The Sleeping Giant Ride

A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 24th

The Return of the Long Loop! 

Oh thank goodness, the long loop is back. And there was a good sized field out to enjoy it! The pace was crisp right from the start. The Sernyak, Chris C, Kyle "Headbutt" Crowell, and Jeff Scala were up there pushing the pace. Jordan Lynn was back on the ride, and he tore off a substantial gap early on that Alan Had to chase down. It was game on!
     As the ride barreled down Mountain Rd, Aidan C was up at the front quite a bit, pushing the pace. A new guy in a Ronde Rosey kit (name?) as well. Big Red had a couple of solid pulls and was floating back and forth on the front, making everyone nervous. Hunter P had a solid dig off the front with a few hundred meters before the light, but the timing was no beuno.
    Onto Moss Farms, where Alan B, Chris C, and the new guy drilled it impressively early on. It took some robust chasing from Aidan C, Sernyak and a couple of others to bring it back. It def softened the legs up quite a bit all thru the pack. After the chicane, Chris C and Sernyak were drilling it on the front again, but there were plenty of bodies to keep it all together. Getting close to the light on 322, Hunter P once again attacked off the front, but the light was red.
    The first trip down Mount Vernon was steady, but not crazy fast. All the aforementioned riders at one point or another were up to the front chipping in with the pace. Dave H made an appearance or 2 as well. Notably, he was moving up as the turn onto Welch Rd came up, but it was Aidan C and Kyle C who ended up rolling off the front. Hunter P bridged and then attacked but was caught by the corner of West St by Ben Bruce and Little T, the rest of the strong guys right there in tow. Ben Bruce stepped on the gas a bit, while Little T eased up to set up for the sprint. Into a strong headwind, Ben rolled the gap out enough to make it tough for the sprinters to catch him. Little T tried but came up short. Everyone rolled back down into Cheshire together.
     Heading down Peck Ln, the Crowells were up front a lot. Henk and one other CVC rider as well (name?) Going over the old rail tracks on Sandbank Rd, Hunter P attacked and got a decent gap right away. The Sernyak and Alan B gave chase and caught him shortly after the corner for route 10. That was enough to get the rest of the field into chase mode for reals. The lead trio held the gap past the hill, but it all came back together shortly after. That led to Aidan rolling off the front with Kyle C joining him soon after. Those 2 had a good gap heading into the sprint hill. Kyle dropped back just as Ben Bruce was winding up a lead-out from the pack behind. Hunter P sat on his wheel and was able to get an early jump on other sprinters, passing Aidan C midway up the hill.
     From there, the ride back into Hamden was standard stuff.

Tuesday the 17th

Rained out! 
Here are current point totals:

Tuesday the 10th

Sprint points went to Full Nalini and Hunter P
Great ride everyone! 

Tuesday the 3rd

Sprint points went to Hunter P and Alan B

Tuesday the 27th

Slowly getting up to speed... Week 2

     Larger crowds were out tonight but it was still a bit lower than usual. Good to see regulars like Nuemotion, Joe K, M Frisk, The Full Nalini and Ben Bruce out for the first time. The ride got going under more controlled circumstance this week, but as soon as everyone turned off route 10, Hunter P took off and made it farther than his usual 30 seconds. He got all the way to mid-way through Mountain Rd before being caught. Aidan C, Chris C, Big Red, and BurggieBaby were the ones doing the most work up front.
     From there the ride stayed together thru Moss Farms and into the industrial Park. Dave Hoyle got involved up front, as well as Mike McG, Joe K, Ben Bruce a couple of others. Hunter P jumped off the front again before the turn for West Johnson, but no one went with and he slowly rolled back as Aidan C ramped it up behind him. Aidan chose not to keep the attack going full gas to the sprint, and that gave Nuemotion, Chris C, The Sernyak, Burgster and maybe one or 2 others the chance to slide up and get into position. Bugster once again jumped off te front soon after turning onto Reinhard, but this time, his had less time to build up a gap. Mike McG was a little ways back and gave Little T a great lead-out to the sprint, and Little T had little trouble jumping around and into the front to get to the corner first.
     On the backside, A Burg, Hunter P, and Aidan C were off the front going down hill, but traffic in the corner for Peck Ln slowed the whole bunch down and forced the re-grouping.
     From there, it was quick back to Route 10, Aidan C and Hunter P primarily responsible for driving the pace. A small group of 4 rolled thru the corner first and was holding a slim gap going up the hill by Cheshire Park, but it was all back together after the hill, as Ben Bruce, The Full Nalini, Dave Hoyle a couple of others kept the pace high enough in the chase to keep the gap manageable.
     Heading into the Stop n Sprint, Billy Thompson jumped off the front with about 400 meters to go. He built up a gap but was starting to fade as Hunter P jumped hard from the front of the group. No one challenged that, and Hunter P was able to cruise to the sprint points there. A traffic light slowed the pack down immediately after that, and then a little ways down into Cheshire, another light held up the peleton. That was all Hunter P needed to get away for good, and he rolled back into Hamden alone, ending the ride with about 35 seconds on the chase.

