A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 16th

Another good ride tonight, even though the turnout was less than last week and it was a bit chilly.

Still plenty of pep in everyone's step as the best year for the TWC slowly comes to a close.

Right from the gun, Chris C had some ants in his pants and was off the front on Mount Sanford Rd. Hunter P jumped up to meet him and the two were away. Very quickly tho a new face on an older trek (orange jersey) flew up to bridge the gap. Older Trek kept right on going thru the two and teamwork was bad, so the 3 were caught pretty soon after. After the catch Guido came up and off the front, joining older trek. Hunter P closed that gap soon after. Coming up to North Brooksvale, Older Trek had again jumped off the front and then Eric M, sporting a new KNOG light, made the leap across with Steve Grey, and Tall John. The 4 looked dangerous up the road. Chris C wound up the legs and closed a fast moving gap with some help from Joe K and Hunter P.

Turning onto Mountain Rd, Steve G was by no means done and drilled it up the first riser. Things settled down a bit after that and a few guys were having a hand in the action. Just before the light, a small gap was ticking off with Chris C, Eric M, Jesse K and Thompson from keltic (?). But Peter P and Todd H were up at the front to bring it back together.

Onto Moss Farms, were it was calm for the most part. Eric M, despite being on a new and pretty Bianchi Cyclocross bike, was killing it up front. Getting toward the corner, the Turtle came up and jumped off the front. He was soon jioned by Tall John as the rest of the field was coming to order and getting ready for the chicane. Joe K was in the front chase for the hill after the chicane, he was followed by Hunter P as Tall john and the Turtle were passed and then Peter P came thru.

Into the industrial park where Steve G was at it again. Eric M too. older Trek again tried to go on the offensive, but Chris C shut it down. Mike McG also made his way up to the front along with Little T. Coming up to the intersection of Peck ln, Tri rider on a Trek and Guido were slipping off the front, perhaps in a bid to spoil the sprint. As guys settled in behind them Guido was actually making his way up the climbs and looking like he had an outside shot at it. Mike McG and Chris C were making their own gap behind Guido. Things all kinda evened out by the crest of the first section of Rienhard, tho Mike and Guido were still up the road. Lots of guys behind with a shot at it..... Joe K, Peter P, Steve G, Tall John.... All had to watch as Little T lit it up from the usual spot. Hunter P had a good look at his wheel and stayed with him as the two passed Guido. Mike had gone into sprint mode, as his initial plan of leading T out didnt really happen. T got the better of the 2 as he made it to the corner first followed close by Hunter P and Mike.

It was all together for the way back to route 10. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened coming up to the Stop n Shop sprint. Eric M was still killing it on his CX bike. Peter P too.

Another batch of sprinters came up for the run-in to the Stop n Shop. Jesse K and Steve G foremost amoug them. But again, Little T jumped out in front, again with Hunter P only able to keep up and not come around him. tourdealessio -2 \ the rest of us - 0

Heading into the finale, a late surge by a bunch of guys... Casey, Peter P, Steve G, Crazy Chris (?) and others almost got away with a steal... But Little T was there again to power thru at the right moment. Crazy Chris was able to on his wheel, and the two galloped off convincingly. It was quite dark, and it was hard to tell who got to the end first.... ummm Crazy Chris....perhaps....?

Up the hill, Hunter P was able to salvage some dignity by getting the very fast uphill sprint ahead of Chris Butler, Doug the Shark and Greg F.

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