A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 30th

All kinds of riders out tonight!

    The ride is back with a vengeance. There was so many bodies out there that it seemed like it slowed down the start of the ride a bit. Too many people to navigate around to get up front. However, the ride north was aided by a tail wind that soon made for a pretty solid pace without much fuss up front. The first rider to have a go was Keith M. Then there was Dillon P and a couple of the other Cheshire Cycle Racing guys up front trying to get a gap. It stayed together though. Chris C jumped as the pack was dealing with some traffic entering the Mountain Rd sector. Hunter P went with him and that brought out Mike McG, Hacker, Ben Bruce and a couple of others off the front of the chasing pack. The separation didn’t last long and it was all back together for the rest of the ride to the light at route 68/70. The high pace was enough to start thinning the herd by this point though.
      Ben Bruce, Hunter P and Hacker kept it going on Moss Farms and that would lead to a split in the field going into the chicane. Up front, a group of about 10 riders, led by Special Ed, Hunter P, Hacker, and Chris C, drove it up to Marion in pursuit of Ben Bruce, who had gone a bit too hard off the front. The lack of cohesiveness let several riders cross the gap as the ride went past the turn for the short loop and the split maintained all the way to the light at 322. That light was red for enough time to let a good number of riders back on. The pace once everyone got thru the light was not that fast, letting more recover and catch back up.
      With the tail wind and large field, it ended up a record breaking time going north on Mount Vernon. John Morgan and O’Shea from Keltic, Big Red, Chris C, Ben Bruce, Nuemotion, Pescatore, Jordan L and several others chipped in and drove it fast thru the new “cobbles” sector. A couple of riders were hit with flats. Soon enough it will be repaved!
      Halfway up the false flat, Sean Cahill jumped off the front and built up a small gap that he held onto for a kilo or so. By the time he was reeled in, everyone turned their attention to the turnaround. Once onto Welch, it was Ben Bruce and Hacker leading the way early on. Behind, the Burggie Baby closed down most of the gap for the pack before the hill kicked in. With no one off the front, it became a drag race after the corner. Nuemotion, Burggie, Chris C, Big Red, Cahill, Hunter P, Hacker, Keith M, and a couple of others, were all in position to ramp it up for the sprint. The light at the base of the final ramp was red and there was traffic stopped, which is unusual for that point in the ride. It brought the front of the pack to a screeching halt and a couple of guys nearly bit it trying to combine fast braking with narrow lanes. It negated the sprint for the week.
    Once everyone got going, only a few noticed that French Casey, buoyed by his new Cheshire Cycle Racing kit, slipped up and away off the front. The pack had to deal with a couple of lights and with Casey’s propensity to ignore them, certainly the odds were in his favor to staying away for good, especially with the headwind. The pack slowly rolled downhill and by I84 to find that Casey had sat up and was basically waiting to be brought back into the fold.
     From there the pace stayed pretty normal, all the way to route 10. Heading up the hill early on there, Hacker, The Sernyak, Hutner P, Keith M and Nuemotion drilled it into the wind and broke off a gap that took some pretty hard chasing from behind to bring back. More riders popped off the back. After the hill, red lights didn’t really figure in, and a couple of the guys kept the pace high, sensing the opportunity to get an early jump on the Stop N Shop Sprint. At the base of that ramp, Ben Bruce jumped hard and managed to out-muscle Big Red, and Sean Cahill to the top of the sprint.
    With the headwind making everyone climb slower than usual, a group formed going thru the center of town and started to work at getting a gap. Keith M, Hacker, The Sernyak, Hunter P, Ben Bruce, Sean Cahill, Big Red and one or 2 others ended up rolling away and holding the gap for good. The peleton was slowed down by a couple of lights but once the gap was made, it was a sure thing done deal. For the finale up front, Ben Bruce powered away after a late attack by Big Red came up a bit short.
Superb ride everyone!