A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 15th

First off, a big 'ol thanks to Craig from Bonk Breaker for dropping by the parking lot and giving out full Bonk bar samples. Not just little ones! The whole thing! Go out and buy some Bonk Breaker bars kids!

So after our little tea party was over the ride commenced with around 45-55 guys. The Keltic boys, along with Dillon P and a couple of others were eager and they rolled off a little gap right away. By the turn onto Brooksvale a gap had opened up. A few had joined the Keltic charge and there was a split. But with some traffic while turning onto Mount Sanford, the peleton, led by Dartmouth Mason and Stage 1, brought it back.

The ride resumed normal pace. an effort by a new Target Training rider (?!) on South Brooksvale got things going quicker than normal. Then heavy traffic while turning onto Mountain Rd meant everyone had to (gasp!) stop... and start from a standstill... Target Training right away jumped back into attack mode and made everyone chase up the opening hill. Going down the rest of Mountain was pretty much standard stuff. Hunter P attacked while going by Cornwall Ave, that set off a reaction that almost led to another split in the field at the light as the front 15 got the green. But everyone else was close enought to scamper thru the intersection.

Once on Moss Farms, Target Training again went off the front. He wasnt given too much room as Stage 1 was pretty much controlling the ride at this piont. As the ride came down to the chicane, there was four Stage 1 riders at the front. Even still, for the second week in a row, Pete (on a Scott) was the first thru in the Chicane. He let off though, just as Hunter P was jumping hard and early on the hill torward Marion. He went thru the corner alone, but He was soon caught by the field, led by Chris C, Crazy Chris, Jesse and Greg from Keltic and others.

That brought us into the industrial park where Tall John opened it up and put in a good effort. Eric M, Rondo, Joe K, Thompson from Keltic, Guido, all were up there driving the bus. Onto West Johnson where the Keltic \ Stage 1 battle for Best Team raged on. The ride paused for a bit at the Peck Ln intersection for traffic ( again ). But that didnt stop Mike McG from getting to the front and drilling it up to Reinhard. The ride was very much together here and it was a tense free for all heading to the sprint point. Big guns Little T, Target Training, Peter Petrillo, and Chris B were all making their way to the front. Mike McG jumped first in regular fashion but attached at his hip was Jesse from Keltic. Jesse was able to use the final meters to come around and he gets credit for the sprint ahead of Mike and Target Training.

Once onto Peck, Chris B used the chance to drill it. The pace was high as Hunter P and Thompson kept it moving along. Onto Route 10 where Stage 1 and Keltic set it off again. The field was screaming up the hill past Cheshire Park. Chris B jumped off a red light at Maple Ave fair and square and headed to the Stop & Shop sprint alone. Little T was making his way up, with Dillon P in tow, along with Mike McG, Greg from Keltic and others. The light was red though which pretty much voided the sprint. Hard to say if Chris woulda held off the charge from Little T. Our money is on the teacher.

Flying into Hamden....Peter P, Rondo, Eric M, Thompson, Tall John, Mike McG and a couple of others all had a hand in ramping in up. Mike McG and Little T faded back toward the end to get a good look at the last kilo, and sure enough they lit the rockets as the front of the ride slowed about 750 meters from the Shepard ave. Little T stuck with it to the very end. But there were others right there as well.

And ho-hum, a side point, Chris B and Hunter P continued to the top of Shepard. Mason and an unknown rider from Iowa U (!?) as well came up for the icing on the cake.

Great ride!