondo and a couple of others took it easy and followed Dillon P to Cheshire Cycle to buy some tires purchased from Malaysia, but relabeled to make em look like Conti's...... haha jokes on them!

Tuesday the 13th

The rain killed the ride tonight like the Col de la Madeleine killed Cadel. There was a small group that did go out amidst rain wind and thunder..... Rondo and Robyn "Podium" Passander, Chris C, Rattatatata, Eric M, MaHoney, Guido and a few others.... Hats off... oops, errr..... "Chapeau" to them.....

See ya'll next week

Tuesday the 6th

It was hotter then donut grease tonight for the ride. A group of about 40-50 guys rolled out and Dillon P and Joe K got everyone rolling into Cheshire. The real stories on the night would take a good news bad news angle. All the CCR guys were riding concerned for Matt Sack, who crashed hard during the Fitchburg Crit. Matt is a tough guy who was having a great stage race and despite road rash all over and staples in his head he was looking to ride even tonight. Get some rest Matt. On the flip side we were treated to domestic pro COREY COLLIER hitting up the ride with us. Corey would be active at the front pretty much right from the start and as everyone tried to get on his dance card, the ride ended up being all the more interesting for it. Many times, starting right on Mountain Road, there were surges, and gaps formed as the pro would seemingly nary break a sweat and ride off with 3 or 4 guys at a time. Everyone seemed to have a chance to either jump on a break or chase one down. Mike McG chased hard, Special Ed, Chris C, John Gregory ( aka Rondo ), Chris MaHoney, Joe K, etc. It would take a while but late on West St, Collier rode off the front with a small group. Give Ciocci, Guido, Hacker, and BenGe props for sticking it out. The break got a boost when they made a light on West St.

The last ditch efforts came right before the turn onto West St. from Joe K, Peter K and a couple of others to try to salvage the sprint ( which Hacker took ) but when it was apparent that no one would be catching the break, the Peleton went into summertime chat mode. From there, it the pace was easy as everyone was feeling the heat. We got to hear pearls of wisdom from Mike McG - “ if you take 4 links outta a bike chain, it wont work”. Despite the heat, credit Joe K, and a couple of newbies for mounting a respectable chase when no one else would before heading back over route 322 on the way into Cheshire.

Tuesday the 29th

Weekend race training proves valuable for the real prize….. The SGR

Everyone was slow in getting going as Mike McG and Little T led the ride into the back roads. Dillon P and Ciocci got things going though soon after, and Mike was obliged to follow suit. Also present at was Chris Mahoney, Eric M, Todd H and Jacinto. The ride crept along Mount Sanford and then onto South Brooksvale with no one really taking the initiative. Coming up to Mountain road, Julio L, Hacker, and Joshy G were seen making their way up to the front and it got strung out a bit from that. Hacker drilled it fr a bit once past the climbing part of Mountain Rd and that got things going as well. Halfway thru the Mountain the CCB duo moved up along with Chris B and Hunter P. That kept the pace high and guys like Joshy G, VQ Rob, and the Tall Timex Girl rotated thru and contributed. Coming up to the light there was a surge from CCB and Joshy G, no doubt to try to catch a green light, but everyone had to stop.

Things got going quick on Moss Farms when Hacker zipped up the right side and hit the front with CCB. The pace was crisp as no one was letting any real gaps form to the pacemakers. Hacker and Eric M led thru the chicane and some weird traffic slowed the group a bit. Hacker sat up a bit on the hill up to Marion and Eric also slid back. The trip up to the turnaround was a little slower than usual. On the run in to Route 322, Larry M and a CCBer snuck off the front, to which Mike McG and Hunter P responded quickly and bridged up. The four had a small gap that could’ve been dangerous if they made it thru the light alone. But everyone else, led by Guido and Chris B snuck thru the light with varying amounts of conviction. Hacker kept up the pace and Guido along with Hunter P joined up with him. That was short lived though as everyone else behind got their act together quickly. After that, a small group was allowed to ride off. ( Thomaas B, Chris B, Ciocci, Eric M, Larry M, Todd H and a couple of others ). It was slow getting going behind them but once it did, it went fast and it put the screws to more than a few riders. A couple got popped off the back ( and one was even thrown right off his platform pedals into the grass ) thanks to the slow-then-fast speed as it was single file to reconnect with the lead group, who was also booking it. Within a mile or so, it was all back together and normal up at the front. From there it was standard fare up till the false flat, where efforts from Larry M, Joshy G, Rondo, Hunter P, dropped a couple more. It led also led to a good sized group getting a gap a kilo down the road. CCB pinned it along with Zane’s and it was a scramble for the front of the peleton to catch up. Once they did Hunter P, trying to open things up for some of the CCR guys who don’t have “Little T finishing speed” attacked. It drew out the CCBer, Chris B and Little T. The gap was covered by Gregg F, Mahoney and VQ Rob but the front was anything but organized turning onto the corner of Welch Rd.

In the ensuing scramble, after Chris B made a strong pull and allowed a small group to ride into the corner with about a 20 meter gap. Steve Grey, Hacker, Matt Sack from CCR, Ciocci and maybe one other, with enough room to hold it to the sprint. Hacker was able to stay in front of Matt S, who surprised all with a hard fought “second”.

