A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 24th

The only thing worth recapping tonight....

     The return of Chris B! It was good to have him back out on the ride.
He was drilling it up front on the way north, trying to ride away with it on Mountain Rd, Moss Farms and then on Mount Vernon. The always powerful Ryan S strapped on his road bike and was up front on Mountain Rd, bridging into a move with Guido, Hunter P, Rob Dux, and Jordan L.
     Hacker was back out on the ride as well, and he nearly got off the front for good with Bryan McG, Nuemotion and Jordan L late on Mount Vernon. The new guy in the Cornell kit kicked up his contribution to the ride when he put in a lot of work to bring back that dangerous move.
     Jacinto pulled off the long range attack on the turnaround sprint, getting a gap into the headwind and holding it ahead of Little T and Mike McG. Little T got his revenge at the Stop n Shop sprint, taking it easily despite 3 or 4 guys squared up behind him.
     Great ride everyone!