A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 21st

Double the Rage tonight... Double the fun...

Good to see Robyn back on the ride after her crash last week. Here we go! Hunter P and Dillon P put in two monster pulls and had everyone on the rivet!!!! Oh thats right were in the real world this week I forgot. The ride started out low key, rt10 was taken at 20mph or so. As we turned off onto the back roads Eric , LT and Crowell were doing most of the work. With a strong tailwind the speed was high and nothing was going up the rode. It was good to see Brain Spiotti out he was on the front for a spell. At rt42 Eric , Koski and Crowell got a gap but Guido brought it back before the turn onto the climb. The pace was high on the road to the light at the rt68. Going toward the chicane the work on the front was pretty much stats quo with MCG and Petey thrown in the mix now. The ride was all strung out as we hit the hill after the chicane at the top a CCR rider attacked (Joe K?) but MCG brought him back and took a long pull into the industrial park.

Once into the park the pace was a steady 30+ all the way! Gotta love that tailwind. When we got out of the park the pace settled in with the crosswind from the right. As the ride approached the first sprint of the day. Eric and MCG set up LT for a easy win at the top. The next guy was 100 meters behind! Eric got tailed off from his long pull so I sat off the back to help him back. Thats when I saw group of 5 OTB with Bengay leading the charge back up, they didn't make it. Round 12 to Mahoney I guess its a TKO. The false flat after the green house was taken at tempo due to the dug up road. When the ride hit rt10 the pace was tame with the wind dead in the face.

At the S&S sprint Guido took the title of king of the hill. Down 10 we got every light so the ride was pretty uneventful until the finish. Guido showing some late season form took the prize once again. It was almost dark at the finish so I think this was the last 6:00 pm ride so 5:30 next week.