A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 13th

The Arnold Palmer ride, Half & Half, Hard then slow.

The ride was a buzz with excitement as the weather was nice and butt cam was getting charged up!

A late roll off due to some last minute media issues. The camera man had to make sure the POV angle was as unflattering as possible!

Straight to work off RT 10 CCR's Joe K, Stage 1's Chris C and Dave Broke all kinds of back road speed limits and opened up a gap right Quick. Tim Ratta and Eric M were quick to join but stop signs and potholes slowed em down and the Peleton (not working together, just jumping) brought it back.

Just Before MTN RD a group of 3 more tried there best to open something up (names?) but this time Joe K, Mike M, Eric M, and Chris C didn't let to much space open up. That fast, don't let em go, pace continued even when all were back together on MTN RD. 30mph+ was the drink of the night for the 1st half.

Once on Mtn road there was a fast driving pace line effort to keep the speed crazy fast. Guido, Eric M, Mike M, Stage 1 guys, Joe K, Little T, Lehigh team kit guy(name?), and some others. The pace stayed high all the way to the light which was red, as the group approached the light it turned green and we all sailed through. The same bunch was keeping the pace super fast on Moss farms. Mike M came to the front to drive the group to the corner of Marion, as we hit the corner a flying Guido made a hard dig to try and solo away from the bunch. He got a good gap and stayed away until the turn into the ind park.

A group of about 6-8 guys got a small gap but it came back together turning onto West Johnson. Heading onto Reinhard Mike M was at the front followed by Josh CVC? and Joe K. Mike M lead the group over the hump and down the hill. Joe K attacked first, followed by Josh CVC? and of course Little T. At about 150m to the stop sign Little T gunned it and easily made to the corner first followed by Joe K and CSC guy.

At that point boys became men and a few jumped up to the break on school house and the break was now 6 strong with Joe K, CHRIS Butler (EDIT ...Larry Merling), Guido, Eric M, Josh CVC?? . Joe K popped after peck and 5 were left.

This was when the Peleton decided that we were all going to fast for laws of nature to allow and the pace dropped off up peck and for the rest of the night for that matter and the drink of choice had switched to lemonade for the peleton kids.

Up the road the afore-mentioned break was killing it to the chants of Guido yelling that Bmw and Audi's are the only cars to drive and that the rest of the break was wheel sucking! "Maximum effort!" could be overheard by kids lapping up ice cream at DQ. "Mommy, what language is that?"

Hip Hip for the break though, It stuck all the way home with Guido taking Gold

Back in the now not so red-lined Peleton the S&S sprint was approaching and with some help from his new team Little T took the prime again. From there Rondo'nt, Little T and John Gregory broke away and kept away as the main group got stopped at some lights.

The group then put in some hard efforts toward the end there just to kick up the HR again, Silent Steve, Dillon P, Gregg F, Mike M, and a host of others taking pulls to not lose to much clock to the the split.

A fast 1st half and some strong breaks spells the recap.

Time to rest little one, Mommy and Daddy are taking a joy ride in the Audi....