A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 10th

2 Rapha jerseys on the ride tonight... S.G. ride continues to get soft.

      The ride started out fast tonight with Guido, Dillon P, Thomas B, Young Suto, Hacker and a few others leading the charge. Once everybody got settled in it was all together. Nice to see the road got patched up on North Brooksvale. Dillon P led everyone onto Mountain rd in pursuit of a slow moving car. Hacker jumped up along with Hunter P and the 2 were drafting their way way off the front. Up the road were a couple of guys who left a little early so all of a sudden there was a sizable group up the road. The chase was on in the field with Guido and a new guy in a white kit doing a lot of work. Good to see VQ Rob back out there again. The break was holding its ground all the way down mountain rd but a long red light at route 68 brought everything and everyone together.
       Once onto Moss Farms there were a few guys looking to go and few up front that were content to tempo. Tall John and Chris C followed by a good size group ( Dillon P, mtb Owen, Antonio D, and the new guy ) were looking to get a gap. They succeeded but lost some steam coming up to the Chicane. A motorcycle that was careening thru the intersection broke up the chase as guys ( and Girls ) dodged the motorbike. Everything came back together pretty quickly as the headwind hit hard going up to Marion. Chris C was channeling his inner kamikaze and took off before turning into the industrial park. That brought up the speed and it stayed pretty fast all the way to West Johnson. The uptempo didn’t dissuade Hacker from jumping out and bridging the gap to Chris C. Those 2 had a decent gap turning onto West Johnson. Behind them, it seemed like most were waiting for someone else to act. Chris B tried to jump off but didn’t get too far. Eric M, the new guy, Young Suto, and others were up front. Up the road, Chris C had taken the leash off Hacker ( or it was torn off ). Hacker was in little danger of being caught by the sprint from behind. On the backside, there were a couple of guys who tried to keep it going off the front but the messy wind kept the hero efforts to a minimum for the ride back to Route 10.
      Heading South, Chris C, once again, took off solo. That was followed up by surges from Brian Suto and Hunter P. Heading up to Stop n Shop, there was little organization up front, giving Jacinto a change to sneak up thru groups and start the sprint early. Little T was eyeballing this one and he took off soon after with Eric M, and Hacker in tow. It was a 3 way fight but Little T hung on to it all the way. After the sprint, Hacker kept on the gas and all accounts having him riding off into the sunset... Probably all the way to Battenkill for this weekend.... Give em hell professor.....
        Hacker's strong ride into Hamden was the only one worth commenting on.... Everyone else took over the road for most of the way into Hamden, no doubt pissing off way more people then usual for the SG ride. “but the wind was from the west.... It's hard not sucking wheel...the good draft was in the middle of the lane”.... :(
 Sorry, still no reason to take up almost all of the space usually allotted for cars.

Tip o the hat to all who are heading out to Cambridge NY for the big race this weekend. May no flats come to you.