A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 15th

Rained out for the second week in a row...
     Still, a few guys were out to ride. Chris C, Koski, John Gregory, Special Ed, Eric M, and Gary H from Cheshire Cycle. After waiting for a couple of minutes in the car park and after no one else showed up the stalwart group rolled out. They were sent off by a beer-toting Hunter P, standing in front of the shop. Hunter was unable to convince anyone to stop riding, even tho that beer looked waaaaay too good. Chris C, Eddy A and Eric kept a steady rotating pace up right through the back roads to RT-68. John, Koski and Gary were content to sit on and go for the ride. Status-quo out onto Moss Farms and Mt Vernon. At the turn-a-round Koski put in a blistering effort and rode everyone off his wheel to take the hill sprint on West street by at least 200 yards. Impressive attack! Soon after Special Ed peeled off at the West Street gas station and the rest of the guys rode back to Cheshire at a leisurely pace. Chris C took the S&S sprint and then checked out for the night... The visions of beer bottles still in his head and now too much to take. Eric, John G, Koski and Gary finished out the ride into Hamden.

All in all a fun night of riding in the rain.