A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 2nd

Was is fast? Was it slow? We cant make up our minds....

Fun ride tonight as there are some factors that would make it interesting...

As this may be the last 6 pm ride, there was def a sense of urgency and finality... Chris Jones was back in town. This time with a Team Type 1 teammate to back him up no doubt... The TWC has gotten faster since he left.... And Peter Petrillo was sporting a new goatee that was sure to add at least 3-4 mph to the night's average.

Pretty much right off Route 10, things got interesting with Mike McG coming up to the front and setting above average tempo. He had Eric M and Stage 1 up there to help. Things calmed down a bit and riding onto Mount Sanford, Tall John and Guido jetted off the front as the front of the ride decided what next to do. Hunter P responded shortly thereafter with a hard jump up to the 2, tugging Mike McG along with a few others. The quick bridge up, coupled with some traffic thru the S. Brooksvale corner for the peleton meant that a group formed off the front for the trip down to Mountain Rd.

Mike McG, tall John, Guido, Hunter P, Little T, VQ Rob, Peter P, Brian Wirtz, Supa Dave ?... Probably a couple others... all with a decent and semi scary gap on the field.

Back in the peleton, Eric M and other Stage 1 riders were working to close the gap and by the turn onto Mountain there was some splintering of the front group and it all came back together as everyone rode tempo up the first riser on Mountain Rd. For the rest of Mountain Rd everyone was together, and the work load at the front was spread around.

Onto Moss Farms where off the front rode VQ Rob, Pete on a Scott, (Seven rider too?). The trio hovered just out of reach for the front of the peleton for a few seconds and then riders started popping off the front to join up... Eric M, O'Shea, Guido, etc. This only served to bring everything back together and heading into the chicane it was all a-bunch. On the hill up to Marion, French Casey, proving that last week was not a fluke, freight trained up to the front and led the ride thru the corner. From there it was a combination of riders keeping it going.

Into the industrial park where again Casey was at it along with another new rider atop an all black bike (?) but things were pretty sedate as everyone turned their attention to the sprint.
The pace was solid heading up to Reinhard. There were a couple of guys that used the West Johnson hill to get into position. Steve Grey, Fuji Chris, Julio L, a ex-Pan Am Champion in a pink&green jersey, O'Shea and others. Julio jumped hard first along with Hunter P, but Little T jumped harder and later and got the sprint while Hunter P put up a decent\but losing fight. Down the backside where O'shea went hard and off the front for a quick bit, but it was together for the trip onto Peck Ln.

Moving towards Route 10, Tall John, the Turtle, and VQ Rob took off in pursuit of glory but Stage 1 riders Todd H and Supa Dave did a good job of covering the gap going up the hill past Cheshire Park ( site of CheshireCross 08.... Nov 22nd... ) Mike McG jumped hard to pull the ride up the crest of the hill to make sure that no one was skirting off the front.

Coming up to the Stop n Shop sprint, there was a trio of riders off the front trying to catch the favorites off guard. Tall John and ??? and ??? (Kyle F?) Anyway, they were caught just as the fireworks started... Again, a lot of guys in position, but this time Chris C was faster and laughing all the way to the bank as Little T had his hands full with fighting off the PanAm champ. Good job Chris!

Past Cheshire and heading into Hamden, Casey was again at it, getting in a solid effort off the front. For the very end it got proper fast, with the Type 1 boys up in the hizzous. Rondo drilled it hard with 2k to go, that was followed by Mike McG going all out for 500 meters. In the end Little T was able to out last the others.... and Peter P's facial hair.... But just barely... Another day racking up the euros for Alessio..

up the hill, Mason from Darmouth got a good start, he was joined halfway up by Tri-Doug and then Hunter P. All of them were caught by Chris Butler and Chris had no problem sprinting away from Doug and then Mason...