A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 3rd

Barn burner can’t be put out by the rainy weather
The semi wet road didn’t stop a healthy group of about 25 for the ride tonight. Great to see Nuemotion back out, as well as the Full Nalini. The evening’s main antagonists however were the Yalies. Fresh off the collegiate racing season, Big Red and Michael Landry joined with the always-ready-to-rumble Sernyak and Hacker to repeatedly attack and just plain ol make it fast. The usual’s were also ready to go, with Ben Bruce, Mike McG, Tall John, Hunter P, the Crowells and a couple of others all chipping in with attacks, hard pulls, or both.
      The group stayed together in the first half hour but guys were getting shelled all along. Big Red put in a solid attack down Mountain Rd and it took 750 meters to drag him back. A red light gave 3-4 guys the chance to catch back on after being dropped from the hard pace. Then, Hacker lit it up past the chicane, heading up to Marion, which further served to string things out. Heading over 84, Alan B attacked and took along Hacker and it forced a few to go deep to catch. Then once over 322, Big Red launched it, taking off with gap that was initially allowed to roll out. Then once everyone got onto Mount Vernon, Chris C ramped it up along with Ciocc, Tall John and a couple of others in pursuit. A couple of kilo down, Big Red was still hanging on. Ryan O’hara, joining in the ride for the first time, jumped out and slowed caught up/bridged the gap. It was enough to the get the rest to respond and it was soon after all together again.
      From there, most were content to reset for the turnaround. The ride down Welch was fast, Ben Bruce, Chris C, Hacker, and a couple of others strung it out. No one was able to get off the front but Chris C jumped first. Turning onto West St, a group of about 5 or 6 was lining up as Chris C was being collected. Nuemotion jumped next, taking a couple more. Then Hunter P jumped in front just as traffic was turning into the road from the left. It was enough to neutralize the sprint, slowing Hunter P, Nuemotion and Mike McG down.
    On the backside, Sernyak, Hunter P, Alan B and RyanO took off but never got too far as everyone dove downhill. Once onto Atwater St, the Yalies kids were back at, with Hacker attacking up the hill under the highway. Hunter P followed it up and strung things out before getting stopped by the red light. Not too many surprises after that. Landry, Alan B, and Hunter P attacked off the front going over the old rail road tracks on Peck Ln. They took a narrow gap in thru the corner for route 10 but as everyone slowed ot all came back together. Heading into the Stop n Shop Sprint, Big Red attacked again, tearing off a solid gap with 750 meters to go and holding it nearly to the top. The rest were content to let him try for it. Only Hacker jumped to overtake, taking along Kyle C. Kyle (who’s on tear and needs a big ol high five for recently being awarded his upgrade to Category3!) nearly came around Hacker as both cleared Big Red. Hacker was able to hold on though.
    Great ride with lot’s of aggressive riding on display!