A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 14th

The official last ride of 08....

There may be a few guys out next week. But the weather will have to be exceptionally good.

There were only a handful out today....They were:

Gregg F
Chris B
Chris C
Tri guy Trek
Rich on a Giant
Eric M
Hunter P
Dillon P
Joe K

Guido was drilling it early on. Eric M and Hunter P were not letting him go. Chris C kept it going till Mountain rd. Hunter P went up the hill fast, a couple of riders popped off the back after the second group of risers...

Joe K jumped and had a nice solo ride for the second half of Mountain rd. The trio of Eric M, Chris C and Guido slowly brought him back.... Credit Guido for doing the lions share of work.

Rondo was in "spin" mode, so he simply kept the group together. Chris C led everyone up the hill after the chicane, Hunter P stepped in after the corner and went off alone, but that was short lived and he was caught be the industrial park. Gregg F, Chris C and Joe K were working the group up thru the industrial park and up to Rienhard.

Eric M jumped for the sprint first. Hunter P came around him but started his celebration too early, cause Joe K was pulling himself inside and out to catch him by the corner, which he did. Great job Joe! Everyone was together for the ride to Route 10. Joe K peeled off at Sandbank, Hunter P pulled up the hill by Cheshire Park. Chris C led everyone up to the stop n shop sprint. Hunter P got that one ahead of Eric M. Everyone had a chance to work during the run in back to Hamden. Eric M got to the end first.

Great year everyone!!!
.What was your best memory of the 2008 Sleeping Giant Ride? Maybe next week ( or at some point ) we will do a year in review blog.