A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 13th

No signs of slowing up!

The ride went off as per usual with a decent crowd out tonight. It was decided that it would be the medio loop, turning down "the goat street" off Mount Vernon.

The ride itself got started quickly when Gibertoni and Hunter P took off. The response was quick and deliberate. There were more attacks coming up to Mountain Rd and when Hunter P bridged a gap to 4 riders on the initial risers there, it was full red alarm in the pack. Riders were shed as the pack remained in tact for the most part. Alan B and Hacker took off on Moss Farms and those 2 held a real-deal gap all the way to the light on route 322. Tip o the helmets to those 2 as the chase was reported to be "in earnest". Had they gotten the green light, it would have been most likely lights out.

From there, the next attacks were from The Sernyak and Hunter P on Prospect street. Then from Little T, who is apparently hard-programmed to sprint balls out on Tuesday night when the direction goes from North to west/south. The corner getting back onto West Street made everyone stop and scratch their head as to why they took that road but it adds a precious few seconds to the ride before everyone has to get back to their miserable lives.

More attacks from Hunter P on Atwater, and then a good sized group led by Chris C attacked as the ride was coming back up to Route 10. No dice for anyone though. Then, on the hill there by Cheshire Park (site of Cheshire CX 2016!!! Be there!) Alan B and Hunter P took off. The field responded though. A red light coming up after that slowed all but Alan jumped hard on the green light, taking along Chris C. Alan was digging deep and soon after dropped Chris C like third period french. Alan rolls away with the lone sprint prize of the night as he was well away and in no danger of being caught.

He kept on the gas all the way back into Hamden and got a few time bonuses thanks to red lights for the peleton. Alan stayed on it all the way to the bitter end nearly took the final prize, but was caught with 250 meters to go. Little T charged away with the Sit n Sprint....

Great ride everyone!

Tuesday the 6th

Recap never coming.
Instead of reading this recap.... Go register for Cheshire CX!