Heading down from there and going thru the subsequent lights, the strong trio of Eric M, Joshy G and Hacker snuck off the front and held a gap all the up to route 322, despite some decent chasing from Mike McG, CCB and Hunter P.

Once over 322, Chris B tried to sneak off the front, but wasn’t given much room. It was splintered and disorganized heading up to Peck ln and then slowed down to get back onto Route 10. Going thru the first couple of lights on Route 10, Eric M and Josh G sneaked off the front again and were making a bee line to the Stop n Sprint. Behind them, Mahoney, CCB and Larry M were setting tempo at the front. Behind them, the real trouble was brewing as Mike McG was setting up Little T with Vq Rob and Hunter P playing rock-paper-scissors for his wheel. Mike launched Little T in the usual spot and only Hunter followed, T was able to get by Eric M and Joshy, who now looked slow, and took this one with a small to middland amount of room to spare.

The run-in to Hamden was standard fare, with lots of arm chair quarterbacks surging up to get some last minute TV time. It led to a larger then usual group with a shot at the finale. Guido and VQ Rob pulled hard one last time to make sure there would be no faking it, and between the trio of Mike McG, Little T, and Larry M, it was a loose call with Little T taking the corner first.

Tuesday the 22nd

This is the best place to show-off wind tunnel tested wheel skewers!

The weather was crap tonight, with a light rain all night. Still, at least 40 guys showed up.

Eric M and sidekick DaFlame, as per usual, were the early go-fasters. They had help from Dave H, VQ Rob, and Hunter P. Ciocci also got involved and it got quick thru the cobbles. It was quick up to Mountain Road. Then a healthy Guido, BenG, and Larry M got involved. Mike McG, Tim Ratta and Rondo were the next group to hit the front. Rondo was fresh off surprising everyone with a strong ride at The Harlem Skyscraper. Seems he has been taking advice from an old master. There was enough bodies up there to keep it quick all the way to Mountain Rd. Ratta hit the rizers first, followed with a surge from Hunter P. Eric M kept up with that but the 2 eased up on the backside and the gap was gone quickly. Chris C, and Eddy A were up there setting a good tempo.

Chris B tried to escape toward the end of Mountain road, but everyone hit the light together. Eric M and LaFlame were up there again with VQ and Larry M on Moss Farms. Guido jumped off the front toward the end of Moss and going thru the corner, slid a tire out on the still wet roads. He didn’t go down too hard and wasn’t moving that fast, but it was still a bummer to have to watch. It took a while to get everyone on the same page, as a small group kinda kept going. But when Guido was confirmed ok, the riding slowly got back to normal. Team Zane’s got it going on Mount Vernon along with Ratta.

For the Turnaround Sprint, Little T had little trouble dispatching it. Mike McG and Chris B were duking it out well behind him. VQ kept up the pressure past that, and had a small gap on the backside with Eddy A chasing. The peleton met up with the crew of guys ( mostly new havener’s who like to go fast ) who had properly waited for Guido. Shame on those who didn’t take a moment from the mostly futile efforts of glory to see if Mr Wollmann was ok.

Fast forward a bunch and the Zane’s Leadout was back to business for the Stop n Sprint. This time tho it was a little sloppy, with Rondo getting Eric M off the front. Eric couldn’t hold the gap for the very long run in, so that left Mike McG to make sure Little T was in a good spot. T jumped out with Hunter P and Ratta in tow, with Hunter the only one to give him any trouble. Little T had this one sewed up pretty good as well.

The rest of the ride was standard issue…. Rondo, Guido, and Chris B being the most active heading back into Hamden. Chris B had a good gap heading into the finale but had to sit up. Time to go wash the bikes and dry the shoes...

Tuesday the 15th

Summer Vacation starts for the SG ride

The ride tonight started pretty quietly, got interesting a little bit and then ended quietly.

Right from the start, the 3 guys that were feeling up to the task of pace-setting were VQ Rob, Eric M and that new guy from Zane’s that no one apparently wants to I.D. The 3 were staying crisp at the front, perhaps trying to duplicate the magic of last week’s ride. Everyone stayed together though and there were no real attacks off the front. Hacker came up and brought the pace up a little along with Ciocci. All the while the 2 Zane’s riders were up there, pitching in where they could. Ciocci led everyone on the intial section on Mountain road and was followed up by Hacker, VQ Rob, Larry M, Chris C and the usual strong guys. Good to see Todd H out tonight as well.

It all rolled up to Route 68 together but as soon as the turn was made on Moss Farms, Hacker lit the jets looking to get a gap. He was covered well though by VQ you-know-who, Tim Ratta and the other Zaniacks. A little down the way he attacked again, looking to either get a workout in or to separate himself from the dude with the aero bars but again he was covered….. But just barely, the gap was open for a bit. It wouldn’t have mattered though cause there was a little traffic turning into the chicane. Everyone went thru there without incident and attack despite some strong guys up front riding unusually slow, albeit alert and ready. Call it the velo version of Mutual Assured Destruction. The ride moseyed over route 322. The speed picked up a little on Mount Vernon Road, but nothing leg shattering. The false flat section again triggered a separation with Rondo, Hunter P, Chris C, Mike McG, Ratta, Larry M, VQ, Todd H and a couple of others riding off. That was short lived though with Peter K and others chasing it down. It all was together for the rest of the ride northward. Hacker attacked right before Welch Road and took along the Eric M and the other Zane’s rider. Hunter P jumped on late as well. That was shut down pretty quickly by a few guys, Larry M, Ciocci, Chris C, the Innova rider, among others. That put a lot of guys in the running to contest the sprint, but this would be a proper battle with no fakers allowed as the black mailbox on the righthand side of the road at the top of the climbing is a long way away from the corner….. Rondo and Mike McG kept the pace up thru the corner for Little T and a select group… Chris C, Hunter P, Hacker and Steve Grey. This turned out to be a knock down, drag out battle…. The way a mid ride sprint should be. There was little time for cat and mouse games, after a bit of a pause, Little T hit it with only Steve Grey able to follow. Rondo and Chris C had faded, Hunter P was a little late in getting into the group and Mike McG had come off the front as well but was able to claw back a bit. Little T and Gray would go all the way to the line but it was Little T who was able to stay out in front, sprinting uphill 250 meters to do it.

