A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 19th

The Sleeping Giant Ride can not be held accountable for your sad display of strength!

     The summer solstice ride was greeted by a good sized crowd, not quite the biggest one this year but close. Good to see Todd H, Tall John, Chris LaSalle and Ratta out. Right off route 10, Dillon took off the front to do his CT champ jersey right. He was soon joined by Guido and at first, no one was eager to chase em down. Soon enough tho a young Yalie (J Levinsohn), Erica from Yale, Tri Doug and The new guy in full Nalini set out to bring em back. A couple of guys hit the front after that. A new guy from Zane's Tall Dennis and Eric M. Guido and Dillon worked well together and they stayed off till a little ways before Mountain Rd. Onto mountain where Koski, Chris C and Hunter got things started. Those 3 had a quick gap after the initial risers and set about to stretch it out. Behind, Mike McQ, never one to be left out of a fun time, jumped across the gap. Todd H joined him and a couple of guys did some kind of in between. That was enough to patch the ride back all up for the rest of the way down Mountain. Joe K spun off the front with Jacinto before the light, which was red, so they didn’t get very far.
     Joe K kept it going on Moss Farms with Ratta & Ciocci. Despite some gaps in the front 15 guys, everyone went thru the chicane all together. Once again, Chris C and Hunter P were ramping it up past the hill onto Marion. Eric M and Mountain Man were up there too. From there it was together heading to 322. Coming up to the light, Keltic O'shea, Ratta, Nuemotion, Eric M and Chris C all took off in hopes of getting the light. It was red so that 15 second full on effort seemed silly.
     On the other side, Luekens moved up to the front and that got things going. A small group was off the front heading onto Mount Vernon led by Larry M, but it was al together soon after. The ride down Mount Vernon was on the sedate side. No real attacks. Zane's was up front along with Yale, Guido and Thomaas B. After the false flat, Tall John and Guido took off the front. Ratta, Eric M, Nuemotion and the other guys were already up front kept it close. LaSalle and MoMoney went after the front 2 but that just served to bring it all back together.
     The pack slowed up on Welch, a few strong guys were moved up. Before the hill Luekens and Tri Doug rolled off the front and they were soon joined by Larry M. Behind Chris C jumped first at the base of the hill, taking Mike mCg, Hunter P and Jacinto. The rest of the field wasnt too far behind. Chris brought back the leading 3 right after the corner. He pulled a bit more while Mike McG stalled, forcing Hunter P to the front. Jacinto then lit it up from a ways out with Hunter sprinting to keep the gap. Eric M jumped proper from a few wheel back and was able to get past Jacinto just in time. On the backside it was together. Stayed that way till going under 84. There was some action up front on the way back over 322. Ratta, Larry M, the Full Nalini, Crowle and a couple of others mixing it up. Light was red though so it was slow and steady once thru it.
     Going back thru Cheshire was was standard fare, no surprises. The lead in to Stop n Sprint was decently fast after a red light. Julio L was up there driving it along. Ratta was the first to jump and led the sprint out. Eric M came off Mike McG wheel in good position again and was able to come round Ratta and Jacinto to get there first.
     Once thru Cheshire, Guido and a couple of others looked to pull a fast one on the bunch. A small group of about 7 or 8 shot off the front. It took inside-out riding from Julio and Tall Dennis to reconnect everyone. For the finale, Eric M looked for the hat trick but was thwarted when a driver came out almost half-way into the road from South Brooksvale, forcing the front 5 guys to stomp on the brakes. Up the hill, Mountain man dispatched MoMoney with the same effectiveness he did the rabbit caught and eaten for lunch earlier in the day.