A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 21st

The weird summer of 2015 continues.
It’s Tuesday so there must be a high probability of thunderstorms. Today though, the ride would be unaffected, unless you had a long ride home afterwards, in which case you got wet.
There was a decent sized group out tonight and everyone seemed ready to rock n roll. Right off the bat, Chris C led a a group off the front along with Big Red and ABurg. That group of 5 or 6 would be caught within a kilo or so. Just then, a young rider veered into Matt Waz going around an uphill bend. Both went down but were fine. Matt is a trackie, and trackies know how to beat up the floor without taking on too many hit points.
    Once it got going again, the speed slowly ramped up as guys went to chase down Chris C. Onto Mountain Rd, where a lull on the slights risers allowed Hunter P to escape with The Sernyak. Moments later, Aburg and Big Red closed the gap down, making it four up the road. The light on 68 was green for the break but the rest of the chase was able to squeeze in under a changing to red light.
    Moss Farms was standard stuff. No attacks, no drama. Likewise for the long run down Mount Vernon. There are promising signs that the road will be repaved soon, but until then, everyone was ducking for cover and dodging BigMac sized holes.
      For the run into the Sprint, the pace down Welch stayed high thanks to Keith Mullaly, Aburg, Greg Ciocci, The Sernyak, Nick Sabatelli and a few others. Hacker jumped along with Aburg, Keith M, Hunter P and a couple of others. Once a few more bodies joined up after the corner, Sean Cahill hit the front hard and got a gap well before anyone would be sprinting and blew the doors off the rest, taking the points  without a struggle from behind.
      Everyone had a chance to recollect on the backside and there was nothing outstanding to report on the way back into Cheshire. Once over 322 again, Aburg and the Sernyak snuck off the front and lit the afterburners when they saw they had a gap. 30 seconds later Sean Cahill and Big Red led a group up to bridge. Mike McG and Kyle C were along for the ride as well. That made a strong group up the road as the ride hit Peck Lane. Response from the pack was slow, allowing the gap to go up even more. By the time everyone cleared the long riser up to Peck, the break had a solid 100meter or more. Some solid chasing was put in by Stephano Z and Special Ed, bringing the gap down heading up the initial hill on route 10. The break slid thru the light at the top of the hill and everyone else had to stop. It looked like a done deal for the break but they then were held up by a light briefly, for the final 500 meters into the Stop n Shop sprint, it was close. Hacker and Tall John were busting down doors on the front, trying to close the gap down. Up front, the break collectively decided to not sprint, but instead keep the paceline going strong. The hill took its toll all the same, breaking up the lead group. The catch was on from behind anyway.
     From there the ride stayed nice and fast all the way to the end. For the finale, Sean Cahill ripped thru the front with a few seconds to spare and rolled thru the last in front of Big Red.
     Great ride everyone !