After some shuffling, the front group hit the descent fast, but it was pretty much all together as there was some strong riding buy guys to cover the gaps. Going thru the traffic lights and heading back into Cheshire was ho-hum standard stuff. It got going again once back onto Peck lane for the false flat section there. There was a brief gap as Steve Grey put in a solid pull along with Eric M. For a little bit at the high point of the road there, about 7 guys had a small lead but that would get erased shortly and it was all together heading onto Route 10. Hacker was looking like he wanted to go after Cheshire Park, but no one would chip in. The leadout for Stop n Shop started soon after and it was full tilt. Ciocci was up there along with Rondo laying it out fast enough to set up Mike McG and Little T. The 2 punched it in unison as a gap was opened behind Little T. Hacker and Hunter P would kind of look alive on this one, but really the gap was opened so fast from Mike mcG’s sprint that Little T had no one to compete against for this one.

The group went pretty mellow through the rest of the lights. the pace finally picked up led by one of the wheelhouse riders. with about 1.5 to go the pace was pretty high and with about 1 miles to go mike mc g upped the pace to 30. he pulled off and rondo upped it to 32ish. he hung in there for a respectable time before pulling off and the vq rob took over getting all the way to 35 for about 30 seconds before he crumpled allowing eric m to ride the last 100m to victory with relative ease. the guy on the tt bike actually bested eric by a bit, but that doesn't really count!

Tuesday the 8th

The SGR... Safer and more organized than the CT Stage Race!

Despite the ride missing our beloved German for another week while he recovers, today was a good night for the SGR. Its amazing how despite this ride being the same guys, same roads, week in week out, the ride continues to be never quite the same twice. Today it was a group of 3 ( Chris C, Eric M, and VQ Rob, ) who were either looking for a good workout or wanting to stay clear of Chris Mahoney on aero bars(?!). They punched it off the front early on and powering their way thru to the end, despite some pretty raw chasing.

The group went up the road once Chris C hit the throttle on Mount Sanford Road. The gap was small for a couple of miles, as some traffic thru the corners kept everyone close. Once onto South Brooksvale, with the 3 big teams represented in the break ( CCR, Zane’s and Stage1 ) the impetus in the peleton went away and the gap went up. Some more traffic for the main bunch getting onto North Brooksvale gave them a little more breathing room. That was really all they needed as Eric M turned on his newly installed Spartacus7000 and spearheaded the pulls in the break. The chase behind didn’t really start in earnest till the second half of Mountain road, when Chris B took off in one his many solo chase efforts on the night. His effort was followed up with a strong pull from Gregg F. It was also good to see Gordan “I am not Corey Feldman” Daniell out and also hammering the front to try to get some response from the rest. The Peleton had to stop at the light at 68 while the escape made it thru the light without much stoppage. By the time the rest of the field got onto Moss Farms the leading three where well out of sight. Chris B again attacked thru the chicane. The pace was pretty good for the rest of the way to Route 322. Credit Rondo, Ciocci, and Gregg F with hustling to get the peloton thru the light crossing 322. The breakaway was outta sight for a while. In perhaps what was the strongest display of the night, Joe “raging bull” Kubisek reminding all who they were dealing with and mashed his way off the front of a hard chasing pack for what seemed like an eternity. The false flat section finally brought him back… Kinda… As Hunter P used the incline to get out and bridge the gap. But those two would be caught within a mile. Hunter P was back pulling along with Joe Policarpio from CCR and Chris B late on Mount Vernon and then onto Welch Road. The CCR boys had help from Ciocci, and a new guy atop a Look. Mike McG was up there too but he was laying low, probably playing John Madden with the Peleton, patrolling and keeping things real up at the front so that his teammate Eric M would have the best shot at staying away. The breakaway was in sight ( half mile up the road! ) as everyone came up to the sprint turnaround, but everyone in the main bunch would be fighting for first loser as they say. Despite strong jumps from Peter P, Ciocci, and Little T, the sprint was pretty much negated due to a red light and stacked traffic on West St.

The 4 up front would have no problem on the backside and subsequent traffic lights. With Eric M taking strong pulls, continuing his claim to “Best Rouleur”, they continued to up their advantage until Chris C and Joe K again hit the front hard going past the exit ramp for I84. The gap was under 20 seconds at the light going back over 322, but the main bunch had to stop for what seemed like 3 minutes while the light decided to turn green. That was when the fat lady sung. There was no catching the break. Chris B would again try to single-handedly bring back the gap on Peck Ln, this time surging off the front with help from Julio L and Hutner P. Those 3 had a solid gap for a couple of miles, all the way up past the hill by Cheshire Park. Chris B would try a couple more times heading back into Hamden but for tonight, the hats go off to the 3 who lead wire to wire, no doubt pulling rivets out to stay out in front the whole time. Eric M was the one who takes top honors, getting the best of his breakaway companions for the final sprint points.

