A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 31st

Who cares bout the ride, did you see the chick running in the 2-Piece???

Yep it was a good ride tonight. Back from the rainy week, the main dudes were out and ready to Parr-taay. Multiple attacks on the night from Hacker, Joe K, Burgie Smalls, Hunter P and Sasha. Breaks and gaps enjoyed by Ben Bruce, Ciocci, Nuemotion, The Sernyak, Kyle C, Mike McG, the new guys on the older BMC and a couple others.
    For the mid-point sprint, Alan B led it off with an attack on Welch, but got swallowed up at the base of the hill as Nuemotion and Hacker jumped in unison. Chris C was there as well before the corner, with Mike McG not far behind. The leaders held up a bit, giving Mike and Hunter P a chance to latch on. From there Hunter P jumped out and got the sprint over Nuemotion.
    Round 2 at the Stop and Sprint was a 3-way race between Ben Bruce, who jumped first, Nuemotion, and Little T. Nuemotion made it close but Little T hung on to get it. After that, the ride calmed down, except for Burgster taking off for a hott minute after the lights in Cheshire.
    For the finale, it was a 6 horse race after Mike McG smoothly led the front of the ride out. From there 3 riders would duke it out.... Little T, Ben Bruce and The Sernyak (fresh off his 5th place Masters Nationals finish. Congrats Mike!). Little T hangs on and gets the sit and sprint to close out the evening.

Great ride everyone!