A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 22nd

This is the best place to show-off wind tunnel tested wheel skewers!

The weather was crap tonight, with a light rain all night. Still, at least 40 guys showed up.

Eric M and sidekick DaFlame, as per usual, were the early go-fasters. They had help from Dave H, VQ Rob, and Hunter P. Ciocci also got involved and it got quick thru the cobbles. It was quick up to Mountain Road. Then a healthy Guido, BenG, and Larry M got involved. Mike McG, Tim Ratta and Rondo were the next group to hit the front. Rondo was fresh off surprising everyone with a strong ride at The Harlem Skyscraper. Seems he has been taking advice from an old master. There was enough bodies up there to keep it quick all the way to Mountain Rd. Ratta hit the rizers first, followed with a surge from Hunter P. Eric M kept up with that but the 2 eased up on the backside and the gap was gone quickly. Chris C, and Eddy A were up there setting a good tempo.

Chris B tried to escape toward the end of Mountain road, but everyone hit the light together. Eric M and LaFlame were up there again with VQ and Larry M on Moss Farms. Guido jumped off the front toward the end of Moss and going thru the corner, slid a tire out on the still wet roads. He didn’t go down too hard and wasn’t moving that fast, but it was still a bummer to have to watch. It took a while to get everyone on the same page, as a small group kinda kept going. But when Guido was confirmed ok, the riding slowly got back to normal. Team Zane’s got it going on Mount Vernon along with Ratta.

For the Turnaround Sprint, Little T had little trouble dispatching it. Mike McG and Chris B were duking it out well behind him. VQ kept up the pressure past that, and had a small gap on the backside with Eddy A chasing. The peleton met up with the crew of guys ( mostly new havener’s who like to go fast ) who had properly waited for Guido. Shame on those who didn’t take a moment from the mostly futile efforts of glory to see if Mr Wollmann was ok.

Fast forward a bunch and the Zane’s Leadout was back to business for the Stop n Sprint. This time tho it was a little sloppy, with Rondo getting Eric M off the front. Eric couldn’t hold the gap for the very long run in, so that left Mike McG to make sure Little T was in a good spot. T jumped out with Hunter P and Ratta in tow, with Hunter the only one to give him any trouble. Little T had this one sewed up pretty good as well.

The rest of the ride was standard issue…. Rondo, Guido, and Chris B being the most active heading back into Hamden. Chris B had a good gap heading into the finale but had to sit up. Time to go wash the bikes and dry the shoes...