A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 12th

The SG Ride... Nearly As Much Fun As Pokemon Go

Another winner of a ride tonight! Great to see the legendary Chris B out as well. We miss that dude! A big box of Cracker Jacks to Big Red, who was either constantly attacking or sitting on the front driving the pace all ride long. He also nabbed the final Sit n Sprint. Early action was mostly Cheshire and Stage 1. Alan B nearly slipped away on Mountain Road. Then lit it up on Marion after the chicane. Too fast for everyone else though and his solo effort flamed out fast. He also was up front and active thru-out the night.

The ride got the green light on route 322 but for some reason it was decided we would slow down and let the suckers who were getting dropped, catch back on after they were caught by the light. Apparently the SG Ride is now “No-Drop”. Big Red and Dillon P powered off the front once riding resumed but construction vehicles and stacked traffic right at the false flat slowed them and the whole peleton down. After that Alan B attacked again, Big Red and Expo Ryan as well. Nuemotion led a group off the front along the way but it was all back together for the turn on Welch.

Rob Dux crushed it on Welch, taking along Alan B and Hunter P. That effort ended a little too late though, giving Chris C and Dave Hartman a chance to attack on the hill. The headwind stood everyone up though, giving everyone a chance to catch back on. The front 4 stayed on the gas, leading to a sprint between Ben Bruce, Nuemotion and Alan B. Ben took it. He would go on to take the Stop n Sprint point as well.

Big bummer though was the emergency vehicles that stopped the ride on West St. A firetruck and a couple of ambulances, sad to say, heading to 3 riders who were T-Boned as they short cut thru Jude Lane. Kenley Gonzalez and "Builder Pete" Franzilli took the brunt of a oncoming car turning left into their path. Both had to head to hospital. Kenley with some neck pain and Pete with a bashed nose and lip. Funeral donations for their bikes can be made via their local bike shops. Christian D was the third, escaping the game of pavement wrestling for the most part, but staying on scene to make sure they made it out there safe. We hope the wounds are not serious guys!

Back at the pack, the ride was standard stuff. No surprises except for the usual dicky-ness around cars stopped for lights. The peleton had a Moron Test imposed on it as it cruised thru the fastest descent of the ride on West St.... The closer you tried to look like Froome coming down the Col de Peyresourde the higher you scored on the Moron Test. Congrats to our winners.