Great ride! Some good attacks, some strong countering and a lot a hard chasing.

Tuesday the 1st

The "unsung's" get their day in the Sun ( sort of )

Rain, thunder and hard efforts from some in Killington over the weekend kept today’s ride on the small side. Less than 30 guys were out. Twas good to see French Casey out as he led a brisk pace up route 10 and played crossing guard for bunch.

Once on the back roads, the orange and black kicked things off with some help from a Target training rider (?) and the rider on the Seven.

Little T was hit with a flat on Mount Sanford Road and after some soft pedaling at the front, the ride was given permission to carry on. Credit the whole Zany team for holding up and waiting for their muscle blessed teammate.

With the field down to approx 20 and most of the horse power changing tubes behind, there was some new faces that drove the ride. The speed was down a bit, but not much. Maybe 1 mph. At the front was Builder Pete, John Gregory, Rich Foley, and pretty much the whole CCR team… John B, Peter Kenny, Dillon P, Antonio D. Mahoney was up there animating things along with French Casey.

Once onto Mountain Rd, the speed came down a bit but Kyle F and Mahoney was there to bring it back up again. A gap developed as French Casey attacked toward the end of Mountain Rd, but Dillon P and Pter K chased it down. As everyone was recollecting, Dillon P surged off the front for a bit and without anyone from the team dare bring the “CEO” back, he stayed out there for 3\4 of a mile and was caught as everyone pulled up to the light on Route 68.

Once onto Moss Farms, Pter K and Antonio D along with C-Dale Rick got things going but it was pretty mellow. Chris B started turning screws toward the end of Moss Farms with Hunter P and Dillon P following up his efforts. Tri Guy wi Knee Highs was also present and led everyone delicately into the chicane. Chris B stayed right at the front for the charge up the hill, keeping a solid tempo. Hunter P rode away from the front once around the corner and had a good gap that only Chris B could bridge. The 2 stayed off the front for the rest for the way down Marion up to the turn for the short loop. John Gregory and C dale Rick chipped in to bring them back.

The ride down Mount Vernon Rd was “new-look”, with lots of guys up front who usually hang out mid-pack. Speed didn’t seem to suffer too much though, especially when Kyle f rolled up and pulled for a solid mile and a half, stringing out everyone behind him. It took the false flat section to finally take him off the front, giving Hunter P a chance to jump on dwindling field. The target Training rider was the only one that stayed with Hunter P and the 2 had a gap for a while until Chris B dragged John Gregory, the Foley’s and the rest of the field up to them. After that, everyone stayed together until the turn around.

Chris B was again sneaking off the front right at the college, but Target Training was glued to his wheel along with Hunter P. The 3 probably would have ridden off if not for a solid effort by Mahoney to bridge \ drag the gap back. It was gruppo compact heading to the hill \ corner, where Chris B jumped up only to be passes right after the corner by Kyle F and Hunter P. From there Foley and Pronovost traded pulls a couple of times before Hunter jumped away to get the sprint without much trouble from anyone else. On the backside, everyone who was left after the hill collected themselves and met up with the Zane’s team who had taken a shortcut.

Everyone rolled onto the Cheshire side of Route 322 together. Even with the 5 Zane’s guys, the field was only about 12-15 guys at this point.

Coming back onto the short loop section of Peck Lane, a group of 4 pulled off the front. The Foley’s, Eric M, and Target Training (?). They went off without an answer from the Zane’s guys and had a solid 20 second gap by route 10, despite some chasing by Little T and Mahoney. The pace on route 10 didn’t improve much and everyone was content to let the 4 fight out the stop n shop sprint. Eric M got that despite a solid challenge from the Foley pair.

Rolling thru Cheshire, the stage was being set for a beat down of the escapees, who had a 250 meter gap thru all the lights. Going thru town things got Lady Gaga crazy as guys were timing lights, drafting cars and opening \ covering gaps left and right. The group of 4 had been joined by Mike McG, Rondo and Mahoney. Chris B pulled a huge effort outside of Cheshire on open roads and covered a fast moving, big gap. Dragging Hunter P, Little T and a couple of others with him. The rest behind were done for the day with no chance of catching back on. From there the speed stayed high into the finale. Little T surged early and pulled off with nearly a kilo to go. Chris B attacked \ surged a little closer to the end and only Mike McG stayed with him. Those two went down to the line with Mike able to get over Chris in time for the corner.

Tuesday the 25th

More miles, more endurance, more scenery… It’s the Long Loop

Not too much excitement today on the ride. It was on the slow side.

Maybe the heat?
Maybe everyone is lazy from watching the Giro all day long?

