A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 21st - RAIN

As we watched the radar all day long, we knew it would be close. the clouds and the rain looked like they would be getting past us just in time for 6 pm. Too bad it wasn't a touch sooner.

Gregg and Hunter at the last second decided to go and ride. They left the shop at 5:56 and rode the course backwards. They were greeted by 8 other riders on the Hamden \ Cheshire line.

Might as well list off everybody, they deserve props for riding in the cold wet.

Mike McG
Big John Interlandi
Todd from Stage 1, sporting a old sckool Banesto kit
Chris Crowell

the immortal John Gregory, complaining about the brutal century that he did with Chris Crowell a couple of days ago.

A young Keltic rider ( sorry i dont know his name, maybe someone can fill me in )
Dave from Leheigh University
Gregg from CCR \ Epic Velo
Hunter P

Can't really comment too much on the ride. Hunter P took a couple of flyers. John attacked on Moss Farms, Hunter joined him. That was the most interesting detail of the night. The two of them gave the 8 something to chase and they ended up getting caught as they were exiting the Industrial Park area. That led to a counter move by Mike McG, Chris C and Hunter. They ended up slowing down in time for the group to come back together by route 10.

Def a down nite for the Sleeping Giant Ride. But how about this for a detail; Dave McCormick the week before was cool enough to count how many riders were out.

For the ride on the 14th...... 80 !

80 riders barreling down the roads of Cheshire, without any kind of enclosure, during late rush hour. Awesome..... That's more than a lot of races...
And as the consensus has showed, it was the one of the fastest nights ever. Average speed of over 26.5 mph !!!

Hopefully next week it will be like that again.