A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 18th

Gate Crashers & The Putting Aside of Unwritten Rules

    Another tailwindy night meant that it was going to be fast for the first half. Aidan C and Hoyle played the disruptors early on, steam-rolling off the front right on route 10. Big Red and the Roving Reporter followed, making 4 up the road. Behind, Chris C took the bait and started across the gap. He was joined by Timmy J and Hunter P. The 2 groups came on Mount Sanford and despite some head shaking from Chris C, the leaders kept on it. The traditionalists would sit on for a bit but then they too , ate of that forbidden fruit.
     Behind, the group got caught at the light by Sleeping Giant Driving Range, which allowed for a big enough gap that the upfronters were out of sight. After a little while, things started to ramp up behind. It mostly became Kyle C, Burgess, The Sernyak and a couple of others, fighting to supplant Freight Train Markowitz off the front.
     The break (using that term loosely) held advantage all the way to the turnaround sprint. Roving Reporter and Timmy J would get dispatched from the group, but it picked up firepower when Sean Cahill met the ride and jumped into the rotation. The sprint would be taken by Cahill. Soon after the field would come fighting its way back into contact. From there attacks were squished by the headwind and Freight Train on the front.
     Once onto Peck Lane, Burgess sprinted....lept.....skipped....sashayed(?) off the front in a hurry. He was soon joined by Big Red and those 2 held a gap for 750 meters or so. The Sernyak, Special Ed, and other CVC riders jumped across the gap and brought it all back together before the ride got to route 10 again.
     More fighting into the wind, but the sprint for Stop n shop was an honest affair, with Little T getting over the top of Hoyle. After that, Gibertoni tried to drill it thru town but traffic and plenty of pack fill was there to keep it together. The remainder of the ride was ho hum, not many surprises. The final was swept up by Ben Bruce.

Great ride everyone! Got something to complain about??? You know what to do....

Tuesday the 11th

After weeks of rainy Tuesdays, the ride was out for blood tonight! A strong tailwind made for a record-breaking night. There was also a HUGE crowd out tonight so there was mucho gusto ready to go. Little T cleaned up with the sprint points, although Big Red gave him a run for his money for the Stop n Sprint and the Sit n Sprint.

Tuesday the 21st

The SG Ride roars back and young Crowell is so far, the revelation of 2017.
Chris C was giddy with excitement all ride long.

Tuesday the 14th

(sad face)