A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 11th

The rides are numbered everyone... Make em count.

    Another 25 or so out for the ride tonight. Guido and NinjaGaidan lit the burners early on to drive the pace. Todd H and MoMoney also got involved along with Tall John and YEEHAAW..... Without the usual large crowd to hide behind guys were getting spit out the back early on. A couple of traffic filled corners let most catch back on and the speed slowed a bit coming up to Mountain Rd. Yelle!Snoop jumped off the front when the speed went down but was back in the pack by the corner for Mountain rd.
    Mountain rd started off normally. After MoMoney led up the risers Guido moved back to the front and brought the speed up. After the second set of risers, Hunter P hit the front and pedaled a gap to the field. Along for the ride was Young Suto and Root66Alec. Chris C jumped up a little later on but the break only lasted minute or 2. The ride had to slow down for a broken down car on the right and everyone soft pedaled to the red light.
    Onto Moss Farms where Tall John was the first to go. He got 50 meters up the road and then Hunter P chased him back, bringing up the peleton. Everyone slowed down a bit and that gave Guido, MoMoney and Benje a chance to ride off. Aidan was in pursuit and the rest of the pack was close behind. The foursome hit the corner with a little bit of a gap but it would be erased on the hill up to Marion as Eric M and Yelle!Snoop were setting the pace. Yelle! moved up to the front and kept going onto Marion along with Todd H and Chris C. The speed settled down a bit behind them but by the corner for the industrial park it was going good again thanks to Guido's cattle prod. Another quick trip thru the park and into the corner for West Johnson. Guido led everyone onto the riser there and there were plenty of guys to keep it going. After going thru the intersection, Hunter P jumped hard off the front and was allowed to get a gap for the run-in to Reinhard. Just before the corner, Chris B led a surge along with Danbury Audi, Root66Alec, and Gary from Central Wheel. That group was making up ground as Hunter P started to slide backwards. The peleton was close behind with Eric M and Little T leading the way for the sprint. Chris C jumped from near the front as Little and Eric M jumped from further back with Hunter P on their wheels. All the sprinters went up and thru the chase group pretty quickly giving Little T a straight shot to the corner which he held onto easily over Eric M, Chris C, Hunter P and Jacinto.
     Tempo tempo tempo on Peck lane back to rt10. No attacks. Yelle!Snoop again jumped off the front going onto Route 10 but was back on the hill by Cheshire Park ( site of CheshireCross 2012! Mark your calendars... November 17th ).
     After the hill, Guido again drilled it off the front and was joined by one or 2 others. Red lights stopped the pack and it seemed like the leaders were holding up but after everyone got back up to speed Guido and Aidan were making a run for the border and weren't gonna get caught. Aidan bounced up to take the Stop n Sprint as Guido brought him to the base of the hill with a good cushion. Lights stopped everyone in the center of Cheshire. From there the ride back was decently fast with plenty of guys chipping in. It seems the reduced crowd was the right mix of leaders and followers. For the finale, slow moving cars brought the front 10 guys to a near stop and nullified the last 200 meters. Up the hill however went MoMoney with Hunter P chasing and Chris B a little ways behind. MoMoney clawed and faought like a bleeding dog but was passed by Hunter P in the final meters of the hill.
     It was a bit dark for the ride back. Stay tuned for next week's departure time. Interbike is next week. As such if you would like to help out and contribute to the ride re-cap email the shop at info ( at ) cheshirecycle dot com. If you don't the bylaws of the SG Ride state that Chris C writes the recap.... The usual “eyes in the sky” will be expected to send in their notes after the ride.

Don't forget the Tuesday-ride-send-off \ Sunday-morning-ride-deflowering party after the ride on Oct 2nd. If you are stuck at work or are afraid of the dark, you don't have to have done the ride that night to show up. Rumor has it a new SG tee shirt will be unveiled because we know a lot of you guys need more tee shirts.