The Sleeping Giant Ride

A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 24th

Hong's Haymakers Prove the Difference

     The final "final" ride of the year. The pack was smaller but the speed was still there. Ryan O and Hunter P rolled out of the parking lot quickly, and the nuetral start down 10 was faster than usual. Traffic getting into the backroads brought everyone together. Hunter P took a couple of pulls at the front, Dillon P, and Grome as well. Getting onto Mountain Rd, Alan B Dan Smith and Hacker were near the front ready to rocket off, but there was no big attacks to get free. Pace was fast and a couple guys were dropped. COming up to the light on 68\70, Dan Smith was rolling off the front but the light was red for all.
     Hunter P rolled thru onto Moss Farms, whereas the pack dillegently waited for green at the Notch Store light. Hunter P kept on the gas and held the solo gap until shortly before the turn into the industrial park, where Grome, Chris C and The Sernyak took over up front.
     Turning onto West Johnson saw some digs up front but it stayed all together until later towards the light. Alan B and Hongster rolled off the front, leaving it to The Senryak and Hunter P to keep it together in case the light was green. It wasn't. It was red. On the backside, Gibertoni rolled off and took towards the second half of the ride solo. He would be caught on Meriden Rd \ route70.  From there guys up front were sitting up to get ready for the climb.
      Ryan O and Hunter P got the climb started, and then Hongster took a shot, immedtialy to be matched by Alan B and Hunter P. Then it was Alan who swung a punch. Then Hong. In a skit played out nearly a dozen times this season, Hong + Alan traded blows more than once, Hunter P sat on, the rest who were up to it clawed on the train for dear life, and more than few checked out the back for the evening. Some caught back on at the red light, some did not.
      Up front, what was now a breakaway (Hunter P, Alan B, Hongster, Chris C, The Senryak) got green towards the sprint. Alan B ramped up the approach, but Hunter P was quickly able to come over the line next in front the Sernyak. Break and elite chase came back together at the red light. Hongster kept the pressure on after the light, and Grome, Dan Smith, Alan B, and The Sernyak stayed on it to make sure it stayed together.
     On the next street, Hong jumped. Then on the next street, Hong jumped again. And the next. And the next, etc etc etc. In a bold move, He jumped on the Coleman Rd downhill leading to Jinny Hill. Alan B went with and the 2 sped off despite the lower power to gravity ratio. Behind them, Hunter P, The Sernyak, Chris C and maybe one other dude was willing to nose out and chase. The two were caught before the climb up Boulder Rd, and it settled down a bit. Hong kept on the gas though and was able to put a little dusklight between him and the chase on the early parts of Tuttle. He opened up that gap on the rise when the chase slowed a bit. Chris C rolled thru at tempo, then Hunter P. Hong had 5-7 seconds going through the intersection, and that was enough to get a head start on the final 2000 meters. He ripped through the downhill section quickly, whereas there was a slight hesitation in the pack due to the dark. By the time everyone got onto the final rollers thru by the farm, Hong was out of sight and had it sealed up. Final points went to Alan B who took off uncontested for the sprint 10 seconds early and held on in front of a semi-charging Sernyak.

Great ride, everyone! Great season of SG.
Don't forget to come out and support Cheshire Cross on November 2nd. Rumor has it that the Hongster will be out bringing his brand of racing to the party.

The Sunday ride has its early adopters... Planning even to ride this week. Expect it to slowly pick up momentum and riders as we get thru the month of October.

Tuesday the 17th

Everyone but the Breakaway is Winding Down for the Year

The blinkies came out in defiance of the dark. One more good week awaits!

Notable attacks tonight:
Hunter P, Alan B, Dan Smith on Mountain Rd. Hunter P on West Johnson after a couple guys made like they were going straight at the 4-way intersection. English Pete and Hacker on East Johnson Rd. Steffen H leading up to the climb, which provided the springboard for the familiar trio of Alan B, Hongster, and Sean Cahill to get up the road in a break. Cahill took the points at the sprint and was able to outfox the teammates for the final sprints as well. Chapeau!

