A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 26th

The CWC Kicks off with a Bang!!!

     The 6PM start time meant 20 to 25 showed up for the start. The Yalies showed up ready to fight. They brought AR-15’s to a knife fight but the old men were not about to back down. The leisurely pace down RT-10 was not a sign of things to come. After the turnoff to River Road, Chris C. jumped and took a couple Yalies along who wanted to play. A small gap was created, but guys like McGinley and Todd H quickly closed the gap. The ride Down Mt Road was strung out with equal pulls being taken by the 10 guys up front. There was a bit of a gap at the RT-68 light and the light turned green not allowing for a rest. The entire group made the light (what was left of the group anyway) but I’m sure some guys ran the red.
     The tempo stayed hard all the way down Moss Farms road. After the chicane, the pace quickened, going up the false flat on Jarvis St. Once onto West Johnson Chris C. jumped with Dave Rustico but all that did was light the fuse to the Powder Keg. The Yalies set a hard tempo turning onto Reinhardt but Mike McGinley was there to counter. Hacker and another Yalie countered Mikes move and took the sprint. Hacker got the points???
      The ride up Peck lane was hard. Little T went to the front and drilled it up the false flat stringing it out. Chris C. kept the pressure up on Sandbank which created a small gap with one of the Yalies. A red light in front of the car wash brought everybody back together. Just as the light turned green, Jacob Hacker stormed through at 30mph turning everyone inside out to catch him. The pace was high up the prison hill when one of the Yalies dropped his glasses and then made a sudden turn into the prison driveway to get them. That startled some on the front of the group. Chris C. attempted to lead out McGinley and Little T but started the lead out too early which allowed Hacker to come around and take the sprint. The pace stayed high down RT-10. With 1K to go Mike McGinley jumped hard with Hacker and another Yalie on his wheel. This strung everyone out but also allowed Hacker to roll off the front. Todd Hamel put in a hard effort to catch Hacker but could not close the gap and the early hat trick goes to the professor. Well done.
      All in all an awesome way to start the Sleeping Giant ride proper. Hats off to the "Kids" from Yale for keeping the pace high and to all of us old guys who still have a little something left in the legs.