A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 2nd

Aren't you glad you did your leg openers on Monday!

    Summer came back with a vengeance and gave us a hot n sticky ride last night. The usual 30-40 riders were out and ready to go. Even so, everyone was all too happy to wait for Rory D to change a flat in the parking lot. Once it going it got going. Jordan L took hit it as soon as the flag dropped off route 10. Hunter P jumped as well and those two quickly got up a gap. The chase started for reals when Guido jumped up to join them, no doubt looking to have as many shots on goal during his last couple of weeks left Stateside :(
     A slow corner soon after field catch the 3 leaders and from there it was generally all together. Heading down towards Mountain Road French Casey took off in a flash and took Jordan L with him. Those 2 worked quickly and concisely to stay on the throttle and get up a solid gap. Dillon P went all in with a bridge effort but the 2 leader were 100% committed to the break. GOOD ON EM for that!  They were nearly out of sight as the field turned onto Mountain rd. Once the threat was recognized as being serious and real deal, the field went to work to bring it down. Strong pulls from Chris C, The Sernyak, A new guy in a fake Rock Racing Kit, Hunter P, a new guy in the Mengoni kit, Mike McG, Little T , Rob Dux and Burggie Baby got the gap to fall pretty quickly. French Casey and Jordan L had 50 meters as they came up on the light for 68\70, which was red. “Gruppo Compacto” as Rondo says.
     Hacker took action on Moss Farms, and Burggie Baby and Jordan L were there as well. It would be the Burg's final showing as he got hit with a flat soon after the chicane and riser to Marion. Jordan L continued to ride hard up front for kicks and giggles.
     Once onto Mont Vernon, Mengoni was up front with Guido and The Sernyak, looking to split up the group. Hunter P came across the gap and brought everyone with him. From there is stayed solid with no one really striking out. There was a brief gap enjoyed by French Casey and Christian Duncan coming up to the corner for Welch. But that was squelched as everyone dug in for the run to the sprint.
     Despite Hacker, Mike McG, Little T, Hunter P, and a couple of others being up front, the pace slowed down quite a bit. Little T eventually took it matters into his own hands, sitting tempo up the hill, thru the corner and onward. Hutner P took over and then Chris C, stringing things out just enough to give Mike McG a good launch pad to get the sprint point.
    On the backside, French Casey took his place at the front of the class room and started schooling everyone. He hit the afterburners and was off. The rest of the field came back together on the initial descent but after the highway crossing, as the road went down again, Chris C and The Sernyak took to the front and snuck off quickly and effectively. They got up a gap that was assisted by some traffic for the peleton at the end of West St by the gas station ( French Casey's Corner). The 2 leaders drilled it for the rest of the way toward the 322 crossing. They managed to stay away despite some strong pacing by Guido going underneath the highway, and then Mengoni afterward. As the pack (now quite smaller due to the pace into the wind) barreled up to the light, Chris C could be seen leading (tempting) The Senryak thru the redlight. Safe crossing for the breakaway, pretty much out of sight, means no foul..... But it was pretty darn close. That left 3 riders off the front to take the rest of the prizes on the night. Chris C and the Sernyak would stay in visual contact with French Casey but no one would catch him tonight. He takes all the marbles and impressively finishes the ride solo... The first of the season!
      Behind, the pack was resigned to playing 2nd fiddle. Everyone would have to wait for a while at the light going over 322, and then some more while as the pack broke up getting thru the red light that would not change. Once everyone was back together on the other side, the leaders were gone-sville. Nice job to them for riding hard off the front.

Perhaps the short loop next week???