At any rate, there was a big crowd out today for the ride.
Dave H and a couple of new timers started the ride out - the initial pace was downright anemic. Eric M started things going and then Guido got involved along with Chris C, Ciocci, Jacinto, and a couple of others. The slow pace allowed that group of 7 or 8 to roll off the front on Mount Sanford but traffic turning onto the next street brought everyone back together. The pace got going a little more after that as Mike McG, Koski, a new Zane’s rider and others got involved. On South Brooksvale, Eric M, riding hard, snuck off on the run in to Mountain road. A few seconds later, Larry M and the new guy in a Divine Electric\BH Jersey hit it to bridge up. They were just making contact to Eric when the corner for Mountain Road slowed everyone and brought it all together. The pace on Mountain rd was nothing spectacular. The usual characters were up front. The CCB guys started making their way up.

Onto Moss Farms where again, there wasn’t too much pep in the pedals. But no one was attacking so it stayed gruppo compacto. The CCBer’s were again ramping things up before the Chicane. They had Guido along for company. Eric M charged into the chicane first and up the hill to Marion. There were no attacks as CCB stayed at the front. Ciocci rolled up after the corner and got things rolling along with Eric M, Mike McG, Hunter P, Silent Steve and Yalie Adam as well. Everyone rolled along to Route 322 without incident and with those same guys setting the tempo etc. A few guys peeled off on the short loop, but all in all, everyone was of one mind regarding the long loop. Larry M had an unfortunate flat and dropped out.

The ride down Mount Vernon road was uneventful and slow. Hopefully next week the attacks will come. The false flat section shook things up…. Same speeds \ More wattage. Jacinto, Guido, Ben just Ben, led it out with CCB and CCR guys Gregg F and Hunter P punching it on the top. It was enough to shell a few guys and pull things single file, but with no monster efforts after the incline, it was a missed opportunity to blow things apart.

Onto Welch Road, where Chris B snuck off the front as the Zane guys, Guido, Jacinto, Silent Steve. Morgan from Keltic, and a couple of others were shifting around the front. Chris was able to get to the corner of West St first but Little T had jumped and passed him shortly after that on the way to top o the hill prize ( !?….. See the survey on the side ). Behind Little T was Eric M, Hunter P and Keltic Morgan. A little ways up Gregg F joined the group and as is usually the case…. The hill had forced a separation. Chances for any group at this point are slim if traffic lights are red and sure enough, that’s what brought this all back together before crossing over I84. On the backside, heading to Atwater Street, a small group had hammered out a gap on the descent. Eric M, Rondo, Guido, Chris B, Ciocci, Jacinto, Devils Gear Jeff, and a couple of others. But there were enough wheels behind that saw the gap and responded, closing it down before the corner. A small group snuck thru the traffic on West Main, but most of those guys sat up or were caught by the light on route 322.

Yalie Adam took advantage of the slow speed after that traffic light to jump off the front. Soon after, Chris C jumped off too. Chris was caught soon after the ride got back onto familiar Peck Lane territory, but Yalie Adam was still out there. Heading up the riser before Schoolhouse road starts, Gregg F hit it again along with Hunter P. That was a short lived gap though as the CCB guys were starting up again. Yalie Adam was finally caught soon after turning onto Route 10. The headwind heading back would buffet the front of the ride as there was no activity to speak of off the front. Heading into the Stop and Shop sprint, the Zane’s guys were up front along with Guido playing nice. They were setting a good tempo for their man, Little T. Little T hit the sprint hard with Dzmitry (?) from CCB directly in tow. The 2 went down to the line but Alessio was able to stay in front. Little T would keep up the pace in thru the center of town and had a gap as the slimmer, more traffic-friendly Peleton got caught at a couple of lights. Once out of town, the speed picked up, but the headwind was cutting into things. Little T was slowly getting reeled in and it looked like he may have a chance with about a kilo to go. Behind, after efforts to close the gap from Guido, Ciocci, the Divine Electric guys and a couple of others, the Orange and black were all over things. Eric M sat up, giving Little T one last chance to stay away. Chris B almost snookered them all though, jetting past with enough speed to create a gap that the trio of Eric M, Mike McG and Rondo had to close down. Having already gone over Little T, Rondo got a push from Mike and was able to get by Butler, but with Hunter P in tow, playing back up to Chris’ attack. It went down to the wire, with the 2 exchanging the lead a couple of times. Despite getting out of the saddle early on for a quick second, Rondo will get credit for this one, edging out Hunter in the final meters.

Tuesday the 18th

The rain hit hard today. Despite some big talk from some about riding in the rain, the only guys who were out were Chris B, Dillon P, Chris Mahoney, Hunter P, and Matt ( I’m back from my internship with the Dharma Initiative ) Sack. Guido was a minute too late to the parking lot and had to chase the ride down, eventually meeting up on West Johnson Ave.

Everyone rode hard and it was a good ride. Chris lead-pedal Butler was going hard on his 25 pound rain bike and Chris techno Mahoney was making sure his new PowerTap was registering watts in the many hundreds. Matt Sack will be a strong rider during the TWC for the summer months.

Tuesday the 11th

Lights, Cameras, Action!

The ride continued to have unseasonably cold temps as approx 45-55 rolled out. Rondo, sporting the second camera in the Peleton, drove a unsettling pace right out of the lot and down route 10. He had help from Dave H and Chris C. Some on-coming traffic cut into the ride as the front was turning off of route 10. It stopped 2\3 of the group dead as as the 10 or so eager beavers lit it up. Eric M moved up as well and for about a mile, it looked as if the ride was fracturing into two. It took some hard pulls from guys like Chris Mahoney, Dillon P, Devils Gear ( Jeff W? ) and others to keep it together. Next to hit the front hard as the ride turned onto South Brooksvale was Jacob H. VQ Rob moved up to the front as well and it looked as if another gap would form… But with more solid pace making from the trick or treaters and Chris C, it was all together and fast heading onto North Brooksvale. It got crazy fast for a bit as Guido, who revealed that he keeps a cyanide pill taped to his top tube in case of enemy capture, and Joshy G spared no red blood cells in pinning the rivot. Lots of oncoming traffic at the corner of Mountain rd gave guys a chance to catch breath. Ciocci hit the hill on Mountain rd. hard.

