A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 4th

Short loop kicks in, feels....... Shortish

The threat of rain scared off a lot of riders tonight and there were only about 23 or so, ready to get their vag's a little sandy. Fortunately, the rain stayed away and only the stop n shop crew heading down from Cheshire got wet. After some heated debate it was decided to stick to the plan and go short. Mike McG wanted to go long. Chappy as well. Hacker, Hunter and Nuemotion said short. Crowle was eating waffles.
     The first to get things going on the backroads was MoMoney, who took off and was joined by Hunter P. They rolled a little while but Mike McG brought the peleton up and he stayed up there to set Tempo. MoMoney and Nuemotion were up there as well and Guido got involved heading to Mountain Rd. Late on Mountain, the dangerous trio of Nuemotion, Hacker and Guido got some daylight and were looking to get to the light. Koski put in a long pull to sew it up and the light was red.
     Chris C punched it on Moss Farms, taking along Koski. They had a gap when Hacker jumped up to bridge, taking along MoMoney and Hunter P. Those 5 briefly worked together and Guido got up to the group late and the rest behind were winding up to get there as well. Hacker tried to go again at the top of Moss Farms but was contained by the corner and it was all together ( although strung out ) going into the Chicane. Gregg F led all up the hill onto Marion and there were no real attacks heading to the turn.
      Everyone made it thru the corner safely and once into the industrial park proper, Das Deutschlandlied started playing signaling entry into Guido's territory. He hit the front and made sure the speed stayed high at first. No sitting in!
      There were sure to be some eager beavers on West Johnson and sure nuff, Chris C hit it, taking along a new guy in red (Rory D!?) and Hacker. Mike McG was riding hard to bring them back and there were a few guys on his 6. Once thru the 4-way intersection, things reshuffled a bit but Hacker was next to go off the front along with Nuemotion and MoMoney. Those 3 were making headway as Chris C assumed role of chaser but the speed wasnt that crazy as there were some guys who didnt know the corner onto Reinhard. Gregg F and Dillon P moved up, looking to snooker the sprint as the trio up the road had ended the attack and were soft pedaling to the base of the hill. Hacker would jump from the group to get a headstart as Hunter P jumped from the peleton. Mike McG jumped as well and was soon leading it out as He and Hunter P went thru all others. Hunter was able to get around Mike for the last bit and make it thru the corner first. Everyone came back together on the descent and there was a collective - we're here already?! when the pack started in on Peck Ln. A few guys kept the speed up on the way to Route 10. No attacks. Guido and Tall Dennis were seemed to be looking to get something going but to no avail. Hunter P pulled back Tall Dennis and the Willier rider on the hill by Cheshire Park, which lead to Guido getting a slingshot off the front for the run in to Stop n Shop. A Red light ended that though and it reset for the sprint. Guido jumped straight to the front after the liught and ramped it up quickly. Standing there to benefit was Hacker and Nuemotion. Koski tried to head-up a plan B leadout for those behind which setup Hunter P to jump from a little ways back. Up front, Nuemotion jumped from Hackers wheel and was the only one up there. Hunter P came round at the last moment and stuck it with Mike McG on his wheel. From there, with reduced numbers, the ride back into Hamden was uneventful..... Except for the very last bit when word made its way to the front that Peter K may have been hit by a car going thru the Cook Hill intersection. A bunch of guys ended a bit before Shepard and went back to investigate so the sitsprint ending and hilltop finish was null. Peter K was no where to be found and it turned out he just slid into the curb, onto some grass, and was ok besides a couple of bruises. 

Just a head's up to all. Cheshire Cycle will be hosting a little send-off for the last ride of the year. History tells us that it would be October 9th but the last 5:30 ride has always been a small crowd so we're going to do it on the 2nd with a rain date of the 9th. We'll have beer, pizza and maybe a hazing or 2. A ballot box for new 2013 nicknames will be there cause everyone needs a fresh start once in a while. Feel free to drop off your civilian clothing before the ride if you are normal and do not like socializing in lycra. We'll assume Chappy will be in even tighter clothing then during the ride. Significant others are invited if that's the only way you can justify having beers on a tuesday night.