A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 14th

If you were to average out the racing category of the strong guys on the ride today, it would be about .7

Lots of horsepower showing up and ready to rumble. Chris Jones & Jacob Hacker were spied in the parking lot talking about how they were going to tear legs off. ( ok, they may have been talking about something else, but that's kinda what ended up happening )

Right away on North Brooksvale Jones powered over a small corner hill and Hacker was with him. Even tho it was early, no one was ready to give the duo much breathing room. Eric Merrill from Keltic and a couple of others (?) went to work to minimize the growing gap. By the time the front end of the ride turned onto Mountain Rd, there was a chase group. Eric, Chris C from Stage 1, Hunter P and Peter P from Anthem were closing the gap. Jones and Hacker didn't let up and really, only Peter P gets credit for the bridge. But the field was coming together. Anthem rider Craig Luekens was playing the giant in the waiting, just riding tempo and keeping things together. Keltic and Stage 1 were also doing a lot of tempo, being the glue that kept things together.

Onto Moss Farms where the pace leveled off a bit. But with the turn onto Marion, a couple of guys got it going again. Anthony "little T" Allessio fired it up and things were single file again turning into the industrial park. Again, despite the presence of big engines in Luekens, Hacker, and Jones, the Kelts and the Bubble boys kept it a true group ride.

Before turning onto Rienhard to run along RT 10, Mike McG from Anthem, never to be left out of a good street fight, ramped it up and turned some screws, putting a bunch of hangers-on in difficulty. This led to a small group forming by the top of the hill before turning onto Schoolhouse. Luekens, Hacker, and Peter P seemed to have a chance at sealing the deal, but the 3 sat up later on Peck Ln and by the time the ride reached RT10 it was all together again.

The ride from then on out was standard issue, a couple of lights to stop for, Anthony attacking on the Stop and Shop hill with Chris Crowle, and a fast run back into Hamden. Traffic proved to be too slow as a couple of times the ride would have to stomp on the brakes to squeeze thru. Credit Hacker with sprint (?) after the Anthem leadout of Mike McG, Luekens, Hunter P, and Peter P.

On the home team front: Another strong ride from Joe K, as he was sporting what looked like a 11-58 on the rear wheel. Joe is prepping for his assualt on Mount Washington this saturday. Joe, we wish u the best on the "Rockpile"

If you have any comments on the ride, or if we got something wrong.... Post it....

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