The ride down Mountain was again nice and fast as many guys took pulls. Jeff W, Rondo, Stage one, Eric M, Hunter P, Guido, Ben G, VQ, and others all up in the mix. Coming up to Route 68, Hunter P took a flyer in anticipation of a potential green light but everyone rolled up and together under red. Once onto Moss Farms, Chris B and Pete K from Cheshire Cycle, Yalie Adam, and the Jeff W rider hit it hard enough to get a small gap going but Joshy G and the CCBer’s were having none of that. The pace stayed high and the group following Joshy G rolled out a subsequent gap that took hard pulls from Chris B and Jeff W to shut it down coming right up to the Chicane. Jacob H rolled thru there in a good position to hit the hill first and his efforts got another kinda sorta gap going. It became the real deal tho after 12 or so riders kept up the pressure after the corner. Chris C, Hunter P, Guido, Larry M, Joshy G, Eric M, Jacob H, Crazy Chris, a new guy in a CVC kit and others had a gap of about 30 yards max before it got pulled back by big efforts from Kyle F and an assist from Gregg F ( riding strong atop his new Scott Addict R3). Thru the industrial park, VQ Rob, Eric M, Guido, Larry M, etc, worked the front and the ride didn’t really slow down at all the whole time.

Heading up to Reinhard, with Little T missing, the sprint was as wide open as the two zero one zero Giro d’ Italia. Late on West Johnson ave, Jeff W, looking to play the role of Vino took a flyer but under the CCB \ CVC pace he was overhauled before the corner. Rondo was up there with Eric M and Hunter P in tow. Joshy G and one of the CCB dudes punched it on the first little riser and hit the dip with a gap. Rondo peeled off behind after sprint-leading out Eric M a quarter of the way up the hill. Eric hit it and just as the catch of the 2 up front was happening, Hutner P was able to get around all with Jacob H in tow. Hunter kept on the throttle enough to hold off a late surging Hacker to the corner. On the backside, Hacker kept on it and had a healthy gap that didn’t get erased till the turn onto Peck ln.

Some D-bag driver got things riled up when he tried to pass with incoming traffic right before Route. Ben G for a second looked like he was gonna go Batman on the dude but once onto Route 10 everyone calmed down for the crazy ride home. Joshy G was still up there pushing the tempo along with Eric M and a couple of others. Heading into Stop n Shop was a little slower than usual. Eric M again tried early to jump with Hunter P in tow but behind a CCBer, Mike McG and a couple of others had this one staked out pretty good. It went down to the line between CCB and Miles&miles Mike with the CCB just getting it at the post. After the sprint a couple of guys were thinking break but traffic and red lights kept it together. If there is one good argument for starting the long ride ASAP, it’s to thin out the peleton that rolls thru Cheshire. Next week anyone???

The rest of the ride was standard fare. Respectfully fast and well mannered despite the headwind. Jeff W had another flyer that got swallowed up. In the last half kilo, Guido was the first to peel off, Jacob then hit the front with too far to go and was passed by Hunter P and VQ Rob, coming up thru them all in the last moments was Yalie Adam, and it seemed like VQ shut off the gas at the last moment, giving Yalie Adam the final award for this week. Footage for the ride will no doubt be available soon on Entertainment Tonight.

Tuesday May 4th

Rain threatening? Not if the ride stays ahead of it.....

High winds and possible T-storms didnt stop about 45 guys and girls from riding. The CCB-ers were out tonight and with a couple of fast guys ( and guys who keep getting faster ) it would show in the pace. As soon as the ride hit the backroads, the pace went up thanks to Eirc M, Tim Ratta Chris C, Guido and Hunter P. Soon after that Mike McG, Josh G, Peter P and Rondo hit the front and the ride was steam-rollin.

There were a couple potential gaps but no one was dropping the big one off the front so it stayed all together. Ciocci, Guido and Mike McG led everyone up the hill on Mountain Rd and the speed was high the entire way down. There were probably plenty of strong guys who would have been willing to contribute on the front but it was manic and fast enough so that just getting to the front was a workout. Basically the ride should be like that all the time.

Coming up to Route 68, the light was green and everyone got the go ahead. On Moss Farms the fun didnt stop as Joshy G and the CCB ers hit the front and again, the gaps started opening up and guys had to dig deep to close em. It was here that the ride started shedding guys like a 4 day old sun-burn. The CCBers actually started powering off the front by themselves as the ride came up to the Chicane but that was shut down by Hunter P and Joshy G. It eased up for just a bit as everyone hit the hill up to Marion. Hunter P jumped with Chris C in tow and the two had a small gap that would end up being the most anyone would get tonight. It was shut down halfway to the industrial park and with Eric M, Guido, JoshG and a couple of others, it was fast all the way up to West Johnson ave.