One more ride at 6PM, next week, before the Tuesday SG hibernates for the winter.

Tuesday the 10th

Hunter P takes all the points as the ride switches to the "Short Loop"...
Sean Cahill came up a bit short for the first sprint point.

As the ride wound its way back into Hamden, it split into 2, and from the first group of ~12, Hunter P outkicked Ben Bruce for the final points as well.

Tuesday the 3rd

Summer End Brings out the Medium(?!) Loop

It was another fast, fast ride tonight!
The mid-point sprint is no more... The ride went through a medium loop. Chris C and Steffen H led everyone through the new section.

The sprint up to Hickory Hill was fast. Sean Cahill put in a couple of significant attacks to spread things out. Alan B and Hongster traded jabs from there, without going all in. Chris C and Hunter P had a quick pull at the top. Sean Cahill was the first to jump for the sprint, but Hunter P was able to come around to get the sprint.

From there, the ride stayed fast. Chris C led everyone onto Coleman Rd quickly, and then Hunter P jumped hard as the first hill there started to kick. Then Hongster and Alan attacked the next rise, and only Sean Cahill, Hunter P, The Sernyak, and Brian G went with them. The break of 6 stayed off the front, as the chase behind couldn't quite get organized.

For the finish, Hongster and Alan B traded early attacks, with Sean Cahill forced to cover all of them. Hunter P then attacked, putting Sean in the position to chase one last time with 300 meters to go. Hunter P jumped for the line, with the Sernyak also jumping. The two went to the line, with Hunter P taking it by half a wheel.

Great ride everyone! Next week, the Cheshire team will be hanging out at Mikro after the ride. All are invited to swing by and enjoy a post-ride beer or snack!

Tuesday the 27th

Good Lord Alan B Wins A Sprint! (Sort of)

Perfect weather and a big group again for the ride. Filled with drama and intrigue at every corner. Read on!
Fireworks off the front of the ride tonight right away. Hunter P and Steffen Huber launched it off the front within 300 meters of turning off route 10. Those 2 went to work on a gap that was looking good until Alan B and Aaron Black got the front and cut it down quickly. The leaders were back within 1 kilometer. There were some moves off the front after that, but it was nothing too intense.  Little T was up front pushing the pace early on!
On Mountain Rd, Hunter P launched it again to sneak thru the light on 68\70. Aaron Black took after him, but the two were held up by the light. Then Alan B surged with Little T, but that didn't get too far. When Aaron Black and Chris C got involved, it looked a little more serious but it was all together going thru the chicane. No moves to speak off for the next couple of kilos. A strong surge from Aaron B, Chris C, Alan B, Brian Girard, Hong, Ben Bruce, The Senryak, and a couple of others as the ride got close to the light on route 322 split off a dangerous group. If that light is green, that group is hard to catch. It was red though :(

There was some posturing early on once everyone got onto Mount Vernon. Aaron B, and Alan B were the guys that were pushing the pace mostly. As the group got back together, the attacking started. There weren't any huge nuclear bombs dropped. Instead, it was a solid back to back of attacks from the strong guys (you know who they are). By the time the ride got to the 25mph hill on Mount Vernon, everyone was suffering. Chris C, Alan B, and then Hunter P led an attack that finally got some day light going. A group of 5 or 6 was off the front for a little while. The pack would not rest though, and it was all together with about 1k to go to the corner for Welch.

Hunter P attacked and everyone was content to let him roll free. There was too much road to the sprint point. Hunter kept that gap up thru the corner onto West St. Brian Wolfe was allowed to jump across the gap, but no one else went with him. Brian caught Hunter before the hill to West St but was sliding back towards the chase group that was now getting a gap thanks to Alan B. Alan, Hong, Ben Bruce and 2 others had jumped off the front and were tracking Hunter P down. They came by with about 300 meters to go to the sprint but no one in the group jumped for it. Hunter P jumped from 10 bikes behind the group and was able to go thru to get the points. Ben Bruce came thru next.

