A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 20th

Just when you thought it was safe to be up front...

The ride today was interesting with a bunch of new faces rolling up. Humble pie was on the menu as a lot of usually strong SG riders were thrown to the gutter and forced to watch as strong guys from afar drove this weeks ride right out of sight.

It started with 3 or 4 guys from Central Wheel driving the early pace. Throw in the locals looking to avoid the potholes and it was fast from the start. A split nearly happened early on but the Devils Gear guys, also with some new faces present, kept it together. The two teams would go back and forth pushing the pace all the while with Eric Merril doing a good job of CameraMan and staying mostly in front of the action. Props also to Chris C, Hacker, VQ Rob and Guido who also managed to contribute to the pace making.

Past the light on route 68, Tim Ratta and the Central Wheel crew kept it hot. Also up at the front was Aidan Charles. Later on past the chicane, two riders from CCB moved up to the front and were riding hard. It was probably the most amount of horsepower at the front of the SG ride for quite a long time. It was only a matter of time before a split happened and sure enough, in the run up to the sprint on Rienhard, a crew of 15-18 rolled off the front and never looked back. Congrats to Little T for being unfazed by the visitors and snagging the sprint there.

Aidan, Mike McG, the CCB guys, Ratta, Guido, and a couple of others kept it fast in the "A" group, while Dillon P, Gregg F, John Gregory and others kept it going in the "B" group. The 2 groups were stopped at consecutive red lights within viewing distance in the center of Cheshire, but Group A, in proper fashion, rolled off first and never looked back.

Leave a comment about the rest of the ride if you were blessed to be part of that. Back in the Killer B's, Dillon P hit the finish line first.

Hopefully the Central Wheels, the Russians, and Aidan Chuckster will make it a weekly habit.

Killer Ride!