Heading up to the Reinhard sprint, Mike McG and rondo were setting up their man well with hard efforts that told everyone to stay in line or else. Chris B was trying his usual shenanigans up there but there was no getting off the front. A group of about 7 hit Reinhard in a good spot with everyone else keeping it respectable behind. Little T was able to pop out and hit the hill hard, fending off a solid challenge from Ratatataata, and was able to get to the corner first. On the backside, it came all back together as guys were happy to get a chance to shine their shoes and get out of the red zone. Once onto Peck Lane, Chris B tried again to ride off the front, but that was quick to be dispatched and everyone came up to route 10 en masse.

The tail winds helped everyone along for the ride back. Eric M was still up there, Julio L, Josh G, CCB, Larry M was up there too. Coming up to the Stop n Shop sprint, Ratta took a huge flyer from 800 meters out.
He looked like he had a chance at it, but the speed ramped up a little and again, the Zane'ys hit it hard and kept it all together. Chris B as well as up there. Little T jumped out and nabbed this one again, with Guido and JoshG putting up a fight a little way behind.

Joshy G kept on the throttle after the hill and rolled away pretty quick by getting thru a light in the center of town. Behind him, Guido, Hunter P and Little T were also thinking breakaway and started going hard with the rest of the ride waiting at a light. Josh blasted thru the light at the high school with plenty of late day traffic still on the roads in front of a cop. The cop did a NYPDBlue 180 and sped up to pull Josh over. He was already out of the car and talking it over with JoshyG while the 3 chasers decided whether or not to ride by ho-hum-we-dont-know-him style. The whole peleton kinda slowed up and re collected amidst talk and reflection of how fortunate we all are to have police professionals who care enough for cyclists to point out matters of unsafty. Hunter P however, had kept up the hard riding and was looking to cheat sneak his way to the end. The ride finally got rolling along with speed and the usual strong guys were driving it home. Yalie Adam, Larry M, Eric M, Julio L, Rondo etc... Hunter would get caught with 500 meters to go just as Mike McG was leading the ride out to a decent end. Little T gets it in the end? There were a lot of guys up there as the ride into Hamden was a little somber due to the snatching of one rider who left the safety of the Peleton.

Tuesday the 27th

Tuesday Night is the new Sunday Morning

Brrrrrrrrrrr. Cold today. But that didn’t stop nearly 50 riders from heading out. Compared to last weeks crew, this weeks was a little “calmer” and it showed in the opening parts of the ride. Rondo and Stage 1ers Chris C and Dave H led the ride into Cheshire and Eric M ( looking forwards this week ) was quick to get to the front in a spot that he is quickly becoming accustomed to. Also pushing the pace early on was Silent Steve, Mike McG, Chris Mahoney, Dillon P, Gregg F ( riding with the CCR puke green Fi zik Test saddle ) and Cheshire Cycle Racing’s newest rider Larry Merling ( aka : the Bianci Man ). Larry M would be up at the front all night long for the most part. Heading down Mountain Rd, lots of guys had a turn at the front. Good to see Steve Grey ( or is it Gray ? Or can it be spelled either way? ) up at the front as well. The elders of the ride even got along with ( kinda ) a couple of newbies trying to cut their teeth in the paceline. Some fancy braking was needed at one point as a certain experienced rider was playing stop-dead-in-his-tracks

The ride got thru the light on Route 68 and that led to a small split develop with Chris B, Eric M, The Devils Gear Rider, and a couple of others getting off the front for a bit on Moss Farms. Crazy Chris, John Gregory, and Mike McG rode hard to keep it altogether heading into the chicane. Tim Rattatatataa and Guido along with Jacinto ( a powerful trio that was sticking together tonight ) lead everyone thru the Chicane and up the hill. Chris C had a dig going up which got things going for the length of Marion and into the industrial park. Larry M also up there mixing it up. Rondo and crew along with Stage 1 pushed thru the industrial park. There was significantly less activity off the front than weeks past. Heading into the sprint on Rienhard, Rondo hit the headwind hard before the corner with Eric M & Ratta in tow along with a couple of others. Immediately behind was a fractured group of about 8 riders looking to square up for the sprint. The lead group had a decent 30-40 yards when Rondo peeled off the front at the base of the hill. Larry M was among them and jumped up to try to get to the top first. Behind, Little T had a leisurely start to the sprint, getting up to full speed well past half hill. He had enough road to overhaul Larry M a stone’s throw from the corner.

Larry, however kept up the assault on the backside and was joined by Chris B for a bit but by Peck lane, it was all together for the most part. Heading up to Route 10, Steve Grey took a flyer and turned the corner with a 6 second gap. Behind him the Devils Gear rider was trying to bridge up. The tail wind up the hill by Cheshire Park meant everyone was flying. The Devil’s gear rider fell back and was replaced by a Ciocci who was chasing hard and made it up to Steve G. That pair had a small gap when a traffic light past the prison rounded everyone up. The light def helped a handful of guys recollect after the punishing uphill section. Slipping thru the light however was Eric M, Chris B and one other (?). They would quickly roll off and get forgotten by the angry peloton.

Heading into the Stop n Shop Sprint, Guido was working well with Ratta and started to go to work on a gap that formed nearly a kilo from the sprint. They worked well and Ratta was the one that was able to stay clear from the chasers in the P’ton. Alessio was there but was pretty much taking a back seat to this one as it was decided early on thanks to the big, but getting slimmer by the week, German.

