A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 28th

Rainy Tuesday... Feels like Monday... Maybe people didnt get the memo.

   The rain was on and mostly going off but it was enough to keep almost all the riders away from Sleeping Giant today. There were some that were not scared off by a little H2o. Mike McG, Mountain Man, Dillon P, The Full Nalini, a new guy on a Merida, French Casey, Hunter P, Rondo and a Yalie who we've seen before ( Adam T? ). Aidan and Dan-the-careening-Caridi from the Aetna / CCAP  team also done show'd up due to the 'rent race being cancelled. Because everyone is programmed to hard on tuesday, the ride was pretty quick from the get-go. A couple of guys checked out before the end of Moss Farms due to the small group/hard pace. Caridi, Aidan, Mike McG, and Hunter P mostly were responsible for the nail driving. There were a couple of moves that looked like they may stick. The Full Nalini did his fair share of chasing and herding the cats, chasing down a lot of aetna+1 other moves off the front.
    Mike McG once again pulled hard up the false flat on Mount Vernon, followed up by Aidan for half the distance to the turn around. Everyone stayed together on Welch until Aidan jumped at the base of the hill. Hunter P was the only one to go with him and he got a great lead-out from the "General" to get the sprint. Everyone sat-up on the backside to let the stragglers catch back on. From there it was status quo. Hunter P jumped hard again going under 84 on Atwater St, Mike McG and Aidan eventually responded and chased with the Full Nalini bringing up the rest of the remaining guys. Everyone rolled thru the light over 322 together but the motivation was still there by the uphill drag to the top of Peck ln. Aidan lit the match there and split the field with a strong pull. It would have been for good but once onto Route 10, everyone decided to spin back into Hamden and that there is how she ended.