A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 16th

A good ride to end the year.

8 or 9 guys out. Good to see Curtis ok after his attack by a car.

Curtis and Hunter were on cross bikes as a sign of the racing to come. Eric M finally took out his $2700+ Campy Bora Wheelset out for a spin. He said he was thinking of racing cross on them*. Anthony wore the Stage 1 kit again, proving he was not just borrowing it from someone and he is actually going to be winning races with it next spring....

Next week? It's hard to imagine anyone will be out. But that's ok. It was a great season of Tuesday night rides.

*may or may not be true

Tuesday the 16th

Ok, so its on!

The Tuesday night World Champs!

5:00 PM

see you there.

Tuesday the 16th

So what does everyone think about tomorrow?

I say 5:00 - who agrees? 5:15?

Lets get one more ride in and then thats it..... NO MORE.


who's in?