A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 8th

     The rain derailed the ride tonight. There were still a few guys out to get in a good workout.
MoMoney, Chris C, Gary H, Dillon P, John Gregory, Timex Casey, Nuemotion, Builder Pete, Antonio D, Hunter P, Guido, & Rapha Ridley.
     Right from the start Crowle was looking to be the instigator. Guido got hit with a flat right off route 10 and Nuemotion waited with him. Chris would attack a bunch of times early on, fracturing the small group. John Gregory, MoMoney and Hunter P would sew things back up just to see Chris jump again. A couple of times Chris C and Hunter P would get a gap but Chris was the only one looking to get away most of the time. The ride lost a few guys by the turnaround. Chris and Hunter P shot off the front of the sprint. Guido rejoined on the backside and it was steady tempo the rest of the ride.

Time to go rinse off the shoes......