A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 3rd

Another good ride tonight. Thanks for keeping it safe out there everyone.

    The ride was missing Joe K, who is out with a busted collarbone sustained in Sunday's sh%t show sprint finish in Bethel. Everyone wishes Joe a quick recovery. Thanks Joe for giving us some time to prepare for your next SG attack. The ride tonight started out slow. Once it went over North Brooksvale, it picked up a little. By the turn onto Mountain rd, it was full gas. Hunter P and Eric M starting things out. Guido stepped in after that and kept it fast. Mystery rider on an Orbea and the CCB boys were up front as well. Hunter P tried to sneak off before the light but was greeted by a red.
    Once onto Moss Farms, a group slowly started to ride off the front, Jacinto and Guido taking the lead. Riders kept on popping across the gap and it was all together by the chicane. Little T jumped on the hill followed up by Hunter P past the corner. That popped the trio of Hunter, Joshy G, and the Orbea off the front. They kept their gap into the industrial park. Guido and a couple of others doing the work of closing the gap. Onto West Johnson, were Mike McG a CCBer and Chris C stepped up the pace on the early risers. Chris C was the lone attacker after a minute or two and he had a decent gap to try to sneak off the sprint point win. Behind, a bunch of different guys were up front. CCB, Antonio, Eric M, Chris Butler, etc. Chris C hit Reinhard with maybe 40 meters of asphalt between him and the pack. Usually that's not nearly enough to make it to the corner, but we're talking about the new improved Chris C here folks. No more donuts for this guy. Crowle is on his way to "Most Improved 2012", as he has turned his back on the old Chris C.
     Behind, Eric M was the first to jump, followed by Little T and a couple of others. Eric M had the jump on everyone else and was able to get up to and by Chris C in just barely enough time. On the backside, Hunter P was the only one to stay on the gas, getting a gap that he hung onto till the old railroad tracks past Peck lane. Once back onto Route 10, the tailwind helped things along nicely. The Stop n Shop sprint looked all Zane's, with Rondo keeping the pace high for Eric M. Little T jumped in a better spot this time, and went up and thru, getting there first ahead of Eric M, Jacinto, Hunter P and the Orbea.
    Once thru the lights of Center Cheshire, new guy Gary from Central Wheel hit the front and wound it up for a while. Everyone stayed in formation and the speed stayed high into Hamden. CCB and then Zane's hit the front after that. A couple of close calls as red-lined-freds braked hard around guys sitting up from the front. ( Pull off to the right everyone! ). Dillon P was the last to give it a go up front and then it was the finishers who took over. Guido get this one as he went down to the line with a CVC rider. Up the hill went a nice big crowd. MoMoney leading things off and Hunter P finishing alone up top. Butler, Little T, Tall Dennis, C-dale Rick, Gregg F, Dillon P, MTB Owen and a couple of others.