Guido again this week was trying to push a separation in thru Cheshire. His posse was up there with him, but traffic lights and efforts from Larry M, Peter P, Rondo etc would keep it all together. Heading into the finale, after Mike McG and Rondo leadout and peeled off, there was a big group strung out but in striking distance. Steve Grey went toe to toe with Little T started the final push with Steve Grey going toe to toe with him. The two finished practically dead even. Technically, though the prize ( along with the Stop n Shop sprint ) goes to the escapees Chris B and Eric M.

Tuesday the 20th

Just when you thought it was safe to be up front...

The ride today was interesting with a bunch of new faces rolling up. Humble pie was on the menu as a lot of usually strong SG riders were thrown to the gutter and forced to watch as strong guys from afar drove this weeks ride right out of sight.

It started with 3 or 4 guys from Central Wheel driving the early pace. Throw in the locals looking to avoid the potholes and it was fast from the start. A split nearly happened early on but the Devils Gear guys, also with some new faces present, kept it together. The two teams would go back and forth pushing the pace all the while with Eric Merril doing a good job of CameraMan and staying mostly in front of the action. Props also to Chris C, Hacker, VQ Rob and Guido who also managed to contribute to the pace making.

Past the light on route 68, Tim Ratta and the Central Wheel crew kept it hot. Also up at the front was Aidan Charles. Later on past the chicane, two riders from CCB moved up to the front and were riding hard. It was probably the most amount of horsepower at the front of the SG ride for quite a long time. It was only a matter of time before a split happened and sure enough, in the run up to the sprint on Rienhard, a crew of 15-18 rolled off the front and never looked back. Congrats to Little T for being unfazed by the visitors and snagging the sprint there.

Aidan, Mike McG, the CCB guys, Ratta, Guido, and a couple of others kept it fast in the "A" group, while Dillon P, Gregg F, John Gregory and others kept it going in the "B" group. The 2 groups were stopped at consecutive red lights within viewing distance in the center of Cheshire, but Group A, in proper fashion, rolled off first and never looked back.

Leave a comment about the rest of the ride if you were blessed to be part of that. Back in the Killer B's, Dillon P hit the finish line first.

Hopefully the Central Wheels, the Russians, and Aidan Chuckster will make it a weekly habit.

Killer Ride!

Tuesday the 13th

The Arnold Palmer ride, Half & Half, Hard then slow.

The ride was a buzz with excitement as the weather was nice and butt cam was getting charged up!

A late roll off due to some last minute media issues. The camera man had to make sure the POV angle was as unflattering as possible!

Straight to work off RT 10 CCR's Joe K, Stage 1's Chris C and Dave Broke all kinds of back road speed limits and opened up a gap right Quick. Tim Ratta and Eric M were quick to join but stop signs and potholes slowed em down and the Peleton (not working together, just jumping) brought it back.

Just Before MTN RD a group of 3 more tried there best to open something up (names?) but this time Joe K, Mike M, Eric M, and Chris C didn't let to much space open up. That fast, don't let em go, pace continued even when all were back together on MTN RD. 30mph+ was the drink of the night for the 1st half.

Once on Mtn road there was a fast driving pace line effort to keep the speed crazy fast. Guido, Eric M, Mike M, Stage 1 guys, Joe K, Little T, Lehigh team kit guy(name?), and some others. The pace stayed high all the way to the light which was red, as the group approached the light it turned green and we all sailed through. The same bunch was keeping the pace super fast on Moss farms. Mike M came to the front to drive the group to the corner of Marion, as we hit the corner a flying Guido made a hard dig to try and solo away from the bunch. He got a good gap and stayed away until the turn into the ind park.

A group of about 6-8 guys got a small gap but it came back together turning onto West Johnson. Heading onto Reinhard Mike M was at the front followed by Josh CVC? and Joe K. Mike M lead the group over the hump and down the hill. Joe K attacked first, followed by Josh CVC? and of course Little T. At about 150m to the stop sign Little T gunned it and easily made to the corner first followed by Joe K and CSC guy.

At that point boys became men and a few jumped up to the break on school house and the break was now 6 strong with Joe K, CHRIS Butler (EDIT ...Larry Merling), Guido, Eric M, Josh CVC?? . Joe K popped after peck and 5 were left.

This was when the Peleton decided that we were all going to fast for laws of nature to allow and the pace dropped off up peck and for the rest of the night for that matter and the drink of choice had switched to lemonade for the peleton kids.

Up the road the afore-mentioned break was killing it to the chants of Guido yelling that Bmw and Audi's are the only cars to drive and that the rest of the break was wheel sucking! "Maximum effort!" could be overheard by kids lapping up ice cream at DQ. "Mommy, what language is that?"

Hip Hip for the break though, It stuck all the way home with Guido taking Gold

Back in the now not so red-lined Peleton the S&S sprint was approaching and with some help from his new team Little T took the prime again. From there Rondo'nt, Little T and John Gregory broke away and kept away as the main group got stopped at some lights.

The group then put in some hard efforts toward the end there just to kick up the HR again, Silent Steve, Dillon P, Gregg F, Mike M, and a host of others taking pulls to not lose to much clock to the the split.

A fast 1st half and some strong breaks spells the recap.

Time to rest little one, Mommy and Daddy are taking a joy ride in the Audi....