A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 24th

 Not much time for a re-cap this week guys ( and gals ), we stayed up too late at the Dancing with the Stars After party ( Kristie Alley was robbed ! )

It was a decent sized group out tonight. With the 'Rent starting up a few guys were missing from the SG scene. But on the other hand we got Guido and Crowle back and both were looking to miraculously make up for lost training time.
   Right from the get-go CVC Rob and Tri Doug hit the front along with Guido, Thomaas B and DJ Dan. Mahoney also worked his way front and the pace was steady for the first few miles leading to Mountain rd. Once onto Mountain, Eric M hit the jets and strung thing out behind him as he towed Bike Shop Bob up the hill. From there on the pace was good with lots of different guys getting involved up front and a slight tailwind. Everyone wisely sat up for the ultra fast light on Route 68, giving everyone to recollect and get ready for Moss Farms.
    There, Eric M, Thomas B, DJ Dan ( not the REAL Dj dan, but still a cool guy ) VQ Rob and Rondo got things going to which everyone was game. Eddy A and Air Jordan then hit the front and created a gap to the leaders. Guido followed along with Hunter P and the group, even though just a few meters up the way, was looking volatile. The CCB duo along with Hacker and Little T ramped things up from behind and sewed it up. as everyone was coming out of the Chicane. Heading up to Marion, Eddy A stayed up front to pace along the ever improving Jordan Lynn, Hunter P and Eric M were up there too and without any attacks, the pace stayed high up past the industrial park.
    The stragglers were left out as everyone got the green light over 322 and then VQ Rob punched it breifly on the other side.  Eddy A jetted off the front as everyone got to Mount Vernon and that sent everyone into race mode. It stayed fast for the next couple of miles leading to the false flats, with the speed just under 30 miles an hour. We can all tip the hat thanks to Mike McG, CCBs, Hacker, Eric M, Bike Shop Bob, etc etc yada yada yada..... Even Mahoney was up there driving it along. Good job everyone!
     Eddy A, Air Jordan, Hunter P, Chris C and Hacker were upfront dispatching the false flat for everyone. It stayed all together after that section and despite the CCB duo and John Pescatore looking itchy coming up to Welch Rd, everyone was getting a chance to recoup before the turnaround.
      Leading up to the corner, after some good pacing by Bike Shop Bob, a huge group massed near the front. Mike McG charged off unassumingly, taking along Yahor (?) from CCB, then Jordan L jumped to match that pace along with Hacker. They went thru the corner first right in front of Little T, who had jumped a few seconds prior, taking along Hunter P, Eric M and the rest of the guys going for it. There were some cars in the corner, which stacked things up a bit and once thru it, Mike McG, Hacker and CCB were left up front as leadout train. Mike was cool with that and kept the speed high up to about 150 meters to go at which point Little T jumped up fast enough so that once again, no one went with him. Chris C and CCB went over the line next.
    On the backside it all came back together. A red light scooped up a descent attacking Eric M. The pace stayed high as a couple of guys were ok with working thru the section. VQ Rob, Thomas B, Mike McG, Etc. The next action was before going over 322 again. A new guy from Central Wheel had jumped off the front with Guido, Thomaas B and MaHoney but a red light over 322 brought everyone back together.
    Eric M found a way to have an integrated seatpost slip so the group waited a little while soft pedaling onto Peck Lane as he fixed it. But it was back to bruises soon after. It got going again with Guido, Mahoney and Ike McG up front. Mike attacked hard at the end of the little rizer on Peck, causing Yahor and Chris C to bridge up hard as Mahoney, Hunter P, Eric M and Guido chose the slow-and-steady route back to the leaders. It all came back together once everyone was past the road construction it was gruppo compacto turning onto Route 10.
    Going up the hill by Cheshire Park, a new rider in a white and red (?) kit was setting tempo pace. Then VQ Rob took over and a CCBer. Soon enough it was time for the Zane's train to hit the front. Koski and Rondo kept it brisk as Little T, Tim "best legs of the pack" Ratta, Hacker and Hunter P were sitting in. Little T jumped taking along Rattatatat and Hunter P. The big guy in the Innova Health Jersey (?) was sliding backwards and slowed the sprint for everyone but Little T, although Rattatatat was feeling the 3 hours he put in before the SG ride (!) and was fading fast. T gets this one as well by a healthy margin.
    Fast forward to the end, where empty-the-tank-efforts from Rondo, VQ Rob, Eric M, Guido, and Hacker left an elite group up front, fighting Little T all the way to the bitter end. Up the hill went, Dr. Dennis, Mahoney, Hunter P, Gregg F, and a couple of others.

All in all a good ride with the workload shared, smooth rotations up front and solid speed throughout.