A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 9th

The ride that never takes no vacation!

A slightly smaller than the usual crowd out tonight for the ride. Vacations and injuries ( heal up quick Guido! ) taking the toll on attendance. It was also a special night up the 'Rent so there were a few SG regulars up there... But they ( and others who rarely venture south to Throwdown ) will surely be checking this write-up so which is the better ride???

Anyway, the ride was kicked off by Dillon P, Mountain man and Peter K. The field kept up a decent clip to Mountain Rd where it kicked it up a bit thanks to a lot of guys cycling thru the front. The peleton came up to the light on 68 and made it thru without any drama which kept the speed up for Moss Farms. The usual suspects led the way thru the Chicane and up to Marion.... Mike McG, Special Ed, Nathan C, and Little T as well.
    Once onto Mount Vernon it was more Mike McG and Special Ed, trying to spur everyone else on while simultaneously looking for a opportunity to get off the front. The field was riding no-nonsense tonight though and it was mostly all together. The road construction on the false flat section helped tamp down any would-be attackers as the ride went thru the now 200 meters of dirt at a safe, neutral pace.... Let's all pat ourselves on the back for being reasonable bike riders!
    Once it got going again, all eyes fixed on the turn-around... And without anyone to upset the script, Little T walked away with it with little fuss. Chris B tried to sneak one but to no avail. Once everyone got up and over the hill, the speed slowed a bit and the ride back over 322 and into Cheshire was slower than usual. Fast forward to the Stop n Shop sprint cause there was little action till then. Jacinto has been on a tear lately with the sprint there and maybe got a bit a little too eager to nab another. He ended up leading out Little T textbook style and had to settle for runner-up.
     From there the ride got a pleasant dose of green lights heading back into Hamden and the Po-Po left everyone alone. Yay again for the SG ride. No accidents, crashes, or intervention from law enforcement... Can the Renshlerrr race say that?!
      Little T took the end sit n sprint and up the hill Chris B nabs a prize for the night, going up and over Mountain Man.
     Hopefully the ride is back at it's full YEE-HAW strength next week.