A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Sunday the 28th

The battle to bring the Hacker down continues.....

Great ride on a crisp morning... Nothing like the Sleeping Giant on an October morning to remind you you're are alive.

Props to French Casey, Rondo, Mike McG, Hunter P,
Julio L, Brian K, Chris C and Eric M... All for not letting the day's ride be some sedate romp thru the country side. John Gregory gets honorable mention (for choice of attire).

But still, the one to laugh in the end was Jacob Hacker, who repeatedly attacked and accelerated away from chasers, breakers, and gappers.

Early on Brooksvale Rd, Casey, Hunter and Dave McC (!?) from Epic Velo rode away from the sleepy bunch. By the time Mountain rd ended the pack had responded and started chasing. Hacker went to work after the light and kept it alive with Hunter. But they would sit up and wait well before reaching RT 322.

After chasing different riders ( Rondo, Curtis, Mike, Julio ) along and past Mount Southington, Hacker, Julio, John G slipped away unnoticed on Welch Rd. Hunter tried to bridge but was too late, Hacker was gone for the first time. Everyone came together again for the lights on Rt 229.

Then riding up Peck Ln He slipped away again, this time with Chris C & 1 other rider. He quickly sped away from the others and was gone for the second time and not to caught.

Oh wont someone stop his reign of terror......