A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 18th - Its 5:34 PM - let's roll


Today it was cold. Temps dropping but the pace was high.

But first a little word of warning guys:


I have been on this ride - It goes over less traveled roads at 7:30 on a saturday morning. Stuff like that shouldnt be happening and we need to watch ourselves here in Cheshire sometimes.

Sorry for the debbie-downer moment, but this year will be the biggest for the ride no doubt. Have to start things right.

OK so onto tonight, we left a little later to give the Stop n Shop crew a chance to ride in, they were met with hugs and kisses up the road a bit. Again, the Keltic crew was out with something to prove. They are quickly amassing points in the "most improved" category. Some traffic problems on Mount Sanford rd left the field in two. Once things got re-established, Chris C launched an early attack on Mountain Rd in response for the negative media he has been receiving as of late. It was shut down by a Keltic rider ( on a trek. name? ) and the ever strong, Steve Grey. Thru the stop sign and Hunter was next to give it a go. Coming up to Cornwall, all was together again.
The ride was sedate until the chicane known as Jarvis\Marion. Chris C and Hunter P lead out the hill with some decent speed. But that was nothing compared to the 1,2 punch from Ron and Mike McG that tore the ride in two. Right thru the corner the duo turned the rivots, and those that were there and willing to keep it rolling fast made the break. By the turn onto Knotter, the break had a solid 10-12 seconds and was not going to be caught.

The riders who made it;

Mike McG
Chris C
Eric M
Steve Grey
Little t
Crazy Chris (?)
Sachs rider on a Javelin (name?)

Pretty sure that was it. The group kept things motoring along nicely. Steve Grey, always one to try to be breaking the spirit of those behind him, tried to jump off the front going past Peck ln. But Mike McG and Hunter kept him close.

Back in the field, no one was taking it easy. John Gregory, Rick on a C'Dale, and the other Keltic riders were keeping the pace high. But with so much horsepower up the road, they would only be able to see them from a distance the rest of the ride.

The break ended up meeting up with a probably lost and confused Peter P... ( short cut !? ) and Team Foley, son and dad. They jumped in helped out with the team time trial. Coming up to the non-sprint sprint, the group, in a show of safety and solidarity, kept the team work up right til the end..... Then Little t snookered them and rode off with Eric M, getting some kind of sprint win...

ride at 6 next week?