A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 18th

It’s good to be back….

The ride was back to more normal this week as the weather was good and a few regulars were back from vacation. A strong tailwind got everyone moving pretty quickly early on. Tho one was in a rush to attack or try to create separation in the field. Chris C, Mike McG, Ciocci, The Full Nalini (Great to see him back), Special Ed, Joe K, Ben Banana-Peel Bruce, Gibertoni and a couple of others were primarily responsible for keeping the pace high thru the early miles. Everyone stayed together all the way to the light on route 68\70.
     Hank P, Nuemotion, hunter P and one or 2 more got the pace going on Moss Farms but again, nothing more than solid pace up front. It was enough to thin the pack by several riders. Gibertoni, Chris C and Ben Bruce had everyone single file going into the Chicane but the urgency withered a bit on the rise up to and after the corner for Marion. More solid efforts from the guys you would expect, keeping the speed high toward the light on 322.
      Once everyone got onto Mount Vernon, the race to the “ball-crusher” section sort of got going. Hank P, Tall John, Chris C, Joe K, Tall Dennis and more, all seemed to want to be in position to pick the smoothest line thru the road. It made for quick run thru the sector and there was no incidents. Everyone stayed together for the most part for the next several hundred meters.
      Just before the corner for Welch, Hunter P jumped and attacked, creating a gap on his own. The rest of the pack was content to let that go and ride the more typical run in to the sprint point. Hunter P rolled up a 100 meter gap towards the middle of Welch and hit the corner with good gap. Behind, Henk P jumped out and off the front with Ben Bruce on his wheel. Several others, the usual suspects, were quick to follow. Henk drove the pace and covered most of the gap, with BB coming up and getting to Hunter P halfway to the sprint point. Ben paused for a moment and kept on the gas and was allowed to roll into the headwind. Behind Ciocci was coming up, along with a couple of others, but it was too little, too late, as Ben Bruce took easily. On the backside, it all came back together again despite the pack getting more than the usual amount of green lights on the way back into Cheshire.
      No real action off the front once over 322. Gibertoni rolled off the front towards the top of the riser on Peck Lane, taking Chris C, The Sernyak, Tall John, Nuemotion and 2 or 3 others with him. There was enough of a quick response to that so the gap was not too much to cover as the road went down over the old railroad tracks. From there it was all together heading up to and onto route 10.
      Coming up to the Stop n Sprint, a red light slowed the pack down but gave a couple of guys the chance to blow the red light up front. Names shall not be named in the matter. It was all for naught though as Henk P, Chris C and Hunter P jumped off the green light quickly and were the rabbits for everyone else. The run into the sprint was quick, with Chris C leaving it off for the sprinters at the base of the hill. Little T, Nuemotion and Mike McG jumped for it, with Little T taking it.
      On the way back into Hamden, more than a couple of back-o-the-pack dwellers came up and chipped in on the pace making, also making it a little dicier a finale than usual. Once all the chaff was separated, a small group of 4 or 5 (Little T, Gibertoni, The Full Nalini, Dan Smith and one other) rolled off. Giberonti lead the others out and was blowing gauges to stay in front. It was a very close call, with Little T pulling ahead just a few meters too late, past the imaginary, ever moving finish line.