A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 9th

Glorious day....Glorious day.....

    Full field out for the ride tonight. Plenty of girls ( though we still are missing Robyn ), lot's of youngsters, gents, students and punks ( though we are still missing Rondo ). The ride started off pretty tranquil and it was good to see American Casey out directing traffic once again. No one was in much of a rush. Everyone was probably too busy lathering up each others cooters with the special Battenkill Brand® Can't–Go–Too-Hard vag cream. The squirrel, the Full Nalini and Jacinto got things going with a timed attack heading into the crap raod section. Joe K, Mike McG and Dillon P were there to keep tempo and round it all back up. From there the pace was brisk up to Mountain Rd. Mike McG took a power washer to the privates on the initial hill up Mountain Rd. MoMoney and Hunter P latched on and it was a sexy 3-some up the road banging hard and going away. Neon-Boots-Yalie bridged up, making it even more dangerous. That got things going in the field and Chris C finally got to work along with Hacker., Little T and a couple of others. It was all together coming into the red light on Route 68\70
    Once onto Moss Farms, Half of the CCB Toss-up took to the front along with Todd H and a couple of others. They never got very far though and it was once again The Gibertoni sewing things back up heading into the Chicane. CCB, MoMoney, Hunter P, Mike McG, Danbury Audi and a couple of others kept the pace high going into the Industrial park. Once everyone rounded the corner onto West Johson, it was CCB, Chris C, Nuemotion and a few more punching it. That turned into Mike McG and CCB off the front and charging up to Reinhard with the peleton close behind but holding the leash. Traffic at the 4 way intersection slowed the escapees and the peleton so it was offsetting fouls. Once it was all together CCB missed the turn onto Reinhard ( doh ) but everyone was right there. Hacker jumped on the very first incline on Reinhard and was allowed to go. Chris the-Badger Butler punched it was soon up to the Hacker's wheel. Hacker led it out and Chris B was able to soundly come up and over to get the sprint as Little T and maybe 1 other tried to cover the gap but were waaaaaaay behind.
    Chris B kept up the pace of course on the backside, holding a gap till the top of Peck Lane when Hunter P jumped up to bridge. Tall John responded to that, sewing up everyone. From there it was as expected heading back onto Route 10 and up the hill.
    The group got green lights heading into the sprint. That didnt stop Mike McG from trying early on to get a gap but it didn’t happen. As the speed was slowly ramping up, but still 500+ meters from the sprint, Chris B jumped off the front. He went all-in with the small gap and hit the base of the hill with a solid gap as Jacinto jumped from the field with Little T,  Hacker and Hunter P on his wheel. Chris B clung to dear life the whole way up as Little T slowly came round. It was too close to call with Butler getting the Big-balls-brownie-points. If the line is the cross street it was Chris'. If it is the light it was T's. Good job to all as a speed record was set for the section according to Strava.
    From there the ride was normal. Heading into the finale it first looked like it was all Nalini and Professor. But Nalini faded and Mike McG hung tough, tractor-beaming Little T up to pouncing distance. Hacker gets DQ'd by a jury of his peers due to standing up aplenty in that kilo which means the sit-n-sprint goes to Little T. Up the hill went Mountain Man, Hunter P, MoMoney, Monty B, the Gibertoni, Rory D, even Little T paperboy-ed his way up after taking the second-to-the-last prize. Hunter P got to the top first and this recap has broken records for the most-dashes-ever.
Great ride everyone! Best wishes to all the Battenkillers. Don't go too hard and be too tired for next Tuesday.