The Sleeping Giant Ride

A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 19th

A Rare Change-Up Tonight 

      The pack was feeling adventurous today. Led by Chris C's call to avoid route 10 on the way home, the consensus was to adjust the route back after crossing over 322 heading south.
      As the ride took off, a now weekly trend kept up. Alan B took off early on. Hunter P then turbo'd up through a small gap to catch him. Kyle C took after him and soon enough the 3 were together. This despite Alan's efforts to get them killed by cutting off traffic turning onto Mount Sanford Rd. The umpire reached for the red card but then grabbed the yellow one instead after both Hunter P and Kyle waved apologies to the cars.
     Those 3 stayed on the gas and were able to stay away all the way to the red light on route 68\70.
After the light, Alan B stayed on it and had The one and only French Casey along for company briefly onto Moss Farms. French Casey would end up getting hit with a flat tire. There was milling going on at the Chicane, and that slowed things down for everyone. After that, Alan would roll off the front with Shawn McCann for a bit but that was short-lived. Hunter P then attacked and Alan tracked him down to make it 2 charging toward route 322. The light was red and it was gruppo compacto as Rondo would say. Coming off the light, Alan rolled off the front again, and The Sernyak went with him right away. Hunter P them jumped up at the next uphill and that made for 3 up the road. They got to work and the pack behind was not too eager to catch them at first. The pace in the peleton picked up once everyone was onto Mount Vernon but there the trio was too quick and the chase efforts not good enough. The gap was finally coming down once the 3 turned onto Welch. On the hill to the corner, the Sernyak bid adieu to the break and that's the way it would go on to end with Hunter P and Alan B putting a few minutes into everyone else by the time they stopped riding hard at the end of Tuttle Ave / Wentworths in Hamden. Behind in the pack. Guys were too apprenhensive about the different course and the climbs on the other side of Route 10 to push the pace and it ended up being a steady, albeit lame ride back.

Here is the loop that the ride did. Stay tuned about whether it will repeat next week.

Tuesday the 12th

The Speed Disparity Continues...

       Alan Burgess continued his rough-housing of the ride and ended getting back solo. It all started coming up to the turnaround sprint. Turning onto Welch Rd, Alan was off the front with a narrow gap, but then Hacker jumped up and joined him. No other riders went, and those two kept on the gas and were able to work together well enough to stay off the front. Behind. Ben Bruce, the Full Nalini, and Rob Dux were working up at the front in case the two up front faulted. That didn't happen. Hacker jumped around Alan to collect the points but then sat up as the rest of the pack came up.
       Alan stayed on it and was going for the home run ball after the sprint. Ben Bruce and Ryan O'hara chased hard and were about to connect in order to make it another Cheshire Cycle sweep but Henk and Max from CVC charged hard into the interchange area to get across the gap and sew up the chase. Alan caught a green light near the I84 interchange and kept on motoring along and was soon out of sight. He would end up taking all the rest of the marbles tonight. The peleton got caught behind a bunch of lights once again, and talk of changing up the loop to avoid route 10 started in earnest. We'll see if a viable alternate route actually comes to fruition.

Tuesday the 5th

The rain spares the SG ride this week

    It was a smaller than usual group out tonight, but everyone was giddy over the fact that the rain held off. Soon into the ride, Alan sped off the front when everyone was still easing into the ride. Soon after, a trio of Chris C, The Full Nalini, and Little T jumped off in pursuit. Alan turned onto Mountain Rd with a 50-meter gap to the trio, which had a 50 meter gap of their own. Behind, the Cheshire guys were just getting started with protecting the front. Halfway down Mountain Rd, with the 3 chasers closing in on Alan, Hunter P jumped hard across the gap, and all 5 came together at the same time. The gap stayed there until the light on route 68, which was red.
     Alan stayed on it once onto Moss Farms, and he was joined by Kyle C. Those 2 kept the gap going all the way past the chicane, where they were finally tracked down by Chris C, Little T, and a couple of others. The whole group rolled together for a little bit, but soon after Alan was back off the front racing towards the light on 322. He'd have Ben Bruce along for company this time, but the light was red.
     Onto Mount Vernon and Alan was again off the front, helped to a gap by teammates who were not pulling thru the front very hard. He'd slowly get pulled back in a kilometer later, with Chris C, Rob Dux, Rustico and a couple of others chipping away at the gap. That let Joe K counter-attack before the false flat section. There was a hard headwind that slowed the chase down. A little while later Alan jumped across the gap. Again there was no organized chase behind them and the gap went up. Chris C put in a sturdy pull but when it was just CCR guys slowly pulling through, he tossed in his hat and the gap went up to a big 20 seconds by the corner of Welch.
     From there the 2 leaders worked together to cement the gap ahead of the sprint point, though Joe would let Alan roll off solo to make sure he got the points. Behind, Little T and then Chris C made strong jumps towards the sprint point but each had 3 CCR guys following. Alan took the sprint and kept rolling. He made it through a light whereas the pack had to stop. Then another red light slowed the chase. When the ride was rolling and with Alan out of sight, everyone was back at it, attacking and countering, this time, with a tailwind.
     Heading through Cheshire, Little T would jump off the front and then catch a light. The peleton stopped or slowed for EVERY light on route 10 except two.
Great ride everyone! You know what they say... You have to fight fire.... With fire.

Tuesday the 28th

The Angriest Ride in Connecticut.
Now with Bears!

More drama this week at the SG ride as the ride is starting to feel like an episode of General Hospital. Here are the highlights, and the accompanying darker moments.

