A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 5th

Extra Extra read all about it. Sleeping Giant Ride is finally considered news worthy. Local networks are rushing for TV rights. We will all be rich!

Dillon P here at Cheshire Cycle suggested to a reporter that he come out and do a quick story about the champion-like efforts that are put on display every week for the WTCs. Jamison was a nice fellow, along with his cute video-grapher. Hopefully we will have some news soon about the result of his visit to the launchpad.

Onto the ride where there was a lower than usual turnout. Maybe 45-50 guys, probably less. A few notables were missing.

Turning off RT 10 saw Eric M, Rich on a C-dale and Hunter P setting early tempo. Peter P was out and also drilling it. Kyle F, back from a bit of a hiatus, got things going on Mount Sanford, riding off alone. The front of the ride was content to let him dangle out there. Guido jumped up to bridge but was stuck in between for the length of Brooksvale but eventually caught him going onto Mountain Rd.

Eric M and Peter P were going hard on Mountain and the two were brought back pretty quick on the first riser. VQ Rob was also up there and kept it motoring after the catch was made. Up the second riser Hunter P and Rondo were setting a good pace and there were a couple of small gaps but nothing really developed for the rest of the way down Mountain Rd. Good pace making was seen by Stage 1 riders Todd H and Julio L.

Onto Moss Farms were the real fireworks started. VQ Rob snuck off the light at Rt 68 quickly and was making a solo effort. Eric M jumped right away on Moss Farms and took Hunter P along with him. The 2 went by Rob and kept it up. Back in the field, high pace was set by Peter P and Chris C and a couple of others. Just when Eric and Hunter were turning the attack off a group of riders came up, sporting a respectable gap behind them. The front of the ride quickly got organized and there was a break. Textbook peleton sifting!

The break, (not all listed, if we missed you let us know, we will correct it):

VQ Rob
Eric M
Hunter P
Peter P
Julio L
Todd H
Gregg F
Assos kit on a Seven
Chris C
Rich B (sachs)

The group was strong and got to work quickly. By the Chicane they had maybe 10 seconds. Going up the hill toward Marion was a controlled effort, and no one fell off the pace. Hunter P and Eric M doing a good job keeping it tight and together. Behind them, Mike McG, not one to be left out, had attacked and was taking along Little T. There were a couple of other guys who were also trying to make up the gap. By the turn onto Knotter Mike, Little T, and Crazy Chris from Stage 1 had made the lead group. Others made it too... Going into the industrial park, the group had grown to maybe 20.

No one was in a hurry to attack from here and the lead grew over the peleton that was now being powered by Kyle F, John Gregory, Rondo, Morgan from Keltic and only a couple others. Team work was not great and there was little chance of catching so much muscle up the road.

Up front, heading to the Reinhard Sprint, Mike McG started it off for no one in particular, others followed. Little T jumped next, but still with a long way to go. Hunter P was on his wheel a bit late and had to settle for second as there was no beating "The T" this time. It all came back together on the descent. Though Rich B lost a bottle on the cobbles and was out of the break. There was damage done to others as well. The group lost a few but also picked up a few short-cutters. From there to RT 10 it was pretty solid as the break dealt with a headwind. There was a brief split as pressure from Mike McG, Eric M and Julio L created a gap as the break made it to the high poing on Peck ln. Credit Chris C with closing a pretty stubborn gap there. Still the break was riding away from the peleton, but not by much.

Going up to the Stop n Shop sprint, more guys again trying to beat Little T to it, but he was able to let loose that signature sprint with more than enough room to spare.

Back in the Peleton, Kyle F flew up the hill by Cheshire Park. His efforts were followed by Pete on a Scott, and the rider on the Felt ( yellow and black jersey ). The peleton was fortunate with traffic lights whereas the break was getting caught at nearly everyone of them. By the light at the intersection of 10 and 68\70 the break was caught and back in with the peleton.

Chris Butler had snuck thru one of the lights with VQ Rob. Rob decided to wait, Chris did not. He was powering ahead alone and would have a hard time of staying away once the peleton got out of town. But not before one more chance to have our picture taken at the Green in the center of Cheshire (say "CHAMOIS" everyone!)

Chris got caught halfway into the H'den. From there it was the usual "i think i can, i think i can" effort from more than a few guys jostling for a crack at the end. When the dust settled, Little T was last to go, riding off with Hunter P firmly glued to his wheel. Both guys kept it fair by staying in the saddle and in the end, Hunter got around him with less than 75 meters to go. It was very tight and we are probably calling it like this just to keep the hat trick out of T's hands.

If there was a points jersey to give out, Little T would own it by about 5000 points over the next guy.