A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 27th

Good ride tonight despite the cool temps. Must get the bad news out of the way though….. Massimiliano ( Max ) Accaputo who lives in Glastonbury went down in a final lap’s crash in the Pro race in Hartford and broke his femur. Max is a good guy of the Peleton who was enjoying his best season to boot. Bummer is a terrible understatement. Look him up, call Pig Iron Sports, ask a CVC rider, get his info and drop him a line. He will be off the bike for a long time sadly.

On the night’s ride and on a bit of a brighter note, We all got to see Curtis Easton’s beaming face out on the ride tonight. Curtis was back in town for graduation events and came out to play ball with us… Nice!

Right off the start of tonights ride, Matt from Devils gear took off down the road and was quick to get away. It wasn’t long after that that Chris C and Josh Freidman took off and it was clear the ride was going to be good and quick. Chris and Josh got a good gap of about 10 seconds before Mike McG moved to the front to set tempo. That turned into a full on attack\bridge as the ride was going over the cobbles of Mount Sanford rd. The ride splintered as guys were dodging potholes and Mike sped off with Greg Ciocci and Hunter P in tow. The trio started to work together and it was right around the start off brooksvale that they caught Josh F and Chris C. Matt from Devils Gear was still up the road. The 5 were out of sight of the peleton. Back in the bunch it was a bunch of guys doing to the work. Peter P, Chris Mo’Money, Rondo, Curtis too. The break caught Matt early on Mountain Rd and so then it was 6.

The Lead group worked up a good gap with all doing an equal share. They had to stop at the light at Route 68 and that gave the big bunch a chance to catch them, or else they no doubt would have stayed away the whole time.

Onto Moss Farms, D.G. Matt was right back at it. Charging up the road. Curtis, Rondo, and Mike McG went up and also worked up there and for the ride down Moss Farms, it seemed like there was legs that wanted to attack, but the pace was too high to allow it. Mike McG led the field for a solid half mile before and into the Chicane. He had Chris C right on his wheel for the charge up to Marion. Mike's efforts was followed right away by Rondo, Hunter P, and Todd H. That kept the speed high into the industrial park.

Once on the flat roads there, It was Rondo and Mike going good and for a second, they actually rolled off the front as no one was interested in coming thru. Moving onto West Johnson, the ride up to the corner for Reinhard was fast-ish. A lot of guys were working it, no one attacking... Just some solid efforts. Chris B again, for the 11teenth time, rolled off the front and had a good gap in the corner. Other guys squaring up were Mike McG, Julio L, Eric M, Chris C, Crazy Chris, Cuevas Rich, Peter P, Curtis, Hunter P, Rondo etc. A drop in speed just before the sprint kicked allowed a few guys to get ready and Chris to get a little more of a gap. It looked like he might be free and clear this time. Julio L was in good position, 2 bikes off the front when he started the sprint Eric M gave chase with a couple others. It was a true sprint that required a good starting position. Julio needed all the road to first catch Chris, and then come around him just at the last moment. Great job Julio. Chris B is getting closer and closer to pulling off the improbable. Soon, guys will be latching onto his wheel and then we will see some real carnage on the hill before, during, and after the sprint. Eric M, Crazy Chris and Hunter P rolled up through after the Chris\Julio express train started back down toward Peck Ln. Chris C and Hunter P kept the pace high but there were enough bodies coming up from the main bunch to fill in the gaps and it was gruppo compacto once on Peck Ln. Things didnt get going again till up past Cheshire Park on Route 10. The usual suspects were driving it and once again it looked like it was going to be a good run in to the Stop n Shop sprint but the rare red light across from the Police Dept brought things to a halt. Once rolling again it took about 4 seconds for Little T to light it up and try to win the brief match sprint up the hill. Julio L and Hunter P gave chase with Hunter getting the closest, but T had the jump from the stand still and was all over this one.

The rest of the ride was standard issue stuff. No one attempted to move off the front. The Medics, the Stage 1 guys, Thomaas B, Curtis, Peter P, Richard Sachs Chris, etc were all up there going into Hamden. The finale was fast, with a group of 5 or 6 splintering off the front at the right moment. It ended up being Rondo and Josh F riding up and thru the last light together with a few guys also soft pedaling in close behind.