The Sleeping Giant Ride

A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 19th

Beers, Bikes, Battlestar Galactica

It was great to see a slightly-bigger-than-last-week crowd out tonight. Even so, the ride got off to a slightly slower start. Alan B pushed off the front on Mount Sanford, and then in the next corner, Kyle C and Hunter P jumped up and joined. The trio was allowed to roll, and the gap quickly went up. Eventually, the chase formed, with Cheshire guys setting a decent pace, Little T, Rob Dux, Rusty, and a couple of others chipping in. The pack was bearing down on the break as it had to pause to get the green light on route 68/70. The chasing pack made it thru the light, and it was all together once again there. 

 Alan B and Kyle C would have another go or 2 on Moss Farms. Joe K also put in an attack. Coming up to and past the chicane, it was all together, with Dan Smith closing down a gap to a small group that had a gap after a strong pull from Chris C up to the hill to Marion. Alan B kept on it after the corner. Kyle C gave chase but couldn't close the gap down before the turn into the industrial park. It was together through there, with a couple of others getting involved up front (Rob Dux, Ben Bruce, The Sernyak, Big Red, and a new rider on a System Six (?). 

Alan B and Kyle punched it again after the corner onto West Johnson, Dan Smith and Chris C also put in a dig up front. Then Hunter P attacked to the intersection, but the light was red. Once through, the pace stayed high down East Johnson. Chris C attacked up to the corner for Cheshire St but it didn't last long and the charge onto Route 70/Meriden road was all together. Once onto the "climb", the usual suspects kept the pace up front, with Big Red putting in a move or 2 to gain position. Alan B attacked with 200 meters to the light and only Hunter P responded at first. Kyle and Chris C jumped next and pulled the shrinking pack up as everyone half-assed it through the light. Alan B stayed on it with a last-ditch effort at the sprint, but Little T was there waiting to jump and he took it easily, with Alan B and then Kyle behind. 

Into the back roads where it stayed together... mostly. Alan, Chris C, Hunter P, all had go's, but no one was able to stay out for more than 1 min or 2. The pace was high going up to the high point on Tuttle, which kept it honest for the guys eyeing up the final 500 meters. Alan led it out with an attack, to which 8-10 riders jumped onto. Hunter P snuck off with about 200 meters to go but came up short as Little T charged by to collect the second sprint on the night, with Ben Bruce in tow. 

Tuesday the 12th

Welcome to 2019 kid

The ride kicked off with a tough group of 18 riders. It's not a Tuesday on bikes in Hamden if Big Red isn't chasing the group from a couple of minutes back. Sure as snuff, Grome was late. The group waited about 125 seconds before saying screw it let's go. Mike has an excuse now, he's a freakin PHD and those guys are late because due to their intelligence.

Back to the ride, it was a steady start into a headwind. Once off route 10, the group slowly got going with Alan B, Chris C, Kyle C, Mountain Man Returns, and Nate U all taking turns up front. Everyone stayed together except when Hunter P was dicking around with opening up gaps to teammates. Heading to Mountain Rd, Tom K, Mountain Man and Brian G had to close down a gap to a group of Crowells and CCR's.

First attack was from Hunter P, who jumped off the front with 500 meters to go to the corner for route 68/70. Nate U gave chase but it was all for nothing because the light was red.

On to Moss Farms, where Alan B and Hoyle were doing most of the pace setting. Everyone rolled thru the chicane together, and up the hill to Marion, Kyle C took off with Alan B in tow. Then Hunter P jumped, and those three stayed on it past the corner. Chris C jumped hard then, bridging the gap but leaving the shrinking pack behind.

The group of 4 turned into the industrial park with 50-60 meters.  Kyle C was going hard off the front, with the CCR'ers working together to keep the gap alive. The chase was down to just a few meters by the corner, thanks to Tom K, Nate U, Mountain Man, Dan Smith and a couple of others.
Up front, Hunter P attacked on the rise up West Johnson, with the others responding. The gap went back up again. Then Alan B attacked heading up to the light. It was red, which allowed everyone to re-group for East Johnson.

Alan B took off again soon after, but this time, teammates Nate U and Hunter P gave chase, keeping the gap to a minimum. Then Kyle C drilled it going downhill on E Johnson. Hunter P went as well and then attacked on the uphill to the 4-way intersection. Alan B was the only one to respond, making it two up the road on Cheshire St. The gap initially went up, then started to come back down as the ride got closer to Route70/Meriden Rd. The Crowells and Hoyle were working together with the chase. Alan B and Hunter worked to keep the gap to the sprint, with Alan leading it out and Hunter P scooping up first points of the season.

The chase had brought the leaders back within a stone's throw, but they snuck thru the light at route 68/70 whereas the six or so riders that remained in the chase got caught at the light. That was all that was needed to seal the breakaway for the night. 

