A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 6th

Freak show? Tuesday night BDSM? Gang warfare? Training ride? You decide.

Everyone was looking to get right back in the swing of things after 2 weeks of crap weather. 50 -60 riders with a bunch of new faces that are starting to become regulars.

Right off the bat, there was a good surge of speed anchored by Chris C, Time Trial Pete, Dillon P and Chris Mahoney. It was apparent that there would be a group of guys that would fight to stay out of the blind spots as the ride hit the crap roads. Call it practice for the riders that will be heading to Battenkill Roubiux… Chris B, Joe K, Chris C, Crazy Chris is who we know of. Best wishes to everyone racing there.

After Brooksvale Ave, the front of the field changed and was now being headed up by Koski, Mike McG, Eric M, Hunter P, Chris C, Joshy G, etc. (Rider on a Red and white C dale?). Heading down South Brooksvale the “heads of state” massed at the front of the ride. Hacker, Peter P, Rondo and a couple of others joining up. Joshy G had already started cranking up the heat and continued to do so on the initial risers up Mountain Rd, followed up by efforts from Mike McG, Yalie Adam, Peter P,, Hunter P and a rider on a Blue (?). A small group fractured off shortly after but things were held together with efforts from Chris C and Guido.

The pace was still high at the front thanks to New Haven’s finest and it was single-file head-down for the majority of Mountain Rd. An extra long green light, welcoming the SG ride back to good weather let a small group sneak thru the light. But this group held up right away in the name of fair play.

On Moss Farms thought, College St Bob and Thomas B snuck off while the pants were down. Chris B also hit it and Yalie Adam was stuck in the middle too. The rest of the ride rolled back together and shot back up to proper speed. The sneaks off the front wouldn’t get far and everyone was back in a bunch right after the chicane. Joshy G gets the Rockstar award for the night for answering a cell call whilst fighting gravity and wind heading up the hill to the corner of Marion doing oh hum about 27 mph. After the corner there was some accelerations from Hacker, Hunter P etc but nothing back-breaking and it all rolled into the industrial park together with Guido at the helm.

Nothing too exciting for a bit. Pace stayed high thru the park of industry. Silent Steve, Eric M, College St Bob, Thomas B and Zane’s riders up front, also the college kid on a blue trek with unique form…. Name? Turning onto West Johnson ave, Chris C shot off the front for a brief bit. Heading to Reinhard the usual faces would make their way to the front. Just before the corner, when the rivet is being downright danced on by pretty much everyone, Josh G and Hack Attack did just that, riding off in romantic duo fashion. It wasn’t a fierce jump, just an impressive surge, followed up by a little team work. Peter P, Little T, Eric M, Little T, Jacinto, and others were sorting themselves out behind. Eric M put in a decent leadout for his mate Little T who jumped at the base of the sprint hill with Hunter P in tow. The gap to the Gewitz and Hacker was far too much though. Joshy G rolled thru the corner right in front Hacker and the 2 appeared to keep on the gas for the backside.

After everyone turned onto Schoolhouse, heading downhill, Guido and Jacinto had jumped off trying to bridge up and had a bit of a gap turning onto Peck Ln. Rondo and Mike McG, after an apparent mechanical, were seen meeting back up with the front of the ride. Once on Peck ln, headwinds took their toll on everyone and even the 2 up front throttled back, giving everyone a chance to regroup. The overall size of the field was def a good bit smaller, with probably close to 20 riders being shed up to this point. The speed ramped up a bit before and onto route 10, as Mike McG surged up the hill by Cheshire Park.

Heading to the Stop n Shop Sprint, Rondo went to the front for a spell, turning 30 mph into the wind for a minute and half or so, putting pressure on already thin ice. This def helped his teammate Little T, who was tucked in nicely. Yalie Adam and the rider on the Blue would give a crack at the sprint but would be easily beat by T. There was def some worked over guys coming to rest at the lights in mid Cheshire.

The rest of the ride was standard fare. Good to see it was a little safer blasting thru lighter, later day traffic. The headwind would excise its own tax, popping a couple more guys off the back heading into Hamden. A group of 6 or so had a chance to duke out the final meters. It took all of the road available for Peter P to finally edge past Hacker right before the corner of Shepard Ave.

All in all great ride.