A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 28th

Tide Comes In, Tide Goes Out….              

    It was a lighter week in the grand picture. Maybe the cloudy skies, maybe the vacations thinning the ranks a bit, maybe everyone was on an easy week... There were efforts here there for sure but overall, it was a step or 2 off from recent weeks. Right off the bat, the Crowells got it going relatively fast with Alan B and Big Red also getting into the fray. That lasted a few hundred meters. Once it was all back together again, the pace remained respectable. Big Reg attacked a fewe times, new guy Expo Ryan also was keeping it real up at the front. Tall John and Chris Petron were riding up front for Stage One. Overall, the slightly lower pace let a good number of guys get involved up front.
     Kyle C detoured off at route 68, no doubt to save the legs for Junior National Championships in Kentucky later this week. Give em Hell Kyle!!! If you bring back a Stars N Stripes jersey, Nuemotion, The Sernyak and Hacker have agreed to foot the bill to for Yale tuition.
     On Moss Farms, it was steady pace. Same for of the chicane and onto Marion. Big Red would get in a couple of good digs off the front but never had company with him. The field got the light on 322, which led to a steady pace on Mount Vernon. Stage One stayed active at the front, along with Jimmy C, Expo Ryan, Ciocci, and a couple of others, but the hard attacks were few and far between.
     Up the false flat, Alan B led a strong attack, taking along Expo Ryan. The peleton chased the hardest to bring that move back but did so after a couple hundred meters. Heading into the turnaround, Dillon P drove it hard to the base of the hill with Alan B and Big Red in tow. Those 2 took off and despite a solid charge from behind from Chris C, Mike McG, and Little T, they were able to stay away to get to the sprint first. Alan B gets this one over Big Red, who continued to to charge hard on the backside but was soon corralled near the highway.
     The ride continued as normal from there, all the way back into Cheshire. The Stop n Sprint point was all Little T, who snuck in the back door as Alan B was wrapping up a solid pull at the front. T took off and was for the most part uncontested to the top of the hill.
     Not too many surprises heading back into Hamden. A trio of police cars brought the ride to a halt, and a couple of red lights slowed it up some more. For the finale, it was Little T again, taking it over The Full Nalini, Ciocci, and a couple of others.