A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 11th

Rain rain go away, come back again another day.....

Here's who showed up ( aka: the real men ):

John Gregory
Eric Merrill
Greg Ciocci (!?)
Chris Crowle
Jesse K
Brian Wirtz
Brian Koski
Hunter P
Greg from Zephr !?
Little T Alessio
French Casey
Curtis "i'll just hang back" Easton
Todd H
Crazy Chris !?

i think thats everyone.....

Turning off route 10 Eric M & Todd H were setting good pace. Chris C jumped turning onto Mountain Rd, everyone followed ok. Alessio drilled it going up past Higgins on Mountain rd. Hunter P followed with an attack, but he was caught by Cornwall Ave.

Toward the end of Mountain, Chris C and Brian W moved off the front just in time to catch a fast green light. Everyone else stopped. After we got going again, we found Chris had sat up, Brian had not. So ok, lets chase a bit.
Todd H and Chris C, with help from Little T were driving everyone along. They nearly made a split happen going up Jarvis onto Marion. Next up was the slick corner turning onto Knotter. Speed was good, traction not... With Wirtz in view about 10 seconds up the road, Eric M went down. Could've been worse. We pause to make sure his Zipps are ok, and get going again. Wirtz is not going to be caught unless he waits.
Turning onto Rienhard, Alessio and Chris C have a go at it. Todd H and Hunter P give chase. Hunter P, pulling a play from Jacob Hacker's book, goes past them all with a burst right at the top of the hill. he gets a gap that he keeps till after the train tracks on Sandbank Rd.
Everyone makes it around the corner ok, back onto Route 10. Alessio and Easton ( others ?) are now drilling it toward the center of town. I'll let someone else post the rest of the ride.
We will cut and paste it into this entry...

Tuesday the 11th

It doesnt look so great for tonight guys.

the hour by hour forecast has rain down to a 40% chance by 5 pm. So there is a chance that it will be dry by then.

Going to ride regardless? Let everyone know of your plans by commenting here.