A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 8th

The SGR... Safer and more organized than the CT Stage Race!

Despite the ride missing our beloved German for another week while he recovers, today was a good night for the SGR. Its amazing how despite this ride being the same guys, same roads, week in week out, the ride continues to be never quite the same twice. Today it was a group of 3 ( Chris C, Eric M, and VQ Rob, ) who were either looking for a good workout or wanting to stay clear of Chris Mahoney on aero bars(?!). They punched it off the front early on and powering their way thru to the end, despite some pretty raw chasing.

The group went up the road once Chris C hit the throttle on Mount Sanford Road. The gap was small for a couple of miles, as some traffic thru the corners kept everyone close. Once onto South Brooksvale, with the 3 big teams represented in the break ( CCR, Zane’s and Stage1 ) the impetus in the peleton went away and the gap went up. Some more traffic for the main bunch getting onto North Brooksvale gave them a little more breathing room. That was really all they needed as Eric M turned on his newly installed Spartacus7000 and spearheaded the pulls in the break. The chase behind didn’t really start in earnest till the second half of Mountain road, when Chris B took off in one his many solo chase efforts on the night. His effort was followed up with a strong pull from Gregg F. It was also good to see Gordan “I am not Corey Feldman” Daniell out and also hammering the front to try to get some response from the rest. The Peleton had to stop at the light at 68 while the escape made it thru the light without much stoppage. By the time the rest of the field got onto Moss Farms the leading three where well out of sight. Chris B again attacked thru the chicane. The pace was pretty good for the rest of the way to Route 322. Credit Rondo, Ciocci, and Gregg F with hustling to get the peloton thru the light crossing 322. The breakaway was outta sight for a while. In perhaps what was the strongest display of the night, Joe “raging bull” Kubisek reminding all who they were dealing with and mashed his way off the front of a hard chasing pack for what seemed like an eternity. The false flat section finally brought him back… Kinda… As Hunter P used the incline to get out and bridge the gap. But those two would be caught within a mile. Hunter P was back pulling along with Joe Policarpio from CCR and Chris B late on Mount Vernon and then onto Welch Road. The CCR boys had help from Ciocci, and a new guy atop a Look. Mike McG was up there too but he was laying low, probably playing John Madden with the Peleton, patrolling and keeping things real up at the front so that his teammate Eric M would have the best shot at staying away. The breakaway was in sight ( half mile up the road! ) as everyone came up to the sprint turnaround, but everyone in the main bunch would be fighting for first loser as they say. Despite strong jumps from Peter P, Ciocci, and Little T, the sprint was pretty much negated due to a red light and stacked traffic on West St.

The 4 up front would have no problem on the backside and subsequent traffic lights. With Eric M taking strong pulls, continuing his claim to “Best Rouleur”, they continued to up their advantage until Chris C and Joe K again hit the front hard going past the exit ramp for I84. The gap was under 20 seconds at the light going back over 322, but the main bunch had to stop for what seemed like 3 minutes while the light decided to turn green. That was when the fat lady sung. There was no catching the break. Chris B would again try to single-handedly bring back the gap on Peck Ln, this time surging off the front with help from Julio L and Hutner P. Those 3 had a solid gap for a couple of miles, all the way up past the hill by Cheshire Park. Chris B would try a couple more times heading back into Hamden but for tonight, the hats go off to the 3 who lead wire to wire, no doubt pulling rivets out to stay out in front the whole time. Eric M was the one who takes top honors, getting the best of his breakaway companions for the final sprint points.

Great ride! Some good attacks, some strong countering and a lot a hard chasing.