On the downhill, it came all together. Then there were red lights that brought it really all back together. From there, there was little action off the front. Hunter P and Alan B attacked going under the highway but were held up by the red light on 322. College-bound Kyle B, in his last SG ride for a while, punched off the front after the light. Alan B joined him, but there was traffic at the corner for West Johnson Ave. From there, the peleton stayed together all the way to the climb. Well, before the climb, Kyle C had one more go off the front. Then Jeff Scala and The Sernyak attacked and were perhaps looking to sneak an attack up the hill. Brian Wolfe put his head down and closed the gap down just in time for the trio of Alan B, Hong, and Hunter P to hit the front. Alan attacked first, then Hong. There was a decently long line of guys behind holding pace on Hunter P's wheel. No one dared came by Hong or Alan though. Everyone had a clear shot thru the light and towards the sprint. All three ramped up the pace, but Hunter P was able to jump clear to get the sprint. Alan and Little T were next over the line.
From there to the end, it was fast, and there were more hard attacks off the front. Alan B and Hong a couple of times, Aidan C once, Dan Smith hit the hill on Boulder Knoll again quite hard. Chris C was going hard up the hill to Tuttle. Alan and Hong had one last dig going downhill, which had less than a zero percent chance of making it. Then Hunter P attacked over the rollers 750 meters before the end. Alan B took advantage of that and used it to catapult away from the sprinters. Hongster came thru for a last-minute lead out, and Alan B rolled thru with his first sprint of the year! Took him long enough! Little T and the Sernyak there to collect the rest.
Great ride everyone!

Tuesday the 20th

Big Groups for August Start Today!

No more training race in East Hartford meant that a bunch of new faces were down for the ride tonight. Too many to list! Brian W, Jeff Scala, Rich N, Aidan C, Big Tony, to name a few.

First points, the first sprint, was a straight-up tie between Hunter P and Sean Cahill. They each sprinted for the turnaround sprint and with each doing a solid bike throw, it was too close to call so they both get the points.

The second sprint was a non-battle with Alan B and Hongster taking off at the start of "the climb." Alan B attacked quick, Hong went with him, and when no one immediately filled the gap those two were allowed to roll. They would end up staying off the front for the rest of the ride. Not too much happened behind them. Little T almost took another guy out, Chris C went temporarily colorblind and amnesiac-ic. Hunter P rolled thru a traffic light that was some color.

 There was 1 final sprint point up for grabs that went to Steffen H.

Great ride everyone! 

Tuesday the 13th

The SG invades Renschler Field! 

In honor of the final Renschler Field race, all were encouraged to head up to East Hartford to race there.

        The B race had some Sleeping Giants in there. But the vast majoity were out in the A race. There were a bunch of CVC guys, Tom Krol, Julio L, Little T, Dan Smith, Hunter P and Joe K from Cheshire, and a few other notables. Right off the gun, the 'Rent crew was active. Aaron B and Keith Mullaly were quickly into a move up the road. A little reshuffling of the deck gave Hunter P and Aaron B a chance to attack off the front. They got to work on a gap over the course of 2 laps. Then true to form Geno V came charging across the gap with Dan Smith in tow. That made a four off the front with a gap that was going out. Dan Smith dropped off and then it was 3. They made 2/3rds a lap advantage on the field and then Geno hit the other two with an attack that put back Hunter P.
      The leaders would eventually lap the field. But the pace ramped up when that happened. A bunch of guys then tried to attack of the front of the pack for a chance at glory. Jeffy Gelt, the Crowels. A few others. The attack/counter attack went on for the last 10 laps but it was eventually Geno and Aaron B busting out of the field to sprint it out for the end. It was a close bike throw that Geno got at the last moment.