A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 27th

Guns and Body Armor everyone.... Guns and body armor....

Good ride tonight.... The usual healthy family of riders out to enjoy the nice weather. Let the 3rd half of the season commence!
The ride started with Fire and Brimstone as Ciocci, Rondo and Eric M hit the front and set a good tempo. LaFlamme joined up and all that orange and black up front kept everyone on high alert for most of the first 5 miles of the ride. Guido, Builder Pete, Hunter P, John Gregory was up there as well. Soon Chris C, LaFlamme and VQ Rob rolled up and that was enough to keep it going good. No one attacked though. Chris C punched it a bit onto South Brooksvale but it was all together ( albeit stretched out ) to Route 68. Credit always-at-the-front VQ Rob with bonus wattage points and Hacker with closing down a couple of gaps on Mountain rd.

Moving on to the uphill section up to Marion rd, Hacker led it with an assist from Steve Grey. The ride then settled down for a while past Route 322. The false flat section shook things in familiar fashion, this time letting Rondo, VQ, Gordan D, Ciocci, Joe K, and a couple of others get some breathing room. That didnt last long though. Props to Joe K for stinking it out at the front and keeping the hammer down after the deck was reshuffled. After a kilo or 2, everyone settled down and got ready for the turn south. This week's sprint would be a good one.

Heading up before Welch Rd, VQ Rob powered off the front, followed by Hunter P. That led to a strong CCR trio ( Matt Sack, Chris B and Joe J ) getting some space off the front. That wassnt going any where though as Hacker, Rondo, Eric M and a couple of others kept it tight thru the turn onto Welch. The CCR guys dropped back as the law offices of McG Little T and Guido opened shop. It was pretty much as full out to the corner as we've seen it this year with at least 7 guys following Chris C's initial jump. McG and Little T, Hacker, Steve Grey, Matt Sack, Chris C, Hunter P, Ciocci, and Chris B most noteworthy.... once onto West St, Scott Glenney from Berlin bike spat something impressive out and attacked off that front group that was closed to being gassed. Strong move.... Glenney had a good look at the finish, although it was a long way off still. Steve Grey, Hacker and Little T regrouped and dragged back those 30 meters in time for a showdown to the line. Little T got to the front and stayed there, continuing his season long dominance of the sprint.

Everyone got to stop at a couple of the next lights and catch their breath. That calmed the ride down all the way back to Peck Ln in Cheshire. The ride should be interesting the remaining weeks after Peck Lane is repaired as it will no doubt let the strong guys think less about the road surface and more about hitting the hill there with intent to kill.

The Stop n Shop sprint was a little less dramatic... Mike McG jumped earliest with Little T getting onto his wheel late, Scott Glenney was again there along with a new guy on a white Cervelo. Little T took this one as well.

Going back into Hamden was nice and swift, despite some moronic riding up front thru a stopped car and a bus. Once it got going again it was a group effort to the end, and with a lot of bodies up at the front Guido was able to ride the wave past the Zane's train and hold off Chris B, Scott Glenney, and a CCBer to get to the end first