Tuesday the 20th

Season Kick-Off is a Kick in Da Nutz for Most

     After a couple of weeks of crap weather, the SG finally got some dry roads and only slightly bitter temps. So the first throwdown of the year was a bit on the sparse side. Fresh off a block of training, the CCNS contingent was looking fierce. A couple of guys not waiting to get caught out by it were both the Crowells and Little T. They took off right away out of the parking lot and were quickly out of sight down route 10. They kept the hammer down as a trio. Behind in the pack, once the ride got off route 10, Aidan C was straight away at the front setting a hard tempo. BurggieBaby was there for back up, and a couple of pulls and it was a fast intro but everyone was ok with hanging on. Big Red came thru and took a flyer on Mount Sanford and got a minimal gap, Hunter P jumped across it next and took along Burgster, Aidan C, and Rob Dux. A couple of guys were caught in the middle as everyone was going thru the corner for South Brooksvale. Steffen Huber and Tom Krol among them. They chose to hold up a bit and slotted in at the front of the chase. The four guys up the road were off and running though, and the slight hold up due to traffic was more than enough to give them the gap needed.
     That group caught the early trio a couple of streets after, and then Rob Dux was caught out and had to fall back. From there it was a seven man ride up front, 12-15 guys rolling a solid tempo in the back.
     For the sprint points, Burgie took off at the corner for Reinhard and held a gap. Hunter P sprinted up from the chase and was made the gap up but Alan rolls through the intersection first. The gap those two had didn't amount to much once everyone turned on to Peck. Aidan C drilled hard up the slight hill on Peck and made it hard for anyone to come around him. Hunter P put in a dig but was back in the fold by the corner for route 10.
     The lead into Stop n Sprint was anything but gang-busters, Grome put in an effort and Burgster was up there as well. Kyle Crowell jumped hard and was allowed to collect the prize. From there, it was a standard run-in back to Hamden and Little T came up and got the final points on the night, relatively unchallenged, save for Big Red, who is never one to take it easy on himself.

Great ride everyone! A solid open to the 2018 season of madness!

Tuesday the 26th

The return of the short loop (and the blog)
      The season is wrapping up but it was a great night to get in a solid ride. A few guys missed the memo on the time adjustment, as about seven guys met to leave for 6 PM. The group at 5:30 was 16-18 strong and Chris C led everyone down route 10 at a good clip. Early attacks came from Big Red, and then Hunter P got a small gap and blew thru a stop sign as the rest had to stop for an oncoming car. That led to a bigger gap and only Big Red was willing to bridge the gap. Those 2 held their break up to and through the light on route 68\70. They had to wait a bit, and the chase made it through the light, and it was together after that. Mike McG, Hoyle, and Chris C kept the pace high on Moss Farms and into the industrial park.
      It stayed together as everyone charged up to the sprint point. Big Red gave it a late push, which drew out Ben Bruce. Then Chris C pushed off the front. Mike McG got the sprint started but quickly gave way to Little T and Hunter P. Those two drag raced it out with Little T going over the top in the last handful of meters to take the points. On the downhill, Hunter P pressed on. Ben Bruce was in between the sprinters and the pack, but he stayed on the gas and bridged up to Hunter on Peck Lane. Those 2 went to work on building the gap up. The chase behind was slow to get going.
     Once everyone was on Route 10, the gap was coming down, but a light before the Stop n Sprint held up the chase, but the leaders got through. They didn't sprint but rather kept on the gas through Cheshire. There was more traffic in town, being 30 min sooner than usual. The pack got caught up at a couple lights, giving the leaders the breathing room to stay away for the rest of the ride.

Just a couple more weeks of this craziness! Don't miss out!