A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 27th

Slowly thinning the herd for the season…

A group of 20 or so took off today in the ride. Just a couple more weeks of SG riding left for the year. :(
    The pace out of the parking lot was respectable. Once the ride got onto the back roads, the speed was consistence but nothing too crazy. Alan B, Chris C, Hunter P, Jason Williams and a couple of others were early antagonists. Alan B took off on Mount Sanford and would hold a gap just about to Mountain Rd. Steve Grey chased down the majority of the gap and nearly broke off a chase in the process. Once onto Mountain Rd, Hunter P attacked with The Sernyak in tow. Those 2 held a gap for a little while as Chris C fought up to bridge. That was enough to bring the rest of the field up.
     Alan B  got hit with a flat midway down on Mountain Rd. The rest of the stretch toward the light was standard stuff. Chris C, the Sernyak, Pescatore and Hunter P led all on the early parts of Moss Farms with basically those same riders tearing thru the Chicane. Little T and Gibertoni also got involved up front as the ride went into the industrial park. AS the ride turned uphill onto West Johnson, Chris C took off, taking Gibertoni, and the Sernyak with him. Those 3 held the gap as riders shuffled around behind. Steve Grey was among the first to try to close it down as everyone hit Reinhard. With the leaders now done for, the first to sprint was New Guy Chad then Mike McG and Hunter P. Little T came past all hallway up the hill and was able to hold off Hunter P to the sprint point.
     On the backside, everyone came back together, although the ride has lost a solid 5-8 guys by this point. On the run up Peck, Chris C was back at it. This time it was Rusty and Hunter P who closed the gap down. That led to Hunter P and the Sernyak off the front charging onto Schoolhouse. They were joined late by the ever present Steve Grey but traffic onto route and then at the light gave all a chance to reconnect.
     From there it was pretty standard stuff leading up to the Stop and Sprint. A group of 5 or 6 was up front clearing the way through the lights. Once again New Guy Chad was among the first to jump, and Little T again took it over Hunter P. Through the traffic lights in the center of Cheshire, Dillon P made it through a red and took off on his own. The pack would be slowed by 3 or 4 other lights before clearing Cheshire. The ride back in the dark was super sketchy and fast. Soon enough Dillon P’s blinking light was in view and with a long 750 meters to go it seemed like he would be caught by the field at full gas. He stayed out in front and took the final prize on the night by 40 meters or so.

Great ride everyone! Next week we really roll the dice with a 5:30PM start.