A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 21st

The ride doesn’t scare anyone but apparently the rain does…..

Only a few guys out tonight....

Peter on a Trek
Gregg F
Dillon P
Hunter P
Richards Sachs Chris
Chris Butler
Peter K
Entry level Chris ( on a Scott )
Chris C
Ken just Ken

There were some BattenKILLED legs out there with Guido and Chris C taking it easy today. But that didn’t stop Guido from tearing it up early on. Dillon P was also going good. Chris B lead everyone just about the whole way down Mountain Rd….. Splitting the field…. But we waited at the light. Dillon took off on the chicane, Guido followed and then left off the front alone… The rest chased him down eventually in the industrial park. Butler was again charging hard up to Rienhard, Ken just Ken jumped up for the sprint. Hunter P tracked him down. Hunter kept up the attack on Peck. Guido and Ken brought him back.

Chris B again drove it up to Stop and Shop…. Ken just Ken and R.S.Chris gave chase but no one came around him. Hunter P attacked hard in the final mile and a half. Guido chased him down along with Chris B. Ken just Ken also made the gap. The 4 rolled in a few seconds ahead of the rest….

All in all a pretty fun ride.