A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 4th

Another slow start for the SGR…

     High humidity, temps, and tailwinds = the slow ride out to the back roads. There were about 30 riders out tonight with the Mullaly’s showing up strong and John G adding the modern flair of a white POC helmet to his collection of wool jerseys and Ti frames. Everything was pretty leisurely until Ciocci, Crowell Sr., Mike McG and a few others fired up the horsepower going past Brooksvale Park. The group stretched out but a few were quick to react and let no gaps open. Up the knoll Gibertoni took off with Gregg F with the two holding a small gap until just before the corner to Mountain. At that point Crowell applied the pressure on the front, ejecting a few riders off the back. The pace was solid for the rest of the Mountain with the usuals on the front (Sernyak, Ciocci, Rob Duxx, Chris C, Mike McG) and a few others covering the small gap and a solid pull from Little T to get things back together before the corner.
     A couple of lights, Moss Farms, Mt Vernon…ehh... Enough with the "cobbles" already! At Welch the pace picked up with Casey and Pinky Rapha (?) let the run up of the group with T, Rob Dux, Ben Bruce and Mullaly II putting in solid efforts. BB’s hill sprints up Mt Washington paid off as he cruised to the first crown of the night. West Street…ehh. Cross 372…ehh… on Peck Chris C jumped on the riser taking Gibertoni with him. Special Ed rolled up and it looked like those guys might make something happen, but Rob Duxx and crew were there quickly to make sure that didn’t happen. The ride back through Rt10 was pretty ho hum…with T and Ben Bruce going head to head at the Stop n Sprint point with Little T coming out on top.
      A couple of lights on Rt.10 and in to the finale…like the finish of the 2015 Tour de France, it was neutralized after a section 13-8A of the SGR rules book was violated by Rob Duxx with a full on Andre Greipel out of the saddle sprint. To complicate the finale, we had 8 riders wide on Rt.10 which made a few bright minded sprinters back off this week’s finale.

C’mon ladies…keep it classy.