     Early on, Kyle C jumped off the front with A-A-Ron Black and Dillon P. Those 3 held a steady gap for a couple of minutes. As the trio approached the corner of Mount Sanford Rd, they breezed thru the intersection without much of a warning for the field, which was close enough to start to roll thru after the leaders. The problem was that a car was bearing down pretty quickly. This put Chris C squarely in the sights of a speeding bumper. Everyone jammed on the brakes, and there was no incident besides the ensuring swearing and top-of-the-lung yelling from Chris C. The intersection is par for the course for the SG ride, Chris' reaction was..... Special.
     After a few seconds though, it was back to riding hard. From there,  A-A-Ron Black was making his presence known with some strong pulls on the front. Aidan C, Mike Frisk, Burgster and Big Red as well. Hunter P jumped off the front as the ride got close to route 68 but the field was with him, and the light was green. That gave Burgster a chance to roll off a gap going onto Moss Farms. He stayed out front for a while, with Hacker, Chris C, Big Red, the Senryak, and a couple of others giving chase.
Heading onto Marion, Burgster would go again, and he held a gap for another good chunk of time before being reeled back in. As the ride stopped at the light on route 322, Jimmy C came up to Chris C and gave him some stern but friendly "advice." It was something about not yelling in the Bedding Plant Capital of CT, micro-dosing shrooms, Boston accents, and using sailer's language on what is clearly dry land. Chris C was having non-o-that. The 2 nearly got into fisticuffs, which anyone will tell you is hard to pull off when you're trying to clip in after a red light. It was another awkward moment for most in attendance. Hunter P and Burgster recognized the chance to capitalize and attacked right away, although the field was right there. Once onto Mount Vernon, Burgster kept on the offensive, and he was chased down primarily by Big Red.
       From there, the ride went into cruise control mode. Going up the false flat section Quadzilla attacked, taking Hunter P with him. Those 2 tore off a gap quickly and held it for a few hundred meters until a big bear on the left side of the road scared Quad Z nearly out of his SPD's. The bear quickly scampered back in the woods on his side of the road, but it brought the breakaway to an end.
Heading to the turn onto Welch Rd, Burgster would take off again in search of the long ball. He didn't get too far until a strong group started pulling him back. Chris C, Aidan C, The Full Nalini, a new guy in a blue kit (?), Hacker, and a couple of others. Still, Burggie was content to push the pace, and he took a slight lead going thru the corner onto West St. Once the front 10 guys were through, Aidan C ramped up the speed just enough to close the gap. He had 4 or 5 guys on his wheel. The light before the sprint point was red though, with 2 cars stacked up. The front 5 guys went thru slowly, but the sprint was slowed down for sure because of it. Hunter P jumped out to get it ahead of Ben Bruce. Burgster kept going after the sprint, and he would soon be joined by Ben Bruce and Hunter P. That trio just made it through the light by the Target, and the field, right behind them, stopped. That was all those 3 needed. The chase would get held up briefly by one more light and the leaders would disappear into the evening light.
         The Stop n Sprint point was neutralized as the leaders rolled through together, and the finish was null due to the road milling taking place 3\4's of a mile from the usual end at Shepard Ave.

       Something of a forgettable ride folks. Unless of course, you have stock in the Cheshire Cycle Racing Team, which is working on a 2-week breakaway streak.

Tuesday the 21st

Rained out! 
Although points must be given to Chris C, Kyle C and Big Red. Those 3 showed up and did the ride.

Tuesday the 7th

Gettin Rowdy on a Tuesday

The ride came flying out of the blocks with a distinctly different tone tonight. The Cheshire Cycle crew kept guys flying off the front all night, and it definitely was wearing on the more curmudgeonly dudes in the pack.

First off the front was Hunter P again. He stayed clear from the turn off Route 10 all the way to the first riser on Mountain Road. Then Burgster went clear along with Ryan O. Those 2 kept a gap going all the way down Mountain Rd. Hunter P took one last flyer before the light, but it was red.

On Moss Farms, Burgster was back at it. This time, Chris C, Cassie, and Billy Thomspon also jumped on. That group of four held a gap all the way in thru the chicane and onto Marion. The Sernyak was vital in the effort to drag them back into the fold. Little T tried to sneak across the gap before it was all sewn back up but it was to no avail. Most everyone felt the dynamic pace of the night and guys were all over the road.

Once over 322 the pace calmed down a little but soon after, Burgster, Ryan O, and Sernyak were at it again. Hunter P had another attack. Dillon P and Ravenberg also got involved with attacks off the front. Heading onto Welch, Dillon P, Burgster, Billy Thompson and a couple of others nursed a small gap. Chris C charged across it, taking along Hunter P, and then Hacker followed suit. At the base of the hill toward the corner, Little T got a substantial jump and ripped thru the intersection first. He next rode a super intense 60 seconds to hold off a charging Ryan O and Burgster to get the sprint points.

Ryan O kept on it and got thru one of the next lights. Behind, Hunter P squeezed thru the light as well, much to the disapproval of the guys behind. Sernyak was next in line and chose to stop. From there, Hunter P and Ryan O stayed on the gas, got another light in their favor before getting back into Cheshire and took it all the way back home for the breakaway points.

The race jury would go on to penalize Hunter P 5 points for blowing thru the red light.

Next week, it's put out or shut up week at the SG ride!

Tuesday the 30th


Little T wrangles maximum points tonight, taking the mid-point and the Stop n Shop Sprint. Both times he beat Ben Bruce. For the sit n sprint, The Sernyak gets the points up for grabs there.

Little T - 10 points
Ben Bruse - 6 points
The Sernyak - 3 points