A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 22nd

The ride got underway with a hearty group of around 50 riders tonight. There continues to be a weekly new face or two.

Turning onto Brooksvale saw Dillon P riding off the front as the rest of the field slowly got things going. Dillon never got farther than 40 yards and by the time the turn to Mount Sanford was made, he was caught by a field led by Eric M and other Keltic riders. Plowing down South Brooksvale was quicker than normal as Target Training came up and drilled it. He had help from Tall John, Larry Lounge and a rider in an Alpe Du Heuz jersey. Just as the ride was nearing Mountain rd, Empire Matt came breezing thru on his TT rig. So that of course means that the yard sticks were gonna be out for this ride. He punched it right away on Mountain, with Eric M and a Stage one rider in tow (Todd H?). The pace was high but everyone stayed together. Going down the road past Higgans a small gap started to open under the pressure from Matt, Tall John, John Gregory, and Trek TT rider (?!). Hunter P jumped up late which brought pressure from the front of the chase and that closed things up for the rest of the way down Mountain.

Onto Moss Farms where Target Training again went straight at it. He created a good gap for himself pretty quickly. The chase wasnt being done by any one person but going into the Chicane we had Eric M and Greg from Keltic. Morgan may have been up there too. And there was a couple of Stage One riders up there as well. Chris C and Brian Girard (?!). Good to see Brian back in the ride if that was him. Coming up to the base of the quick climb to Marion, Target Training was caught, and that let the pace ease a bit right away. Turning onto Marion was a lot slower than normal. Once thru Tall John, complete with the spirit of Fiordafruitta in his skinsuit, started TTing away from everyone else. There wasnt a ton of pressure to catch him as everyone was preparing for the industrial park hill section.

Turning onto West Johnson, Empire Matt was back up there going hard, Mike McG was moving up as well. Girard jumped early on the hill up to Reinhard and following him was a bunch of riders, Chris C, Hunter P, Little T, Target Training and a couple of others. Target Training rode thru Girard and was the first to jump up the sprint hill. Chris C and Hunter were giving a slow chase. Then, in probably-calculated fashion, Mike McG came by at full speed with Little T in tow. That kinda leadout was more than enough to send Little T easily past Target Training to pick up the points. Coming down the backside saw everyone get back together.

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Back to the action on Peck Ln where Chris Butler from Cheshire Cycle Racing was moving up with Gregg F and Hunter P. The 3 punched it hard but no one was really having it. Target Training closed a gap and everything was fast and attack free till Route 10.

The usual suspects were keeping it respectable into the headwind on 10. Chris B was still up there trying to get free. Morgan from Keltic and Stage 1 riders too. Coming up to the Stop & Shop Sprint, Little T was again slotted in under Mike's care. There was some more jockeying for position as other guys would be shooting for this one. Tall John took off early in an unselfish move & when it was said and done Little T had a line of bikes about 30 yards long to follow and took prize number 2 on the night.

Nothing unusual about the run into Hamden. There was a small split at the front briefly as Guido and others were turning the knob to high. Credit Gregg F for shutting a small but tough gap as the ride came into Hamden. For the final K, Mike McG was again at the front going hard, this time with Hunter P ready to go. Hunter jumped hard off Mike's wheel, but a little too early as a few select riders were picking up speed for the last 400 meters. Target Training and Little T most notably. In the end, we are giving Little T credit for getting there first.

Well done on the hat trick for Mr Alessio. Its been a while, if ever, one guy getting all the bragging rights on the night. Though admittingly, he had help.

Going up Shepard Ave. Chris B was untouched in the final assault on his heart rate and got to the top easily over Gregg F.