A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 9th

Not much time for a post today guys... Working on some other top secret computer type stuff......

But for now lets focus on the fact that the rain clouds cleared in enough time to mercifully give us another week of the WTC... A few faces were missing.... But it was still a good, fast, tense ride as the squids worked hard at keeping the strong men close.

Right off Route 10, there was some efforts laid out that put the hairs up on the back of a few necks.

Eric M, Chris C and Hunter P all coming up to the front and were laying down a good tempo. Peter P and the Cog Wild, black-bike rider were keeping it fast as well. Ed Angeli came up right before the turn onto Mountain rd and hit it hard up the hill. That was covered soon and then Guido came thru with Dillon P attached to his wheel. The two were allowed to scamper off and they worked up a bit of a gap as they hit the risers by Higgans. It was short lived and all was together for the rest of the trip down Mountain.

Onto Moss Farms, where right away, the sight of Eric M, Hunter P, and Kyle F up front got the pace up high again. A little ways down the road, Hutner P attacked off the front, but no dice... Guys responded pretty quick to that. Coming into the chicane, Kyle F was off the front a bit with Tall John (?...Julio?...). But that was brought back on the hill up to the corner by Guido, French Casey, and others. From there to the industrial park was on the sedate side.

In the park, there was a trio of riders who kicked it, and were allowed to ride off... Kyle F again, and 2 Stage 1 riders (?)... Hunter P jumped hard to bridge before the corner of west johnson but that again got some guys all hot and bothered. Peter P and Mike McG picked up the slack and it was all together as the front group was breaking up anyway. On the way up to Reinhard there was plenty of movement...

Little T was not out tonight so guys were busy getting in a good spot as everyone musta felt like the pros do when Mark Cavendish doesn't show up to race. The pace onto Reinhard was slower than usual as rocket boosters were starting to mix fuel. Guido came up first with a strong pull on the left. Eric M and Juilo on the right side. Mike McG jumped next along side the PanAm champ. Hunter P was directly on mike's wheel but was quick to pop out and start the really long drag race to the top. Hunter was able to keep in front of Mike and the fast foreigner from Argentina. On the backside Mike had to stop cause his tire had a slow leak...

All together for the ride back to Route 10. Peter P and the PanAm champ were up there killing it on the hill past Cheshire Park. Moving along to the Stop n Shop sprint, Tall John was again, driving hard off the front for whoever wanted a good draft. The light was red at the top of the hill but that didnt stop Eric M from jumping hard to take it over Chris C, Todd H, and a couple others who put up a weak fight.

Moving along thru Cheshire was all normal... PanAm and Stage 1 up there drilling it home. Coming into the home stretch, there was a lot of action, a lot of guys thinking they could send it. Casey, Guido, Cog Wild, Peter P all up there... Julio jumped at the very end to get the strong finish.

Going up the hill was only Hunter P, Chris Butler, and Gregg F... Hunter P needed to start sprinting from 11teen hundred meters away to keep from letting Chris come by him and he was able to hold it till the top.