Great ride everyone!

Tuesday the 9th

Over and Out...

The season of SG ended this past Tuesday with a bottle rocket bang. There were only about 13 riders out, and by the end, just 6 or 7 rolled by Wentworths. A couple of riders got popped in the opening miles. Steffen Huber went straight, instead of turning on Mountain Rd. Then later Alan B broke a spoke in the industrial park. Alan got in a couple of attacks before that happened, and along with Hunter P and Chris C, were the main instigators of the ride. Hunter P tried getting away before the light on Rt 68\70, then towards the end of Moss Farms, then again with Chris C before the industrial park.
Those two, along with Ben Bruce tried getting away at the end of East Johnson Ave, but it was all together before "the climb" on Rt 70. Hunter P set down a pace that only Chris C, Mike McG and Ben Bruce were able to hold. Ben rolled thru the Hickory Hill sprint point and then the pace slowed down enough for the remaining riders to regroup.
The group stayed together until Hunter P attacked hard up the rise by Boulder Knoll. He split off a gap with Ben Bruce and Chris C, and then attacked solo going onto Tuttle. It was back together again for the run-in to the finish though. While the final 500m was fast, only Ben Bruce was game for sprinting into the darkness. He collects enough points (2 x 5) to draw to within 3 points of Little T and the podium for the year.

It was certainly an interesting, if not slightly dull year for the ride.Keep up the great work everyone.

NEXT UP: The soon-to-start Sunday rides, and DO NOT FORGET about the annual Sleeping Giant Ride kegger, better known as Cheshire CX, on November 3rd.

Tuesday the 11th

Another Successful Day For the Breakaway Boys

The ride started out wet today and henceward, slow. The pace was edemic for the first 4 or 5 min. Special Ed took off early on, and then Chris C had a flyer that looked like it could grow some legs but he was getting corraled by the turn onto Mountain Rd. The pack slowly came awake as everyone got used to the road spray. Hunter P jumped hard halfway down Mountain Rd but he would also be brought back by the ever faster group.
     On Moss Farms, Hunter P attacked again towards the end. This time, getting a gap with Chris C. The reponse behind was steady, but not that some legs were getting a bit tired, gaps started opening up as everyone cautionsly made their way thru the Chicane. It was mostly all together heading up to Marion but Little T and Greg Ciocci took to the front and drilled it up the hill there. Hunter P took over once past the corner and only MJ Alio (Top 10 Mount Washington Finisher) was able to match the pace. Those 2 kept on the gas double time and had a decent gap by the corner for the industrial park.
      The gap didn't stop Ben Bruce from charging across and making it a trio that had maybe 6 or 7 seconds turning into the Industrial Park. The leaders stayed on it, with MJ taking strong pulls, Hunter P and Ben Bruce working the well-known corners and hills. The gap held all the way up to the light on route 10 (the Short Loop ride skipped te old right hand turn onto Reinhard in favor of crossing route 10, as has been the practice for the last couple months).
     The breakaway got the light, with Ben Bruce just squeezing through a yellow. The pack was held up a few moments later. The break would need only a fraction of that red light time to stay out for good. The trio stayed together for the rest of the ride and for the second week in a row, the pack plays second fiddle.
     The new loop continues to add a bit of drama and loads of challenge to the ride!

Tuesday the 4th

Where's Burggie Baby???

The ride is time saving mode from here on out, and it was decided to turn down Prospect (the goats) once again. The ride started out slowly but picked up speed as the usual guys were taking turns off the front. Hunter P on Mountain Rd, Steffen Huber and Hacker on Moss Farms, Little T onto Marion, etc. A couple of Andiamo riders were pushing off the front on Prospect, but Chris C, Ben Bruce and Dan Smith were keeping them in check. Once back onto West St, Chris C and Sean Cahill motioned to the riders behind to come thru and hit the front. Hunter P obliged, and rolled off into the intersections by I84 alone. He would not be seen for the rest of the night. The pack slowed for some cars, and then was too busy cursing at Hunter P. The chase got going but it was too late.

Tuesday the 28th

The ride ends in a group rare group sprint! 

Little T stole the midway sprint from Hunter P. Hunter P got the mystery sprint at Bishops Farm after the climb on Route 70. Burggie drilled it in the final quarter and along with some demondownhilling from John Abate, a group of 4 was pushing off the front late in the game. The chase was too fast though and a group of spoilers caught the leaders with 1000 meters to go. From there, Burggie led out his teammates Ben Bruce and Hunter P, who took the sprint.

Tuesday the 21st

Midpoint Sprint: Hunter P, Little T
Bishops Farm: Hunter P, Dave Hartmann
Finish Sprint: Little T, Ben Bruce