A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 11th

The ride at the end of the Rainbow....

    The weather looked ominous but it didnt stop a hardy crew of about 25 from hitting the soaked tarmac. The pace out of the lot was pretty quick as everyone wanted to get it started to take the minds off of the rain. Thank fully the pace wasnt too fast for Guido and The New Tommy D to catch on. They were a little late and had to use the length of Route 10 plus a little to catch up with the group. Up front, the ride was quickly made fast by Hunter P and Chris C. Those 2 plus Tall John would trade attacks/surges for the opening 20 minutes or so. Gaps, when they happened were brief, never more than 30-50 meters. Guys like Todd H, The Full Nalini, Pescatore, Rusty, Little T, Ciocci, and maybe one or 2 more were up there, keeping the pace high behind the guys who thought they could escape.
     The ride moved onto Moss Farms where Chris C kept the pace high and when Learner's Permit Tommy moved up and started to pitch in, it was enough to split a group off the front along with Ciocci and Pescatore and Special Ed?. That would be brought back a little before the Chicane and the next one to go was Hunter P who took off halfway up the hill He was allowed to go up the road for a bit but was reeled in as the ride was heading over the overpass. 
    Once the ride was past the light on 322, Guido moved up and pushed the Mount Vernon intro pace along with Special Ed. Hunter P took off again after the left and no one went with him. He would get maybe 8 meters up the road and held it for a little while. Tommy D, Guido and Chris C were the ones to do most of the chasing and it was all together as the ride came up to the false flat section. Little T and Hunter P led the group up thru that section and after the false flat, Rory D found himself alone in the headwind. He put his head down and rode out a gap as the rest of the pack seemed to be re-grouping. Central Wheel Paul soon jumped up and bridged to his teammate, making it 2 up the road. That got things going with quick responses from Ciocci, Pescatore, Chris C and others. It would come back together 500 meters later and when it did, Special Ed, Chris C, and Hunter P jumped off the front. They were joined by Rusty and the group of four started to work on a gap as the turn loomed ahead. The field wouldn't take it lying down and it was brought back to a couple of seconds as everyone when thru the corner. Hunter P kept on the gas and led all the length of Welch with Ciocci the only other one touching the wind. Hunter P opened it up on the hill but was it was soon Chris B, Chris C and Little T getting up front and making their way on West St. Chris B would end up leading out Little T straight into backed up traffic which minimized the sprinting action. Even tho there were plenty of riders cued up behind Chris B and Little T, it was easily taken by Alessio.
     There were a few guys up there ready to keep the pressure on and sure enough Chris C and Rory D got a good hand and made it thru a light that was turning. It stopped the field aaaaaand put the group in contact with an irate driver who didnt like having to watch out for the pack as we all went over the highway. Plenty of car horns were sounded. The riders in the pack responded like any self-respecting SG rider would.... By more disrespectful riding! It was soon a distant memory and everyone resumed chasing the leaders down. Hunter P, Tommy D , Chris B, all drilling it down the hill and on to Atwater St. The pace was enough to split the group and that situation was only exaggerated by Chris B and Hunter P hitting it hard as the ride came up to 322 again. Hunter P got a gap on the hill by the underpass and he made it up to the 2 leaders just in time to be stopped by the red light on 322, where both groups of the peleton came back together.
     French Casey got things going as the ride got to Peck lane, more drilling it by Chris C and Hunter P split a group of 4 off the front ( HutnerP, Chris C, The Full Nalini and Tommy D). That made for a dangerous group up the road and the field responded as such. Nearing the top of the false flat on Peck, wit the lead group shedding a rider or 2, the peleton caught back on. From there it was status quo getting back onto Route 10 and heading up to the sprint. Guido and Chris B made no attempt to hide their solid leadouts and it let Little T get another as he went unchallenged for the sprint point there.
     On the backside of the sprint effort, Todd H hit the front to get the jump on the group as the deadly lights of Cheshire came up next. As per usual, cars and lights kept the action sedate and everyone rolled thru together. There were no surprised heading back into Hamden. For the finale, more strong riding up front from Chris B broke off a little gap for a couple of guys. It looked like Nuemotion and The Full Nalini would run away with it but the wind left the sails just as quick as it came.... That gave a chance for Little T to ride up thru plenty of riders and use the momentum to get to the final meters first.
    Up The hill, Little T went for the unheard of "Baker's Dozen" and tried to get all the prizes on the night. Hunter P was able to out kick him up the hill in front of Tall Dennis and Chris B.